SmaKare Game Review: Stalking Love


SmaKare is D3P’s “mobage” app but it’s all of their games exclusively. You make an account with access to all the games and a daily login gets you 5 tickets to read. However its 5 tickets for EVERY game so I’ve found playing 1 game at a time will get you to progress faster. So anyway I started with Stalking Love 😆 The story is about some OL (that I named Yamada Hachiko lol) who decides to get plastic surgery so the idol she stalks can marry her or something. Unfortunately for her she finds out her precious Yamada Ichirou-sama~~ is actually a manwhore who she catches with a different girl every day. Our heroine Yamada Hachiko is down but not out as she happens to meets 5 other hot guys in his place.

ryu01Tachibana Ryunosuke – Ryunosuke is a romance novel writer who’s rather..weird. He jumps all over Hachiko demanding she give him kisses etc…..until his manager tells him to stop “cheating in front of her.” Turns out he’s engaged to a woman he’s known for 10 years but she was once married to his senpai back in college. I guess they got divorced for whatever reason and now Ryunosuke is engaged to her. This doesn’t seem to stop him from jumping all over Hachiko who he thinks is the most beautiful thing ever (well helps that she got plastic surgery lol.) He catches her coming out of the beauty clinic and then she ends up admitting that she got surgery so she could stalk her lover. This inspires him and he asks if she wants to stalk for a job so he can use the material to write his romance novel. He even moves in to the apartment next to hers and sets up stalker cameras for her to look at him…so of course she has to agree. Even his fiance is like “yea sure do whatever you want” :lol:. Ryunosuke tells Hachiko that he’s never had a lover last more than 3 months and that explains why all of his romance novels have sad endings. He doesn’t like the idea of opening up to his lover which is why all of his relationships ended but thinks its ok with her because she’s a “stalker”! He also then decides to help initiate her into the “ways of a relationship” since she’s never had one by pretty much non stop sekuhara & prpr \(^o^)/. He then forces her to stalk him to a BDSM club so he can take notes and interview the dominatrix ladies there for his book XD. When Ryunosuke gets accused of novel plagiarizing, worried about him Hachiko runs to see what’s going on but instead the accusing erojiji author sexually harrasses her. She yells for help and Ryunosuke comes to save him beating the crap out of him and telling him that he knows how in actuality the GGE had his disciple writing all his novels.

ryu02The erogge runs off and Ryunosuke then decides to take Hachiko out to dinner so she can forget about the gross ossan. Unfortunately when Ryunosuke steps away to get drinks, some other dude hits on her making Hachiko so sick she blacks out. Ryunosuke takes her to a room to rest and she realizes that it’s not men that sicken her, its any men BUT Ryunosuke cause she’s totally in love with him now.  She even agrees to let him “clean her” from the eroGGE earlier and they end up making out in the cabin. After this Hachiko lets Ryunosuke kiss her even though she was saving her first kiss for the guy she truly loves and their “love lessons” continue. At one point Hachiko talks to Ryunosuke’s fiance wondering why she doesn’t get mad when he has other girls hitting on him but she says she’s used to it. She also adds that if Ryunosuke were to fall in love and choose Hachiko over her, she wouldn’t mind it and just be like “that’s how it rolls”. So then Ryunosuke starts getting jelly over Hachiko hanging out with his friend Kudou but once he finds out it’s jealousy it inspires him to write a new novel lol. Things get really bad though when suddenly Ryunosuke’s “disease” symptoms start to get more frequent and he ends up getting hospitalized. Hachiko demands that Ryunosuke tell her the truth about his illness but he refuses and on top of this tells her not toe fall in love with him, despite knowing that it’s already too late. Before Hachiko can confess her feelings, Ryunosuke’s father’s new wife shows us bitching and demanding that he cover the costs of their divorce. Hachiko then tries to talk to his dad but he’s  a gross ossan host and starts hitting on her until Ryunosuke comes to his host club and gets her out, telling his father that he’s nobody to him. When he goes back home with Hachiko, he pushes her down on the bed telling her she’s a whore like all the other women who just want to screw him. Hachiko gets pissed and pushes him away telling him to GTFO and that this isn’t the Ryunosuke that she loves. The following day she goes to Kudou telling him she’s quitting the stalking job because she can’t be the one to thaw Ryunosuke’s cold heart.

ryu03Instead Hachiko ends up getting a job at a cafe as a waitress. She stays in a hotel for a week to avoid going back to her building (since Ryunosuke lives next door) but this time HE becomes the stalker and stalks her to her room. He drags her into the room, pushing her down on the bed babbling in half desperate/half rapist mode that he needs to screw her but fortunately she’s saved by his fiance coming in and bein like “stop bein a rapist yo”. Not only that but his rape mode is too much for his heart to handle and he has a heart attack again. This is when Hachiko finds out he has heart problems and he’s immediately taken to the emergency room. While he’s in bed sleeping, Sanako tells Hachiko that she’s not really his fiance and she’s just a fiance on paper so that way after he dies,  his novel business goes  to her and not his sleezy father. Apparently his heart disease only has 40% chance of surgical success but since he’s been raised to pretty much hate himself due to his dad being a massive manwhore, he figured he’ll just die of his disease and end his miserable life. After he awakens, Ryunosuke asks to break off his engagement with Sanako and says he’ll take care of his novel business with a lawyer. He tells her he knows she was in love with someone else and apologizes for being a cockblocker. He also thanks Hachiko for stalking him and says that his novel is almost finished. In the hospital he starts to realize that while before he always thought he’d die alone, now he kinda feels like he has someone that will care for him. He’s pretty much headed towards surgery or death and his useless father give Hachiko a chunk of money to pay for the surgery. Ryunosuke then runs away from the hospital to his apartment to see if he can write the ending to his novel better but he’s at a writers block. After looking for him, Hachiko finds him and then pushes him down on the bed making out with him telling him she wants him to live and get the surgery. She tells him that she loves him and Ryunosuke’s like “damn if I die I don’t get to hit dat shit” so he promises to get the surgery and hump her the first thing he does! 😆 And so he gets the surgery, makes it through and after the celebration of his novel and engagement announcement with Hachiko, he takes her to a hotel for some sexy time. <●><●> In the extra story, Ryunosuke’s stalking book is turned into a movie and he wants Hachiko to be the lead role. She fails pretty badly but then he’s like j/k  I just wanted an excuse to hump lol. The art for his route was different than the others so I liked it a lot. I also liked how the heroine wasn’t really a stalker and in fact he was more of a stalker than she was xD.

mizuki01Kudou Mizuki – Mizuki appeared in Ryunosuke’s route so I figured I’d do him next. Since he complimented Hachiko on her appearance, she figured she could use him to help her better  understand men and starts stalking him :lol:. The hilarious part being that he knows she stalks him, tells her to stop but she continues anyway and gets caught every time! Unfortunately it seems like Mizuki has a girlfriend and she’s pretty strong willed giving Hachiko some tough competition. When Hachiko visits his office one day Ryunosuke is there telling her to put on a bunny girl suit. Mizuki arrives and says she needs a bunny headband and while he’s flirting with her, Ryunosuke pushes them together and they accidentally kiss ^q^. One of his jobs requires him to work at Hachiko’s company though because he’s a hot dude she barely gets to talk to him. She starts falling in love with him and he tells her that stalking is bad mkay and almost pretends to raep her in the office but shes like oh god pls do lmao but they get cockblocked by a telephone. he also gets pissed she’s sympathizing with a stalker but then the stalker decides to stalk HER lol. Meanwhile Mizuki starts falling for her, and Ryunosuke figures this out. He decides to play a prank on Mizuki, using Hachiko as a trap, by having her act “dead”.  When he finds her Mizuki freak out at first but then catches on and grabs Hachiko kissing her.

mizuki02After this Hachikos like oh god pls do it again but Mizuki keeps reserving himself.  Additionally his gf is like “yea i dont mind if he dumps me and dates you”. So then Hachiko takes a job at the S&M bar where Mizuki’s g/f works but he has no idea she works there. He finds out Hachiko works there and keeps visiting her worried she’ll have to whip other male customers besides him. XD She doesn’t really whip him and they just talk until eventually one day they just start making out and afterwards he’s like “oh shit I shouldn’t be doing this or its cheating” and Hachiko’s all like oh god pls don’t stop ;A;….and that’s when he finds out that his gf Suzuko is working there lol.  So then the 3 of them go to a cafe and Mizuki’s like nope sorry not into BDSM and asks to break up with Suzuko while holding Hachiko’s hand. After they break up Hachiko tries to cheer him up by giving him a lap dance but he tells her she doesn’t need to go this far and he likes her just the way she is. He pushes her down  on the couch in his office and gives her an odd love confession. Needless to say, they end up screwing on his office couch afterwards. (/ω\)イヤン  And so in the ending, 3 weeks later, Mizuki leaves his current agency and starts his own company asking Hachiko to work for him. He has confidence in her stalking skills but says any dangerous work he will do on his own. They go to a hotel together and hump all night long and cuddle in the morning 8D;; Mizuki was actually pretty funny and the whole BDSM scenario was hilarious lol. For some reason I’m surprised he didn’t accept his girlfriend’s BDSM hobbies cause he’s so weird I was sure he’d be into that lol.

shun01Hosaka Shun – Shun is the plastic surgeon who makes Hachiko go from fugly to beauty queen. His thing is to make ladies beautiful but of course he has to also then be a doctor and tell some of his patients that they can’t have basketball implants on their chest or they’d get a hernia. Unfortunately to Hachiko’s dismay, Shun has a fiance so he’s taken! So then while stalking him one day, Hachiko runs into his fiance who’s hospitalized. To make things more awkward, his fiance Kyoka asks for Hachiko to become bffs because she’s lonely spending most of her time in the hospital after getting into a car accident 6 months prior. Hachiko awkwardly agrees much to Shun’s surprise but he decides to roll with it. The following day he catches her stalking him so he invites her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and even pays for her dress. At the party though turns out it’s not a medical doctor meet up but basically a gokkon. Shun gets pissed and after all the dumb bitches who keep hitting on him there, he decides to take his leave with Hachiko. Unfortunately they bump into a waiter who spills hot soup all over her, and Shun grabs her immediately and takes her to a hotel room in the hotel to treat any burns. It feels so good that she ends up falling asleep and the next morning he makes fun of her drool and they check out. Afterwards as a thanks he takes her to an amusement park where he confesses that he and Kyoka aren’t really in love at all. He was forced into marrying her so that his relationship with Kyoka’s father would go well but since his grandpa died the ties were lost and that’s when she got into her accident. They never had a chance to become actual lovers and now he pretty much “visits her” and takes care of her out of obligation. So then a few days later he acts like he’s gonna attack her in her apartment and she fwaps his glasses away saying it’s not funny. Because the glasses break, he forces her to be his eyes for a day even though he can see totally fine. Believing his lies she agrees and Shun pretty much spends the day ichaichaing with her at his other apartment 😆

shun02After this she notices he gets tired of constantly visiting Kyoka in the hospital and he collapses. Telling him to rest she forces him into the bed in his office, but he then grabs Hachiko pulling her in there with him. He gets the best rest of his life but then tells her he feels bad cheating on his “fiance” and tells Hachiko to keep her distance from him. When she does, and he happens to see her bawwing on Mizuki’s shoulder one day, he thinks they’re together and gets REALLY jealous. (lol wtf dude honestly) He gets with her in an elevator but due to some thunderstorm they get stuck. He then grabs her and starts making out with her until the power is back on. A few days later Shun finds out that Kyoka’s been having some guy visiting her and giving her flowers since the beginning of her hospitalization. Turns out this guy is her former classmate who was driving her in the car the day of the accident. He came out ok but he keeps blaming himself that she’s hospitalized (and he’s also been in love with her.) Finding this out, Shun gets depressed and decides to go on a 2 day trip to his hometown taking Hachiko with him…as his lover. When they go to an inn at the end of the night they almost screw until Shun reveals to Hachiko that Kyoka’s not actually ill. In fact she’s been faking her disease as an excuse to keep him because she actually cheated on him with that high school guy the day of the accident. Shun’s of course known about all of this the whole time but for the sake of keeping harmony between everyone he’s pretended like he didn’t know anything and continued being that bitch’s fiance. He says he’s a horrible fiance but Hachiko tells him that he’s not but before she can comfort him, he decides to self-service himself and they screw all night. So then the next day Hachiko tries to leave him while he’s sleeping but he catches up to her telling her he’s made up his mind to dump Kyouka and be with Hachiko instead. He tells Kyouka the following day that he knows she’s in love with the guy who she was in the car with the day of the accident. And so years later Hachiko & Shun get married overseas and immediately after they go screwing in their wedding attire in the hotel room happily ever after! I felt really bad for Shun with the whole lying ass fiance but thanks to Hachiko he was able to turn his life around.

meguru01Yakushi Meguru – I honestly don’t like this guy cause he’s so pretentious and all he did with the heroine is just buy her a shit ton of clothes and take her to various modeling shoots. Then out of nowhere he’s like AH I’m in love with you but of course that all comes tumbling down when his fiance comes raging at him for cheating. Not only that but this makes Hachiko his 20th lover all over the world rofl. Anyway this gross ossan just keep hitting on her and more hoes come out of nowhere telling him he’s a manslut that he is. Hachiko then tries to be like “yo dude you gotta stop playin’!” and he’s like “what? what do you mean? They just come to me and I want to make them beautiful~like my dead sister!” So yea turns out this guy’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs and because his younger sister died and she would never smile. He wanted to make up for this and make OTHER women all over the world smile by throwing money in their face and taking no responsibility for the consequences. He doesn’t know what love is so Hachiko’s like I’ll teach what love is but baby don’t hurt me so he thinks that her teaching him love = I can screw you and get randy all you want. Sadly our heroine can’t seem to resist any hot guy (after so many years of being fugly pre-plastic surgery) and she lets him get away with it orz.  Mother of god he’s such a manwhore that even after acting like he loves Hachiko, he gets drunk and throws money in some prostitutes faces. When Hachiko’s like WUT ARE U DOING DUDE he’s like “whatever man I can buy happiness even if its short term with my money ohohoho” and she slaps him going like “I WOULDA BEEN WITH YOU FOR FREE BTW.”

meguru02I have no idea how I made it through this route this guy’s manwhore ways are beyond any otome game manwhore level I’ve ever encountered. So then when Hachiko tells him that she’ll be by his side without clothes or money thrown in her face and hes like OH SNAP I NEVER REALIZED IT! And so well needless to say the first thing he wants to do is hump Hachiko and sadly I had no option to say no. After this he’s a 1  woman man but he’s still got 1 problem on his hands: his stalker fiance Sasaki. She’s on a raging spree to pretty much knock out any woman who tries to take her place as Meguru’s money bank. Once Meguru finds out he wants to divorce her but the ho’s like I ain’t lettin go of my piggy bank man so now Hachiko has to watch her back :lol:. Fortunately, Meguru and Hachiko use Hachiko’s stalking skills and record her babbling in her hotel room how she plans to hijack Meguru’s company. Using this as proof the crazy woman is forced to give up and agree to break up with Meguru. Some time passes and Meguru actually quits his company anyway though lol! He then shoves a diamond ring into Hachiko’s face and asks her to marry him. He then informs her that he’s restarting his company in Europe and taking Hachiko with him and he’s already moved all her stuff and changed her address www. He takes her on a nice boat that he’s reserved for only the 2 of them and they screw all night long. I didn’t even bother reading his extra scenario cause lol wtf the whole route felt so weird and fake to me, I felt like I had 0 connection to this guy.

akira01Ninomiya Akira – Well if the guy before wasn’t bad enough, this douchebag is Hachiko’s former classmate who used to call her an ugly pig. Now that she had her surgery though he thinks she’s a babe – but only because he doesn’t recognize her! Even though she gives him hints, he keeps hitting on her and eventually ropes her into being his assistant for his modeling. Being a model, he has a bunch of crazy stalkers and Hachiko wanted to stalk him to obtain his weakness but seeing the rabid fangirls she decided not to bother. Well it seems like he’s stalking her since he grabbed her phone number off her phone while she was in the bathroom and calls her up when he feels like it, claiming eventually he’ll make her his ww. Turns out he just wants to date her to ward off his hoard of stalkers. She refuses his forced offer so instead he ropes her into being his stalker-fender and helping him escape when his stalkers come after him. Despite her helping him escape, he still insists that she be his girlfriend and in an attempt to further convince her, he grabs and kisses her in front of her apartment building. Hachiko gets really pissed cause it’s her first kiss and decides to seek revenge. She comes up with a grand idea to make him fall for her then dump him like a sack of potatoes. Hachiko decides to stalk him to get some dirt on him and finds him on a date with a really fat goth loli chick who he tells he has “no interest in beautiful women” :lol:. Well turns out he has a デブゾク (loves dem fatties) and he tells his g/f that he’ll marry her once she reaches 220 lbs (omfg…). The poor girl is then forced to eat like a pig non stop so that she can get fat just like he likes herΣ(゚д゚lll)ガーン. Annndd in fact he had a huge crush on Hachiko in high school cause she was the fat girl, and would always reject confessions from all the cute thin girls in school.

akira02So then when Hachiko catches him in the act she’s like ho ho I know you’re dating the fat chick and just using me as  stand in to ward off the fangirls. She then says she’ll agree to “be his fake” but it’s all as part of her plan to take revenge on him. The two of them make a bet then to see if he can make her fall for him because he’s so hot he can make ANY girl fall in love with him. Hachiko’s like ho ho that’s what you think, challenge accepted! So then Hachiko finds out that Akira’s only dating Yuka for her “appearance” as she is him and when he gets sick, only Hachiko cares about him while Yuka bitches that he broke their promise to go on a date. So then during one of the photo shoots someone rips up Akira’s outfit and Hachiko and the other staff have to work last minute to make it look somewhat decent for the shoot. To catch the criminal, Hachiko uses her l33t stalker skills and places a hidden camera in the dressing room to catch the thief red handed. Turns out its a jealous kouhai of his and he tries to raep Hachiko but she yells for help and fortunately Akira comes to her rescue. After this she finds that she’s starting to fall in love with her former classmate. Turns out to that the strap she made for him back in high school he still had to this day..and he tells get that his first love made it for him.realizing that she’s his first love Hachikos feelings for Akira grower even stronger. Despite telling hey she’s just his fake girlfriend to hide the real fatty he’s dating, he takes Hachiko on a date to the amusement park and kisses her.he tells her to push him away if she wants but she can’t bring herself to do it and accepts his kiss. So then she feels awkward and starts avoiding Akira and barely talking to him. She even goes on a date with Mr. Manslut form last route and Akira bursts in, drags her away and then kisses her on the street going DONT GO SEEIN OTHER GUYS U BELONG TO ME. Hachiko pushes him away and is like wtf don’t say that kind of shit when you treat me like the “stand in fake” girlfriend asshole!

akira03She then pretty much avoids him and she finds out that he’s received an offer to become an actor but he just wants to continue his modeling career. Meanwhile his tub cake eating g/f just wants to brag to her friends and tells him he should go be an actor so she can show off. So then Yuka invites Akira on a hot springs trip but gets a phone call right before going and makes up some excuse saying her parents are sick and leaves Akira on the spot. Akira knows that Hachiko’s been stalking them and tells them to come out and go with him instead XD. He tells Hachiko that he’s sick of Yuka’s creepy behavior and it’s making him tired being with her so he plans to break up….and instead make Hachiko his real girlfriend. Needless to say they end up screwing all night long. The next day Akira tells Yuka he wants to break up but she refuses and threatens to tell everyone that he was dating her. Hachiko decides to stalk Yuka to get dirt on her and finds out Yuka works at some fat fetish hostess club. She threatens to tell Akira and Yuka’s like whatever tell him idgaf but then Akira shows up at the club and says that he’s admitted on his blog about dating a fat girl and breaking up with her. He then says he hates liars and takes Hachiko leaving Yuka and the club. Yuka rages and then blows Hachiko’s cover and tells Akira that she’s the Yamada Hachiko that he used to be in high school with. Hachiko admits to the truth and runs off crying and then takes 2 days off work to avoid facing Akira. He sends her an email asking her to meet him at their old high school. He the confesses to her that he’s loved her ever since her high school days and she didn’t need to get plastic surgery. And so realizing they’re both in love they make out in the classroom and continue dating as Hachikob ecomes Akira’s official stylist. During one of the shoots the female model gets sick so instead Akira ropes Hachiko into being the replacement and does ero poses with her for the photographers /(^o^)\ww. I had originally left Akira for last because he felt the least appealing – I mean why would a high school bully be appealing. Looks like I had the same thoughts as Hachiko and turns out he was just “bullying the girl he loves” (*´▽`*)。 In the end I’m glad I left him for last as he feels like the ultimate OTP of the game for me.


This was one of the most enjoyable mobile games I’ve ever played. I guess for one the heroine is in her mid 20s and she definitely has a personality, even if she has no eyes in the CGs :lol:. Her determination to go after her idol, and even get plastic surgery is certainly impressive XD. Aside from Mr. Manwhore, I loved all the guys stories. I didn’t even think I’d like any of the guys but D3P comes through and writes really fun characters that I just can’t find myself to hate.  It was definitely a refreshing read and if they ever ported this game with full voices on PSP or something (and gave the heroine eyes) I’d buy it in a heart beat \(^o^)/. The only true downside I think is there were clearly 2 different artists working for the game. I preferred the artist who drew the CGs/sprites for Mizuki and Ryunosuke over the Shinobazu7 artist who did the rest of the artwork. There was such a huge discrepancy between the heroine art too where she’d go from a busty brunette to a flat chested black hair girl xD.

SmaKare is no longer available from D3P but Dogenzaka Lab has licensed a lot of the games from there on STEAM in English! The title of this game has been changed to Secrets of Me.

16 thoughts on “SmaKare Game Review: Stalking Love

  1. Thank you Hinano for introducing this game too me xD I’m still in the beginning though and choosing Stalking Love since the summary is really something. That Heroine is sure refreshing xD. The only complain I got for this game is the loading issue, but I think it’s maybe my connection :w:

    1. Yea I think the app is a bit slow? It could probably be that it does take a while but it’s so much fun to read. I’m loving the butler one lol 8D

  2. I already have the app installed in my iPhone, though I haven’t come across Stalking Love. There are just too many games to play and I’m still playing my first game lmao. Now that’s one game out of my playlist. Waha!

    1. lol yea I feel you on too many games but I found the smakare games to be a lot more fun than some PSP games I blew money on orz

  3. This game looks interesting. However I always found it hard to do otome games without any voice acting. Especially since Im a type who really appreciated seiyuus. Ill definitely do this if there wver was a port!

    1. I used to feel that way but now I find that a voiceless game with a great story is better than a voiced game with a shit story. Example: Isshoni Gohan ( ´_ゝ`)

  4. It’s kind of funny how vanishingly low the iTunes Appstore review score for this game is. I guess the iphone users in Japan have different tastes? Since it’s simultaneously developed, I’d think it’d be pretty much the same as the android edition.

    I didn’t DL it into my system because of the many complaints on terribad system and bad writing, but maybe I’ll give it a go. It’s free, in any case.

    1. At first the app was really laggy. it’s still a bit slow so from that perspective yea I don’t like it but I just love the stories within so I’m willing to deal with the lag so I can read them 😀

  5. This doesn’t have anything to do with this game but.. (since i couldnt comment on the post you had about it) is there a chance that you could make a post explaining how the system in Hatsukare works? thank you anyways for always making such great and funny reviews!

    1. I’ll do it in my review! But you could always use the guide over at momokan and try it out yourself as well before then

  6. I feel kind of stupid because I read the entire post then went back and finally noticed the obvious artist change. I do agree that it’s quite jarring that they switched half way through. Even though it may take more time, they should probably have gone back to redo the first couple routes so all the art matched up. 😡 Either way it’s nice to hear that some mobile games are actually good. 😀

    1. Yea I liked the game enough that even though the art change bothered me, it didn’t really take anything away from the game for me. At least the game I’m playing now the artist is the same and it’s really pretty *_*.

  7. Boobs don’t do that when you lie on your back! And… is that a bit of her nip showing? o.o;;

    Anyways, I find it amusing that the bully won you over in the end. It’s kind of a shame that Hachikob had the surgery in that route, though. If he still has his thing for fat girls… is she just gonna make him live without it? @-@

    1. lol yea the artist’s art style is a bit weird XD;;; It was still a funny game though. I think because Hachiko used to be fat and he liked her since she was fat I guess the like went from liking her “weight” to liking her as a person so even though she was skinny now, he didn’t care anymore!

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