Otome Game Review: Wand of Fortune II FD ~Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue~

The fandisk to WOF2 in which you meet a fairy named Bell who looks like a chibi Lulu. She’s transcended time & space and is here to let Lulu see her past, present and future! In the past section Lulu turns into a loli and runs around causing trouble. In the present, she attends a great ball with one of the guys. In the future, it’s the after story of 3 years later with both Lulu and her guy near graduation and ready to get married.

bilalBilal – Well since his route pissed me off in the previous game I figured I’d get him out of the way first. In loli Lulu’s adventure, Bilal agrees to hold her if she agrees not to eat any sweets that day. He also gives her a change card which transforms him into a lion, but he claims he won’t “eat her” until she grows up やめてwww. In the ball, Lulu plans to go with Bilal of course but she’s all embarrassed cause he’s like…a REAL prince and she’s not good enough blah blah. Bilal then suggests they practice dancing outside and they start twirling around in the grass with Bilal’s randy dance moves. Lulu’s like hey this is a bit too randy for a dance I think..and he’s like “lets smooch baby” huhu. XD Aw man I suddenly realize why I miss WOF1 Bilal. Anyway he tells her he loves her over & over and Lulu gives up resisting so he finally kisses her.  They watch some fireworks and then dance together…until Lulu’s heel flies off her shoe. Lulu starts crying and apologizing to him but Bilal’s like ‘sokay babe and they rest outside together. In the after story, Bilal wants to keep secrets from Lulu becaue its better that way but his bro and water spirit are like stop bein a dick. (MTE about him in the first game too.)  Bilal’s bro Raseed wants Lulu to teach in a magic school that they plan to open in Faranbald but Bilal’s not welcome there since he’s taken the burden of the curse upon himself. Zeusy shows up telling Bilal & Lulu that they can return to Faranbald and their kids will be exempt from his curse. Lulu then agrees to return with him to Faranbald, have his babies and help out with the magic school. He’s so happy they immediately do the mattress mambo. As a thanks,  Raseed offers them a gorgeous wedding  in Faranbald since Bilal & Lulu are getting married soon.  At night Bilal tells Lulu to stop denying the fact that she loves screwing him and he grabs and kisses her going guuurl I know u want it.  If only Bilal was the perverted gaijin dude like he was in this ending & WOF1. I feel like he spent WOF2 moping around and hiding anything from Lulu cause he dared to think that she couldn’t handle it.

estEst – Continuing my “get out of my hair” path of dislikeable characters, I did Est’s route next. In loli Lulu adventure, he refuses to hug or play with Lulu so she takes matters into her won hands as always and tackles him to the ground :lol:.  His change card is a cat. For the ball, Est knows Lulus out to get him to go with her so he purposely avoids her and runs away :roll:.  So then Lulu ragequits  chasing him and gives up but Est goes dere and comes to see her lol. Lulu is so pissed she ignores him and rolls around in the grass. He lies down next to her and after tsuntsuning for a bit, he agrees to go. So at the ball some guys cockblock them ignoring the fact Est is her date and call him her little brother. Est gets really pissed but Bilal comes over and the guys finally back off before Est can do any damage.  The two of them get away from the ball and go up on the roof but Est is really pissed off. After the fireworks, Est starts derping about how he’ll grow up and be all big for her so he asks her to wait a bit XD.  Lulu’s like yay I will I LOVE U <333 lmao XD She’s so happy she glomps him and they fall over so he gets pissed off again lolol. After he complains Lulu finally convinces him to finally dance with her. In the after story Lulu complains that Est won’t wear her frilly pajamas she got him but he tells her to deal with it because he’s the cook for the house now.  That’s a minor thing though cause then Lulu gets upset as Est has been visiting his parents and not telling her about it. She gets upset that he’s always going out at night and she wants him to rest. In fact even during the day he keeps ignoring her and leaving her alone. She sends him a message saying if he doesn’t come back to her she’s leaving him.  To get him to finally tell her the truth, she CATCHES HIM WHILE HES IN THE BATH AND JUMPS ON TOP OF HIM AND GRABS HIM (while in a bath towel of course) xDDDDDDD He shits bricks but is forced to spill the beans xDDD. He tells her he basically wants to tell the religious wackos + his parents that he doesn’t want any more half breed sages running around. He says it’s so that his parents can accept her so he can finally marry her which is why he’s in a rush.  Lulu tells him to sit on the couch and she gives him a big hug telling him it’s awwright babe i’m here for ya. They then make out on the couch though all we see is a …hand. ( ´_ゝ`) So in the end Solo comes derping in and says he’ll go with Est to help him out with his bootleg sage problems. Before leaving Est gives Lulu an engagement ring, and a smooching. I admit I was getting annoyed at Est’s 放置プレイ but the bath scene with Lulu was golden that it made the entire route extremely awesome. GO LULU XDDD.

noelNoel – Noel lifts up loli Lulu high and plays with her and his change card is a chick.   For the ball, Noel gets all embarrassed about going to the ball with Lulu so he prepares a bouquet of roses for her. Unfortunately dat hetare blubbers and says like WOULD GO WITH ME TOFDABULL instead or something XD. Lulu’s like it’s okay the message was passed through and of course she agrees to go. So then Lulu goes on a diet to try and lose weight fast before the ball. Because she practically starves herself she is unable to dance so Noel takes her outside and brings her some sweets to eat so she gets some energy. She feels bad and almost cries but he tells her its awwright babe have a cookie. After the fireworks they dance together. In the after story,  3 years later they’re all raburabu as always and Noel is still a hetare. Lulu is good at spinning him around her finger and he calls her a koakuma :lol:. So then Lulu runs into Noel’s older brothers Henry and Raul.  She tells them that Noel is really a hard worker and he’s not just screwing around with his studies. Henry then tells  Lulu that he knows his brother is a gullible dork and he wanted to make sure Lulu wasn’t some gold digger. After the brothers approve of Lulu they take Noel drinking. Lulu wants to come along too but Noel’s like NO U WILL SEE ME LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT NO. Julius gives Lulu some love advice and tells her that she and Noel need to get their shit straight so they can get married. That night Noel gets home late and he’s drunk as hell even tho he used his magic to make the alcohol disappear lol. He passes out on Lulu’s shoulder and she tells him he should rest once in awhile…so he falls asleep on her shoulder babbling there’s no place like Lulu.  The next day they both go to say goodbye to Noel’s brothers and they give him a special key from their family…and proceed to make fun of him including ruining his surprise marriage proposal to Lulu xD.  After they leave, Noel asks Lulu to wait until he can finally propose to her one day and to forget the shit with his bro ever happened lol. And so 3 weeks later, Noel and Lulu go look at a house to live together in that his brothers recommended. He finally pops the question and just then all the flowers in the garden bloom. Lulu of course is like ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! and grabs and smooches him. He tries to babble but she keeps kissing him and bein like yo bitch I waited for ever you better accept all my frustration Mmmmmm xDDD. Their wedding CG was so beautiful ;_; After all the wangst Noel got in his WOF2 route I’m glad he had such a happy route in the FD.

juliusJulius – In loli Lulu’s adventure, Julius hugs her like his little sister. His change card is a doggy. For the ball, since this is WOF1 land, Julius is still I FUCKING LOVE MAGIC land so he gets more excited about the magic at the ball than actually attending the ball as Lulu’s date. Lulu gets really pissed that his head’s in the magical clouds and wonders if she’s asking too much.  Julius then tells her that he wants to help out with the ball fireworks but promises to dance with her afterwards. Lulu clings on to him and he tells her to look her cutest for him. As they ichaicha Est shows up and tells them to get a room. 😆 At the dance Lulu hurts her feet with her shoes again so she offers to take them off and walk barefoot. Julius is like ain’t no thang and he lifts her up and carries her. They both watch the fireworks together and afterwards Julius inner perv finally awakens and he blushes asking to make out with her XD. In the after story, Lulu and Julius are engaged and he’s working on a magic to try and make a magical Skype. After they got engaged he found a house and is like MOVE IN WITH ME LULU IMASUGU RIGHT NOW.  He then says they should meet each others families before getting married. Coincidentally, as they’re ichaichaing in front of their house one day, Julius’ sister Elsea comes to visit. She’s pissed that her oniichan hasn’t come home to visit and is engaged with another woman!  She then escalates her cockblocking by saying she’s gonna stay at their place while she’s visiting Latium. She then kicks Julius out of their bed forcing him to sleep on the couch while she shares the bed with Lulu. She cockblocks to the point where she won’t even let Julius kiss or hug Lulu. She then bitches that everything is Lulu’s fault and if she wasn’t around, Julius wouldn’t have turned out like he did. Julius is like bitch apologize to Lulu that’s fucking rude and Elsea throws a fucking tantrum. Lulu kicks Julius out of the house to go to Matthew’s bar and says she’ll handle Elsea herself. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Julius is so distressed he gets drunk to hell and has to get Noel to drag him back home lol. Meanwhile Lulu convinces Elsea to stop being a wanker and come out of their bedroom and have some truce tea.  The next morning Julius comes back and apologizes to Elsea for not contacting the family, asking Elsea not to hate Lulu. Lulu and Elsea kyakyaufufu and say they’re bffs now and while Elsea goes out shopping, Julius passes out on the couch with a hangover. To apologize to Lulu, Julius and Elsea put a little musical performance for her with Elsea playing the violin and Julius playing the piano. Lulu is so moved by the performance she cries. After Elsea finally leaves Lulu asks if they can buy an extra bed for guests in the future as well as a piano so she can hear Julius playing. In return Julius asks her to have some non stop kissing to make up for all the cockblocking by his sister. (*´ω`*) In the end, I still hate Elsea. I can’t stand clingy sisters, especially the kind who are actually blood related to the brother so their “brotherly love” is suffocating and revolting at the same time. ( ´_ゝ`)

lagi01Lagi – In loli Lulu’s adventure, he turns into a chibi dragon of course. also he lets Lulu sit on his lap then he gets all tsuntsun and throws her off lmao. For the ball, Lulu hears from her friends that Lagi’s popular with the ladies and if she sits on her ass he’ll get taken by someone else for the ball. She runs immediately to him asking him to go with her but he’s like NOPE and then adds that if they dance and touch he has the chance of turning into a dragon and causing chaos in the dance hall. Lulu gets depressed but agrees to try and deal with it. Lagi realizes she’s depressed and asks her to come out to “train” with him for the ball aka try to dance without hugging and tells her not to talk or look at him so not to trigger his tsundere transformation xDDD. So they keep practicing and practicing until Lulu’s completely exhausted and Lagi is so pissed he gives everyone the evil eye. With Lagi constantly turning into a dragon Lulu asks that he just accompany her as her date without actually dancing. Lagi feels bad but agrees to go this way. At the ball they pig out on food together like always, and ater the fireworks, Lagi asks if Lulu wants to dance with Bilal or Est instead. Lulu’s like I don’t wanna dance with anyone but you ;_;. Lagi then takes her outside, kisses her hand and tells her that she’s his princess and some day he’ll be able to dance with her. Lulu then asks him to kiss her and he fumbles like a tsundere and gives her a light kiss 8D. Just then Chibi shows up complaining they forgot about him and so they spend the rest of the night with the 3 of them. In the after story, when Lagi comes back everyone rages at him for ignoring Lulu and not responding to her letters. Lagi says that he has to stay with his grandparents so if Lulu were to marry him she’d have to move there so Lulu says she’d like to meet them. He then goes to Noel and Julius to apologize about how 350 years ago he gave fire powers to the fairies which is what started that forest fire which caused all the casualties.  They tell him they’ve already moved on from it and he should too and instead focus on making Lulu happy. So finally Lulu goes to visit Lagi’s parents in his homeland. There she meets Chibi who’s now in shota form and he’s really bratty and extremely tsun.

lagi02She meets Lagi’s grandma  & grandpa and they love her and consider her like their grand daughter. Lagi takes her to a tree where they climb up and watch the sunset together.  As they’re about to go home, Lulu sees the spirit of his mother and before she can tell him, the mother’s spirit tells her to keep quiet and not say anything. The following day Lulu uses her magic to ask the spirits where Lagi’s mom is and when she refers to her as mother in law she’s like HAY WAZZZUP GUURL? xD So while Lulu talks to her dead mother in law, Lagi rolls around her bed sniffing the bed sheets. Apparently 3 years ago the mom’s spirit appeared and wandered and creeped at  everyone in the house. She saw him suffering trying to suppress the dragon in him since he wanted to live as a human. Lulu suggests that she meet Lagi at least once but she says if she did she’d cry and tells Lulu to take care of him. On her way back home, Lulu runs into Chibi who’s upset because he can see Lagi’s mom but because he’s not a strong enough spirit, Lagi’s unable to see her. So then Chibi and Lulu decide to have Lagi meet his mom and when Lulu confirms that he’d be okay with the concept she uses her powers. With her powers, she focuses and allows Lagi and his mom see each other through her.  They don’t have much time to chat so Thea asks Lagi if he hates her for giving birth to him and Lagi says he only ever hated his dad and he’s thankful for his mom. He tells her that he won’t forget her and thanks her for giving birth to him. (´;ω;`) After Lulu passes out, Thea leaves and then tells Kada to stop hiding and come out. Both parents watch over their son and his future waifu 8D. Kada is pissed that when he called out to her she never saw him but when Lagi was suffering she appeared. She babbles that maybe his love wasn’t strong enough :lol:. So then the two of them go off together and Thea says she has no more regrets left. ( ;∀;) イイハナシダナー A few days later Lulu finally wakes up, Lagi give her an engagement ring that he had Bilal custom make for him. Lulu is so happy she topples him over and bawws XD. She then asks him to propose to her again and he proposes to her once more and kisses her. Aww Lagi’s story was so sweet and really stood out to me from the rest though admittedly I didn’t really like Lulu’s “wedding outfits” for Lagi since it felt so villagey lol.

alvaro01Alvaro – Alvaro was of course a jerk to even loli Lulu. He acts like he’s nice to her but pretends to drop her and mumbles what a brat she is under his breath. His change card was a pink panther though lmao. For the ball, he tells her if she wants him to be her partner she needs to “motivate him” better. 😛 Not knowing what to do Lulu just hugs him telling him to stop being a butthole and just go with her to the dance. He finally agrees to go and while there he brings her food and feeds it to her like a princess ww. After the fireworks he whispers into her ear that he loves her. Lulu says she loves him too and asks for an encore confession. He then agrees to dance with her but she steps on his foot with her heel lolol. Alvaros like remember our promise, now you owe me a kiss huhu (✧≖‿ゝ≖). In the after story Lulu’s fuckin pwning him even in bed and she keeps a massive bear collection at home to she isn’t lonely when Alvaro goes MIA on his assassin missions. Lulu is called Lady Omnia by the town folk and Edgar and Adele come to interview her. She’s even got her own fanclub and merchandise lol. They ask her a bunch of questions with the last one being about her and Alvaro getting married but Lulu’s not sure what to answer since its Alvaro. Afterwards Lulu pins him down on the couch and demands cuddle time lol. After enough cuddling Alvaro wants to screw and asks to go to the bedroom cause he doesn’t like to have the bears staring at them XDD. The next day Lulu gets her pics taken for the newspaper interview. On her way home though, she has a bunch of people trying to attack her since she’s famous so Alvaro creeps in the back alley to protect her and stop them. So then a few days later someone breaks into Lulu’s house and kidnaps her and when Alvaro gets home he catches on quite fast.  When Lulu wakes up she finds herself confined in a room with Edgar and Adele. Lulu can easily get out on her own but she doesn’t want to abandon her friends so she tries to figure out a method to protect everyone.  She then explains that she doesn’t need her wand to be able to use magic and breaks out of the prison herself. As she starts running down the stairs she runs into a very unhappy Alvaro who’s come to save her.

alvaro02After Lulu gets out, Alvaro is like why aren’t you more careful of your surroundings. Vanya tells him that he’s not realizing that Lulu has grown up and she can easily protect herself. She also informs him while he was out & about, Lulu’s been kidnapped multiple times and has been able to save herself. It’s not that she’s not careful it’s that she’s used to it and he needs to realize that she’s not the same useless mage she was 3 years ago. Lulu also tells him that the bears act like an emergency alarm and that if they notice Lulu doesn’t return after an x amount of time, they will send a signal to Vanya sensei. He asks why Lulu didn’t tell him but she says she doesn’t want to rely on him and be able to protect herself. She says it’s because she wants to protect his “freedom” so he isn’t bound by a duty to stick around and protect her. She then has a flashback where they first humped and she noticed a tattoo on his back which is a “seal” that all children born in that orphanage get plastered on them so they don’t run away. Lulu says after she found out about this she didn’t want to take away his “freedom” since he kept the tattoo on him all this time to remind himself of the “chains he broke through”. So then Alvaro realizes that Vanya is right and gets pissy  that he’s gotten pwned by Lulu again. So I took a wrong turn somewhere and got Alvaro’s normal ending lol. He goes to take out his frustration by banging her brains out that night and the next morning he leaves her again.  I went back and used a guide to get the good end instead xD. Alvaro admits that he loves her enough that he can’t be away from her anyway and he’ll always come back to her. He tells her if she wants to protect his freedom so badly that she should continue to be able to protect herself but he admits defeat XD. The next day when they go see Edgar, Alvaro asks Edgar to change the question of “when will they get married” from “unknown” to “very soon” XD. Lulu’s like wut!? He then tells Lulu to take responsibility for the fact that he’s unemployed because his organization found out that he’s dating her xDDD. He tells her to keep her promise of “protecting her” and marry him rofl. After Lulu bawws and calls him a jerkass, she then demands he gives her a proper proposal xD. Realizing he can’t give her a proper proposal she gives up and demands he at least give her an engagement ring lol. He then puts that seal on her that he put on her in the first game where basically if she dies, he dies and their lives are connected as one. Lulu gets pissed and changes the seal to a flower and says that it will “bloom” as long as he continuously loves her and never cheats on her xD. Alvaro’s pwned once again and laughs like an idiot before kissing her and telling her he loves her. It’s weird how all the other routes I kinda picked my own choices and still got a good end but with Alvaro? NOPE.

soloSolo – In the loli Lulu adventure, when Solo hugs her he says he feels like Lulu feels the “same as in the past”. He hugs her too tightly and asks if she lets him hug for a little longer XD. His transformation card is a sleeping panda. For the ball since this is WOF1, Lulu hasn’t met Solo yet but she runs into him hiding under a hooded cape in the garden. Lulu thinks he’s some new transfer student and decides to introduce herself. He tells her he won’t say his name unless she finds him again so she runs around the school looking for him. When she tells Vanya & Ivan about a new transfer student they’re like ummm no? Eventually she finds him by the riverbank and he calls himself “Sora”.  Lulu asks if he’ll be her partner for the ball. He tells her that if she doesn’t find a partner, he’ll give her the best night of her life ;D. On the day of the ball Lulu meets “Sora” in the garden and he finally takes off his hood and reveals his face. He kisses her on the cheek and casts a magic on her so that she shines brighter than anyone at the ball. After Lulu runs to the ball to say her greetings, she grabs some food and goes to meet “Sora” once again by the river bank. After they watch the fireworks he tells her that he’s lived a long time to “see her” and soon the time for them to officially meet will come. Until that time comes he tells her goodbye and casts a spell where she passes out and forgets they ever met. (ಥ_ಥ) In the after story Solo just wants to sleep in bed all day with her and she’s like NO Solo its time to get up XD. He then says “okay if you don’t wanna sleep we can do OTHER things in bed (◉◞౪◟◉ )”. Solo tells Lulu she can help with the store if she wants but she better give her undivided attention to Solo cause he gets ronery.  Lulu then asks if Solo will help Est with trying to convince his family to drop the crazy half-breed sage crap. However Lulu is worried that if he goes with Est, and his life comes to an end while he’s away she’ll be heartbroken. Solo tells her that they’ve made it through 350 year gap together, they can make it through anything. He said that his motivation to see Lulu in the future and all the kind people around him kept him going. Solo then asks Lulu to marry him and she’s so happy she passes out lol. Turns out she passed out because she’s 3 months preggo with Solo’s baby xDDD Varona shows up and says that it’s a miracle that a sage can even have a baby. When they tell Est that Solo plans to help him with his bootleg sage problems, Est is like are you high, you have a baby coming now you can’t get involved in my problems.  After Est leaves, Solo says he wants to touch Lulu’s stomach to hear how the baby’s doing cause he’s curious. Lulu’s like come on daddy touch away! XD Also apparently the reason they didn’t notice the baby is because it has super stealth skills from both Lulu & Solo lol. Solo makes her a ring from his magic and gives it to Lulu so she asks if she can make one for him out of her magic as well so they can exchange them during their wedding. In the wedding CG they’re both holding their new twin babies lol. From the drama CD turns out it’s a boy and a girl and the girl is the healthy one but the boy is always sick.

elbertAmy & Elbert – Amy is too shy to go to the ball so Lulu decides to go with her as bffs. At the ball they both pig out on all the food and go watch the fireworks together. When the dance begins she’s like LETS DANCE GUURL even though they’re like the only 2 girls dancing together lmao. Amy’s like uhh…but Lulu grabs her and they キマシdance anyway lol. I was kinda hoping we’d see Lulu setting up Amy with Egdar like in the other routes instead D: Oh well. With Elbert, Lulu is determined to make him her ball partner and Vanya’s totally cheering her on xD. When she goes to ask Elbert to be her date he’s like (;゚д゚)ェ…? He tries to make up excuses but Lulu intercepts and he has no choice! XD He then admits that he’s never danced with any other girl before and Lulu’s like yay I’m your first dance partner! 😀 He gets embarrassed and shits bricks but realizes he has no choice! The night before the ball Lulu gets nervous and decides to go outside to get some fresh air when she runs into Elbert. She makes sure he’s not talking to flowers and says she knows he’s been working hard for the anniversary and ball preparations. They go to the ball together and then run into some lost child who Elbert tries to help find her parents.  After they find them Lulu compliments him on how cool he was.  Just then the fireworks start and afterwards Lulu asks to take a walk and they ditch the ball. They go to the lake where Lulu tells Elbert she loves him and is glad to have him as her lover. She says she wants him to treat her as his lover rather than his student. He then leans down and kisses her and afterwards gets extremely embarrassed at what he’s done :lol:. Lulu’s like いいぞもっとやれ! and he tells her if they do anymore he’ll have a heart attack. They then return to the dance hall and dance together.  Too bad Elbert has no after story ;_;

ivanIvan  & Vanya – Since Lulu has no date to the ball, she’s bored and chases down the teachers to see their magic for the ball fireworks. They tell her to GTFO and this magic’s top secret but since there’s no time, they make an exception and let her watch. After the spell is over Ivan and Vanya switch “sizes” where Vanya becomes a loli and Ivan becomes a REALLY HOT OSSAN XDDD. Lulu’s like holy shit what a hottie and he starts being all tsuntsun xDD ε-(*´∀`|萌|. Ivan then explains that once every 100 years the sages cast a barrier magic on Latium to protect it. The reason he stays as a shota is to save up magic powers until this day and since Vanya gave him some of her powers, she became a loli too xD. After they’re done they tell Lulu to go back to the ball and she says she wants to stay with them for a bit but Lulu say she wants to spend time with sexy beast Ivan just a bit longer 8D. He blushes and babbles like a tsundere and Vanya gets all mad that her bro’s the one getting all the praise ww.

Grand Finale – Bell reveals herself to be that bird Somnialla that Lulu made a wish upon in the last game. She tells Lulu that she’s “shown her possible futures” and it’s up to her to pick the right path. Lulu then wakes up from her dream and finds herself going to see everyone 3 years later after she had gone home and stayed with her parents after the Normal end of WOF2. All of them have tea and sweets together as they bicker like old times. They all fight over her affection by shoving all sorts of food into her mouth :lol:. Baww that’s the end of WOF for me (´;ω;`). Also this ending is kinda depressing cause Solo is there but Lulu didn’t really pick anyone so it feels like he’s lived all this time for no reason :(.



Man after that WOF2 emofest was this fandisk ever so necessary! Unfortunately I still can’t stand Bilal and his Ball route really made me realize that I liked his WOF1 persona and his WOF2 persona sucks balls. Additionally since they have the ball following the end of WOF1 and the after story following the end of WOF2 there’s a huge discrepancy with Alvaro’s endings. (´・ω・`;) Other than that though, I thought the fandisk was fun. It was pretty short and I actually wished we had an in game omake version of the Lulu’s daughter drama CD XD. I’m also secretly wishing that they’d make Wand of Fortune 3 with Lala as the heroine with a new cast of mans xDD. Sadly Otomate only seems to milk their 和風 series that make me fall asleep ( ´_ゝ`). Oh well for those who haven’t tried WOF yet I definitely recommend the game. The system can get draggy but the characters are so much fun and LULU IS ONE OF OTOMATE’S BEST HEROINES.  I’ll definitely miss this series.


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  1. In the FD yea Lagi had the better route but in the original game Solo’s route was pretty good too. Though I’m not sure how you will feel going from happy fluffy FD to draggy system/emofest original WOF2 lol XD That’s why I never play fandisks before the original game xP

  2. I love WOF FD though i haven’t played WOF1 and WOF2 yet… After playing FD, I’m so excited over a drama cd where they had Lala. The best I can say is Lagi and Alvaro’s side story, overall I think Lagi has the best route among the guys. I’m kinda biased over a tsundere characcter~ ><

  3. Oh ok. Thanks. ^_^ Are they in english? 😮 Cause if they aren’t, might as well not buy’em. :I

  4. I buy them. Please see my recent post about where to buy games or just click on any of the game covers near the bottom of my side bar.

  5. Too bad they should continue these games such as WOF, Desert Kingdom and other good sole games instead of Hiro Kakera or Hakuoki.

    This times 1000000000 sigh 😦

    I liked the characters of Hiiro and Hakuoki story was alright but I don’t think it was anything that deserves the constant milking it gets 😐 Also once Yone left they shoulda let the series die. the fact that they keep tracing yone’s old artworks to create new games is appalling…

  6. I think all of the CGs here are extremely cute especially the wedding scenes. Dat bath scene.
    Too bad they should continue these games such as WOF, Desert Kingdom and other good sole games instead of Hiro Kakera or Hakuoki. I’m gonna be honest here, I never like Hiro Kakera and Hakuoki due to the massive boredom in them and uncreative stories in my opinion. The only thing I like is Kazuki Yone which suits the historical Japanese style 😛

  7. yea I loved Noel’s CG XDD He was so beautiful ;A;
    and yea haha they all got bed CGs ever since WOF2 but there was actually a scenario in the fandisk for them ;D.

  8. Lol since I’m so impatient I already spoiled myself with the pics, all of them has the naked CG right? Fufu I can’t stop staring at Alvaro naked CG lmao. IMO Noel’s wedding CG is the prettiest, his long hairs AJFDKSSL xD

    Congratz for finishing this game ^-^ I’m so glad you enjoy WoF series xD

  9. yea I intend to get to it at some point. must be nice not to have too much interest in all the otome game releases…I’m having a hard time touching anything in my backlog that wasn’t released within the past year…

  10. Oh wait, just found out the evil dudes game is gonna be out this November. That’s awfully fast….I guess it’s probably likely that Dot Kareshi was just one big game they decided to split apart for more money. Not too happy with Rejet about that, but I guess it’s better then one dude per game and you get some RPG elements (I just hope that’s a good thing, I’m still on real rode and I’ve been playing it for more than month).

  11. Eh, I just don’t recall liking any of the guys in particular (other than not liking Est), and since I can’t stand the system, unless I really like the design or VA, there’s not really much for me to go for here. Especially since there’s so many otome games now I can barely keep up with them. I must admit I’m only really looking forward to Amnesia Later (yeah let’s just hope Shin isn’t robbed, again), the new Karin game and Dot Kareshi (but only the evil dudes game, which must come out in 2014 at this point…).

    Oh and that r-18 game with the cat demons and such. Well, it’s more like a morbid obligation at this point. The girl in it doesn’t even seem to have nipples in some CGs, so I know that game is gonna be quality! Are you gonna play that one at some point?

  12. Yea I recall myself liking kuuderes but Est is a gross exception of the stereotype and I just can’t stand him lmao. Still he’s not as annoying as Bilal (ಠ_ಠ). I don’t think judging a game by character designs is a good idea though but it’s up to you…

  13. Man, after 4 games, why is Est still not dere? He was one of the first kuuderes I encountered, which made me dislike that type for a long time until I finally realize that there’s kuuderes and then there’s Est. Now they’re my favourite type, since it meshes well with my personality, so it saddens to see Est still such a poor example of them. A real shame, since his character design is my favourite in the entire series. I wanna like him so bad, but he’s so annoying. And since IDC for the other character’s designs and dislike the system, I think I’ll keep staying away from WOF.

    Otomate does keep milking their old timey Japanese games, don’t they? Can’t say I like them much either. I do like medieval fantasy and such (especially if they resemble RPGs in some way), but war stories bore me, and those seem to be all over the place in that type of game otomate loves so much.

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