Otome Game Review: Shinobazu 7 -06.Taku- + -07.Segashira-

Taku is Nanako’s boy next door neighbor since they were kids. He’s an otaku and PC nerd but lo and behold by night time he’s apparently a giant manwhore. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  Needless to say, this volume was rather disappointing as well and although it wrapped up some of the mysteries regarding Nanako’s family murder, the romance and stuff regarding Taku was done rather sloppily. I’ll talk about more in my final thoughts.

taku01  Oya Taku – So Nanako hears rumors from Taiga’s sister J-ko that Taku’s a manwhore, a host and whores himself off to older madaams which is technically underage prostitution. There’s also rumors that he dates girls and immediately dumps them without taking any interest. Of course all of this is sadly true because in reality, Taku’s in love with Nanako and since he’s got 10 years of guilt on his back, he can’t open up or push his feelings on to her so he always lightly hints that he loves her. Nanako of course never takes him seriously but he’s okay with this because being next door to him is all that he needs to make him happy. So then the game pretty much puts Taku’s feelings into a black hole as it focuses on some stupid plot about a girl in his eroge club named Itako. Apparently Itako’s father is some yakuza boss and even though she and her mom know this, he doesn’t know that Itako is his daughter. It’s some weird plot about how Itako’s mom was supposed to be married to the yakuza dude’s brother but then he got killed and now she’s looking for his body. Basically IDGAF and this stupid plot is resolved randomly on its own but because of this plot Nanako gets a taste of nightlife and sneaks into a host club with Taku. Much to her surprise, he seems to be quite experienced in this whole host club business and as Nanako spends more time with him she says that he isn’t acting like the Taku she knows.  Taku tells her that the old him is gone and it was all an illusion and after Nanako starts crying, he hugs her crying as well. There’s finally a clear explanation of Nanako’s accident: Some crazy pedophile broke into their house, murdered the parents and to save Nanako, her brother Subaru led the guys away from the house.

taku02Because there was blood left they assumed Subaru was dead but they never found his body – well we know he’s alive thanks to playing Seijurou’s disc. One night when Nanako’s looking through an old photo album Taku comes into her room saying that he has a secret he has to take with him to his grave and by keeping it to himself it’s like a punishment for what he’s done. What has he done you ask? Well apparently when he was sitting in the park one day playing with his newest invention, some pedophile threatened to kidnap him so to save himself Taku gave away Subaru’s name. He was then forced to take the pedo to Nanako’s house and I guess that’s when the break in happened and that’s why at the funeral Taku cried going that this is all his fault. That night Taku asks Nanako to sleep in his bed with him because he’s lonely as hell with his feelings for her mixed in with his feelings of all sorts of guilt. He doesn’t lay a hand on her and they have some Cero A sleeping (which like such a waste of potential dummy head mic whispering BUT YEA COMPLAINTS.) So anyway on their way to school the next day, Nanako and Taku get kidnapped and thrown into some chamber to drown to death because I guess they got involved with Itako and her yakuza dad. Fortunately Subarunii aka Nanako’s bro who’s now under the name Segashira, goes and saves them and this is when Itako’s case is magically resolved. On the way back from the island where they were captured, Nanako and Taku make out on a nice boat like they’re suddenly lovers.

taku03I’m not sure when Nanako finally confirmed Taku as someone she loves rather than her childhood friend but YEA LETS ROLL WITH IT. Finally if they couldn’t figure out more ways to waste precious Nanako x Taku time, they decide to help Genki with his bath house problem by messing around with the yakuza with Seijurou’s help. Like oh wow gee why couldn’t they just do that in Genki’s story omg YEA CONSISTENCY. Best End: Seijuro turns his host club in a Sentai Cafe so Hitsujigumo has an excuse to put everyone into the sentai suit sprites. Subaru WARREN shows up going “oh btw Segashira (SubaruNII – man too many subaruns) was my former body guard.”  He adds that he came to Japan to see how a victim of an accident like Nanako’s would survive with the BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP! And so we have this happy BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP END with them saying Subaru W. is now one of the Shinobutts7. Good End: Nanako and Taku talk about their future plans through their windows and then Taku magically jumps into Nanakos room and makes out with her. He then tells her he has plans to spend the night in her bed tonight….probably doing nothing. Bad End: Nanako finds out that Taku really is a host and is bummed out but Genki is there for the rebound. She hears more rumors about him dumping girls and gets upset but when she talks to him through the window he’s like “Well I guess if they all knew I have someone I love I couldn’t keep manwhoring so our relationship is good as it is now.” Great. (ಠ_ಠ) My favorite guy in the series is a manslut and I barely got any dummy head mic Tattsun fanservice. Well time to go listen to the situation CD since at least in Genki’s that’s where most of the missing in game fanservice was.

subaru01Segashira (Fujishima Subaru) – Sooo apparently if you buy all the Shinobazu7 games, there’s a bonus short game for Nanako’s brother Subaru which takes place from his point of view. Also due to this Nanako is actually voiced as well.  Subaru meets with Nanako and confirms that it’s his little sister. She doesn’t recognize him but feels like they’ve met and she shows him around the school for a bit. He grabs her hair and kisses it thanking her for today and then leaves hoping inside that she’ll forget about him since he’s considered “dead” anyway. He’s come to Japan with Subaru as his bodyguard, and basically we see the entire plotline of the yakuza stalking Genki’s bath house from Subaru’s POV. At one point he breaks into her house and she freaks out so badly and has PTSD flashbacks that when he apologizes and lets go she’s barely able to speak. Apparently after the incident she was so traumatized she lost her speech for some time. After getting her speech back she  asks Subaru to spend the night with her cause she’s scared but despite his protests of being an “older man alone with her” she’s like “its ok you have no interest in little girls like me right?” 😆 As he spends more time with Nanako he starts to regret meeting up with her because it’s getting harder to control his feelings of telling her who he really is. So then if it was back to the future, Subaru finds out that Nanako’s in love with him, and is like OOHH SHIT I FORGOT SHE’S MAH SISTER MAN THIS IS WRONG Σ( ̄ε ̄|||)!

subaru02So then the guy who’s supposed to be working for Subaru, Lionel, ends up kidnapping Nanako instead! On top of this when Subaru finds her, Lionel tells Nanako that Subaru is her brother.  He then goes “I know you’re a siscon so I brought you here to fuck your sister” エエエェェ(・д・)ェェエエエジソン!!  Lionel then locks them in that abandoned building on that army training island in hopes that the situation will make them wanna hump like rabbits omg what a weirdo ww.  He pushes her down on the ground about to screw her but then when he sees her crying he gets up, steps back 3 steps and goes ‘okay stupid time over let’s find an exit’ WHEW THANK GOD I REALLY WAS ABOUT TO FLIP A TABLE IF HE GOT MORE ACTION THAN GENKI AND TAKU. Best End: Subaru breaks the door open and escapes with Nanako from the burning warehouse though she passes out from the smoke. Turns out Lionel was just having some homo rage cause Nanako took away Subaru’s attention from him (though apparently he’s not homo cause he likes dem ladies so I don’t even know.) Subaru burns all of his childhood photos and tells Lionel to return Nanako back home as he says “goodbye Shinobazu 7.” Man I really don’t know what they were trying to do in this route by having Nanako almost screw her brother but I guess it was kind of a nice omake? Though I admit with Nanako being voiced it kind of made her more annoying lol. Also while all the other Shinobazu guys made an appearance, none of them were actually voiced in the game.

final thoughts

Wooow yea those last 3 games were a cop out. Or rather, the only good games were 01 Subaru and 03 Miki. I’m not just saying that because they were エロエロ but also because they actually focused ON the guy. Taiga’s disc focused on his obsession with Genki, Seijuro’s on his obsession with Subaru, Genki’s was just derailed into bullshit and Taku’s was like Seijuro with his guilt for Subaru and then derailing into the crap for Genki and the yakuza. If the romance taking a nose dive wasn’t bad enough, the art took a huge nosedive. If you compare the CGs from Taiga’s CD to Taku’s:


What bothers me the most is the random shading they add to the lips. It makes it look like Taku’s got some weird lipstick on. I mean I think it’s okay for Nanako but for Taku:


Gahh it just drives me crazy, they did the same thing in Genki’s disk but seeing it twice in a row was like a bad reinforcement _ノ乙(、ン、)_.  Also for a lot of the CGs I noticed they just blatantly left the background white. I know it can work for certain scenes but when I see 3 CGs with a plain white background I start to think of budget cuts. I also feel like Taku’s manwhoring was never really resolved. I mean he’s like doing underage prostitution and everyone is just okay with this because clearly solving the family problems of his eroge club member is more important. Since Taku’s Amemakura CD focused more on his feelings for Nanako and her not realizing that he loves her, I was hoping the game would focus more on that too…but then we get all this 10 year guilt + manwhoring + yakuza problems wtf ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Additionally there were a few CGs I saw in the opening movie that were never in the game wtf:




I mean the art is like SIGNIFICANTLY better than any of the art in the game, I feel misled! So yea I guess in the end I’m pretty disappointed. For those who have any interest in this series, I recommend just playing Subaru’s and Miki’s games because all the others lack any decent romance. At this point I’m like man if I’m buying a game for the dummy head mic and you don’t give me the fanservice I’m only left with ridiculous plot and not so great artwork…and for a segmented series that’s pretty awful. I might have been more forgiving if this was all 1 game but since it’s 6 CDs yea….well at least the OP theme and situation CDs are the only thing left to salvage this series.  The characters themselves are pretty nice too but it’s a shame 4 out of 6 of them were victims of crap writing and declining CG quality. Whoa this was like the longest final thoughts ever but I guess I had to lay it all out since I’ve invested like months into this stupid segmented series OTL.

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  1. エロエロ XDD
    megane *O*
    I’m gonna like him XD
    are you playing this game for 4 months? hehehe
    I’m playing UtaPri for 4 months too XD
    I didn’t like Masato’s and Ren’s routes so I take longer than I wanted to, well…
    Thanks for the post ^-^

    1. well its because 1 game came out per month so I basically played this game over a long period of time (technically 6 months but since I played some games back to back…)

      it’s not a long game it’s just you had to wait for each game to release every month.

  2. Ugh it’s too bad that when it started out decent, that is descended into this. It does seem like either they used too much on the first games and ran out in the later; or they just stopped caring part way through. Figuring with gaining some kind of fanbase with the first couple they would just be able to feed whatever shit they made and get money golds.

    I’m hoping that the Rejet ‘Seven Heaven’ dummyhead cds will be decent. =3=

    1. yea I mean the Subaru game is the only one that got an android port so they prolly were like “oh shit this isn’t making money but we already made agreements with the seiyuus to do the other games…time to half ass it ror” 😦

  3. thanks for the review on this game! I guess I won’t be buying this game then… I was hoping for a good plot with the special microphone voices. ∩0∩
    asfghjkl; on a side note, will you be playing the sequel of dialovers? The character designs are pretty nice but I’m traumatized by reiji’s whip and ayato’s wax… I don’t even know what to expect next.

    1. yea I mean at this point I’d only recommend 01 and 03 if you were to buy it since they were pretty hot ;D
      I bought the first dialover game so yea i will most likely play the sequel or fandisk or whatever the hell it is lol

      lol Ayato’s wax, for me the worst was Laito and his bathtub slicing x_x

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