Otome Game Review: Edel Blume

Story is about  our heroine Mary who is an apprentice nun that does her daily nunly duties and helps out with the church and orphanage. She has 2 childhood friends, one who is a teacher. One day a man named Gerald comes and says he will take her with him back to the castle in the forest on her 16th birthday, as his wife. The castle is forbidden to all of the villagers and Mary doesn’t exactly want to leave all her nun BFFs and her 2 hot childhood friends behind. Whatever will she do?

I was warned the story in this game is balls….but I was surprised to find out how right they were! Usually I would write the story events that happened in each character’s route but since most of the “story” overlapped and nothing made any sense I guess I’m not gonna bother doing that. Events would happen and there would be no transition to a completely different scene. Nothing made any sense and before I knew it, the end and then she’d wake up in a church as if it was all a dream! From what I caught here and there basically the village idiots are after Mary like in a witch hunt. They then trick her friend Iliya, the daughter of the Mayor, to go into the forest where she gets killed by some demons. This helps them sway the mayor’s mind and he sides with the crazy mob to kill Mary. It’s now up to Mary’s bishies to save her I guess while Mary is trippin’ balls with a million dreams and flashbacks.

Richard – Richard is the pretty boy with his harem of hoes. He’s always hitting on Mary despite his harem. I guess he’s prolly liked her for a while since he is the older brother of Mary’s bff Iliya. Even when Iliya dies, Richard still sides with Mary and goes against his father, the mayor. In end 2 he randomly marries her….but then she wakes up since IT WAS ALL A DREAM! In Richard’s first ending, just because Mary gives him the time of day suddenly he’s like “MARRY ME!” 😆 Apparently he thinks it will solve all problems regarding Gerald being after her and the lynch mobs. Also in this route for once Iliya doesn’t die! Hooray! And then I guess Richard becomes the new village leader and makes things better but yea it was all a dream whatever 🙄

Conrad – Conrad is the local priest/executioner. He’s got super magical powers that let him sense whether or not someone is a demon or not. He seems all serious business but when he catches Mary falling from a tree and then falls asleep on her shoulder I was all |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . So then Conrad battled Barrage for no reason and suddenly: HUGGING. So then in the epilogue Conrad and Mary go travelin’. Also Conrad then reveals that he’s actually a knight 😆 and takes Mary away somewhere on his horse….but it doesn’t matter that it makes no sense as IT WAS ALL A DREAM! At least in Conrad’s 2nd end she gets to screw him. Not a total loss after all….even if it’s all just a dream 😆

Auguste – He’s Mary’s childhood friend who’s obviously liked her since forever. He seems like the nice sensei at first but when he finds out that Conrad “inspects” her body, he misunderstands and throws a shitfit. (Obviously he wanted to inspect her too 😆 ) One day she finds him crying a river in the classroom after school and then he starts babbling that he will no longer be himself or something. So then he goes on a rampage in his half demonic form and then decides he wants to kill everyone. I mean I’m cool with him killing the lynch mob but then he wants to kill random kiddies at the school he teaches. Then Jacob shows up at the worst moment and so Auguste goes and kills everyone there. Virginia tells Mary that she was trippin’ balls the whole time and she was never raised by the church. She had made it all up in her head or something. Auguste goes apeshit and kills Virginia with plans to kill Conrad too. So from then on she spends time alone with just him in her room as he spoon feeds her some food. At this point Mary was like “oh god somebody kill me.” One day Mary’s health recovers and Auguste is able to control his inner demon and returns to being human…or so he thought until one day he goes into the forest to have some bird for dinner…realizes he’s a demon again then he runs into the forest screaming like a crazy maniac. He then runs into the school and starts banging his head against the wall yelling that he’s not a monster and that Mary is afraid of him. Mary tells him to calm the fuck down and that she’ll stay by his side….BUT DONT MATTER YO CAUSE IT WAS ALL A DREAM! Auguste’s 2nd end is him being a fucking creep too so in the end, he really had 0 redeeming qualities. 😆

Victor – Victor is also Mary’s childhood friend. He’s also a tsundere childhood friend but I don’t think yasumoto is a good tsundere va honestly. I expect him to voice sexy older mans or teachers or something….not tsundere childhood friends. That’s like Suzumura Kenichi’s job! On top of that though, he’s her happy furry friend werewolf! So whenever the village idiots attack her in the forest, he turns into a wolf and kicks their asses. At the end Victor bursts into the mayor’s house and attempting to kill him, raging that it’s his fault they all kept getting lynch mobbed. Mary begs him to stop but when he does, the crazy old geezer then goes & attacks Mary instead (ಠ_ಠ). Victor finishes him off and then just as timing would have it Richard walks in completely misunderstanding the situation. Then all of a sudden she runs away with Victor and before you know it BABIES! And if that wasn’t enough, some time later Richard randomly goes and kills Victor. But actually it turns out Victor isn’t really dead cause Richard’s a pansy and uses crappy swords….but doesn’t matter since IT WAS ALL A DREAM! In Victor’s 2nd end he gives her a cute little flower ring. Aww….well at least nobody got stabbed this time =_=;…but doesn’t matter as it was all a…oh fuck it.

Gerald – Gerald’s the ronery vampire who lives in his castle with his shotabat sidekick Realm. He basically wants to take Mary as his waifu because she’s the Alter Maiden (??) even though apparently she has no recollection of what that is. So then suddenly Geraldo falls off the face of the earth and instead now Daniella and Virginia are saving Mary’s ass from the village idiots. (ಠ_ಠ) So then after the usual village idiot scenes, suddenly…MARRIAGE END! Then Conrad starts raging so she and Gerald have to fall asleep together for X years until everyone forgets about them, leaving poor shotabat there all alone. That’s great. I was hoping Gerald would be like some vampire or something since he OBVIOUSLY is one….and I wanted to see blood sucking or something. Geraldo, I am disappoint. ( ´_ゝ`)

Barrage – Oh Suwabe you. Barrage goes around randomly killing everyone but he seems like the only character who enjoys trolling in this game. He then goes and like licks her foot in the forest because it’s bleeding. I mean how unsanitary! But I guess since he lives in the woods or something there’s no sanitation in his mind 😆 Well turns out the vampire is actually Barrage! Well at least he does his job unlike Lazygeraldo above! In his first end she let him suck her blood…and then he died but for once…IT WAS NOT A DREAM! Actually I didn’t even get what the hell the deal was except there was some text saying “I hope you don’t forget me or this story.” LOL sad cry from Otomate? In the 2nd ending, I got to pick up a nice naked man CG of Conrad (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Barrage’s 2nd ending was…yea  I don’t even know. Just him saying goodbyes to her or whatever. God whatever I don’t even care anymore (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

I can’t even begin to describe the epic fail that is this game. The art was nice but the scenes just felt thrown in your face so I couldn’t find myself caring about anyone but Conrad because 1. he was naked 2. I liked his voice actor 😆 I liked Richard too, because he was an adorable dork, but his routes were kinda meh… (well…as most of this entire game.) Auguste’s route felt like the writers just finished watching a marathon of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. The music was depressing, the story was depressing and everything just flew by so quickly I couldn’t find myself caring about anybody in this game to be honest. It was like one giant groundhog day. It’s like Otomate learned from this mistake and then did better when making Death Connection and Clock Zero but this game will forever remain like a dirty stain on their pants or something. 😆 Unless you like abosolutely shitty troll stories, or the art, or the voice actors stay far far far away from this game.  I was told this game was “unfinished” but I definitely believe it now. Hell even some of the CGs were so unfinished that the background was just “white”. I thought I’ve played the worst of them but Edel Blume just reached epic proportions. ( ´_ゝ`) The entire feeling can be described like getting on a plane to Japan, being told every few minutes how long until we land in Japan, and then getting off the plane only to realize you’re in Australia. As my Japanese friend says, it’s just a クソゲー.


12 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Edel Blume”

  1. I couldn’t collect all pictures in this gamr
    but I really love the arts 🙂
    my heart has chosen conrad he always there white prince
    thank you for this review

  2. Mimi> lol yea I feel like I’m seeing a lot of Jacobs in my games lately (ಠ_ಠ) Yea I bet if they had finished this game it might have actually been pretty good!

    Yukina> Nothing against Australia, but I’d be kind of pissed if I ended up in a country that was not on my itinerary! A waste of art indeed…

  3. B-B-But Australia is cool TwT…

    Well I’ve been waiting to play this game for a while but after seeing this review I don’t think I’ll bother anymore ROFL. No need to dish out fo’ a PS2 8D…

    What a waste of sexy art on fail story though.

  4. Victor sounds like Jacob from Twilight lolololol //shot//

    hahahaha and he looks like Reimei ish from Bloody Call

    it’s like Jacob and Reimei rolled into one!!! //shot again\\

    lol the opening song was pretty…. and what a waste of such gorgeous art… 8’D depressing….! lol

  5. You finished this fast. xD
    I played this back in 2008 only to quit after 30 mins lol. The art is so pretty though, what a waste.. I think Edel Blume was the reason I started doubting Otomate’s games.

  6. sharakael> lol yea I feel sorry for anyone that actually spent money on this. Obvious easy money making scheme when they put out an unfinished game.

    Kiseki> XD That’s just weird!! Well it would only take you like 2 days so it wouldn’t waste that much of your life~ lol

  7. …such a waste of pretty art D: Kudos for finishing the game \o/
    If I had bought this game I probably would had gone on a rampage…

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