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Otome Game Review: Isshoni Gohan. -Apartment Dinner Show-

Mugibata Akane moves from Hokkaido so she can attend a new university to learn cooking to help out her parents’ restaurant. Her parents can’t afford to give her too much money, and she loses her current part time job so she desperately tries to find another one to pay for her expenses. Starving due to lack of money to buy food, Akane passes out but is caught by a hot dude before face planting into the cement. He calls himself Satou and gives her some tea and riceballs. When he finds out her situation, he offers her a job as a temporary housekeeper at his dorm full of….HOT DUDES WITH FOOD NAMES :lol:. Sadly he abandons her to the wolves and runs off someplace leaving Akane to handle the residents of Meshiyasou on her own.

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Isshoni Gohan Animate Set Unboxing


Now that I think in retrospect unless I had been in Japan, the animate set wasn’t really worth it? The booklet that came with it I thought was original illustrations but it’s a short story. I don’t care much for drama CDs so I could have done without the animate original CD too. The lunch set is really cute and handy but that comes with any limited edition so I coulda gotten this from CD Japan with a discount. I swear all those 書き下ろし・描き下ろし words are so freaking misleading I can never tell what you will actually get. Still hoping some day otome game makers will consider more illustration items than drama CDs…or we can get like the eroge makers do and start giving out B2 posters and dakimakuras. 🙄 Full gallery after the jump!

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