Otome Game Review: Shinobazu 7 -03. Miki-

The story this time centers around Kisaragi Miki, also Nanako’s childhood friend and kouhai. He’s the son of a rich producer so despite acting like a happy shota all the time, he’s always under a lot of pressure. He often idolizes Fujimaru because he feels like they have a lot in common being sons in a rich family and because Fujimaru feels like a leader to him.

Being under pressure Miki has been forced to learn a lot of things like tea ceremony, piano etc. What he really wants to do is sing so he practices with Nanako to try and sing in a live house together. They go around various live houses to ask if they can perform together but the owners are woman haters who think Miki is a trap 😆 They go to the rainbow fro boss and Miki seems like he knows the guy well enough to convince him to let them perform. When Nanako tells Miki she saw his look alike performing at a live house he gets suddenly upset. He then immediately asks her to make a demo tape with him because he’s reserved a recording studio for them. Their demo is accepted and they score a chance to perform as a double singing unit. Their performance is so great they get scouted by an agent from B-Vex. Miki’s OTHER band members get pissed that he’s ditching them to sing with Nanako. Nanako sees them raging at him in the park one day and she tries to save him but is surprised he knows all of them. They’re pissed that he and Nanako got scouted while his other band is still doing amateur lives. Miki then admits that the person she saw at the live house performing it was really him and that he’s been in a band with these people. His band members then tell him they only stuck with him because his dad is a producer and he’s good looking so they’d get more fans.

Suddenly Subaru shows up out of nowhere and using his logic breaks up the fight saying that there was never a promise in Miki’s other band that you aren’t allowed to perform in other bands. The other band members get pissed and leave and Subaru walks off feeling like a hero lol. To make Miki feel better Nanako invites him over her place to make him some omurice. He then tells her while crying  that he joined the band because he was stressed after the death of Nanako’s family and the fact that his own parents were never home. The band allowed him to sing away all his paaainn hence why all of his other songs were emo and depressing. He  needed this outlet in order to have the strength to put up his “genki persona” that everyone knew him for.  The following day Miki’s dad abducts his son and Nanako saying he’ll turn Miki into a “pure innocent idol” ww He then takes Miki and Nanako on an airplane and flies them to an abandoned island…and leaves them there. Suddenly Subaru arrives with Genki, Taku and Taiga.  The dad then says that Miki and Nanako’s debut has been decided and he’s going to make a movie about all the guys fighting over Nanako! Whoever Nanako falls in love with will walk the debut path with her. He has cameras and speakers set up all over the island so its like real world Shinobazu 7. That night Miki takes Nanako for a walk around the island and tells her he’s no longer that kid running behind her…he’s a MAN now.

The next day everyone tries confessing to Nanako at once and she’s like ahhh so Miki grabs her and runs off. After they run off far enough Miki then confesses that he loves her but says he doesn’t wanna hear her answer because if  she rejects him he’ll die. Nanako says she loves him as well and the dad’s like YAY WE HAVE A WINRAR and brings them back home. On the boat ride home Genki tells Miki and Nanako that he’s going to India where his parents are and thanks them for giving him one last memorable event. Sadly due to both Nanako and Miki becoming known on TV because of the documentary, news outlets do all sorts of digging on the two of them. They dig out the accident of Nanako’s family and she’s so shocked she almost faints. Miki feels horrible and hugs her crying that it’s all his fault and begs her not to hate him. He tells her to ignore the news and media and rely on him as he promises to protect her. Just then Miki’s dad comes over and Miki rages at him saying he’s not forgiven for what he’s done. Nanako tells Miki to debut without her because otherwise her past will just hold him back. And so on her way to school Nanako gets harassed by the paparazzi but Miki shoos them all off. He then goes to Fujimaru telling him that instead of following in the student council president footsteps, he intends to debut and protect Nanako.

Fujimaru then admits in a backwards way that he will watch over the two of them and Miki’s happy that Fujimaru doesn’t hate him. In fact he helps them out by telling them to stay over at his mansion until the paparazzi calm down. At night Miki sneaks into Nanako’s room saying he couldn’t hold himself back knowing they’re both under 1 roof ;D. Needless to say he starts kissing her and eventually pushes her down on the futon for some sexy time. (zomg hearing shimono say he’s gonna find her erogenous zones and then prpring my ears I died. (/ω\)イヤン) Miki’s music teacher rages at him for not being able to sing properly because he’s too busy thinking about his father who he hasn’t talked to since they had that fight. But just then Miki’s dad comes to visit Fujimaru’s house. He tells Miki that his debut is that night and he freaks out but Nanako offers to go with him for moral support. He performs his song and afterwards everyone goes to Nanako’s house to celebrate. Best End: Nanako and Miki continue dating but he has to wear a disguise when they’re out because he’s an idol now. She intends to study and eventually become his manager. Good End: Miki’s become an an idol but he’s so busy with his activities he barely sees Nanako though he tries to come over her place daily. She makes him dinner and lets him cuddle to re-energize. Bad End: Miki fails to debut so he returns to his emo punk band.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Miki’s route. When I listened to his Amemakura it was kinda boring, typical kouhai senpai thing. I didn’t know Miki was in a goth band or was a randy shota inside omg hehe (*´ェ`*)ポッ. Shimono definitely did a great job with that dummy mic and I found this disk overall as enjoyable as Subaru’s. Makes me kinda wonder wtf Taiga’s disk even was…let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist and if you plan on buying the series just buy 01 and 03 and forget 02 ww. The next one will be Fujimaru’s but he seems like your typical strict seito kaicho so I’m not expecting anything interesting until we get to Genki’s route in January and Taku’s in February.


Situation CD & PC Game Shinobazu Seven / Drama CD


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  1. yea as Taiga’s route did nothing to the story and whlie Seijuro’s route gave background info on Nanako’s brother, in the end it could be skipped and it wouldn’t make much of a dent lol.

  2. perhaps I’ll be skipping Seijirou too. not having the Torikou do a lot of loveydovey dummy mic scenes is pure blasphemy, as u said. anyway I think u mentioned b4 that u’d have to play each game in sequence which really sucked for individually-sold routes, but as of now would u think it’s ok to skip?

  3. yea lol don’t bother with Taiga and only bother with Seijurou if you care about Nanako’s family backstory. Otherwise Subaru & Miki are the best so far x3 Hopefully Genki and Taku won’t be a let down.

  4. ah I’m doing his route verrry slowly, but basing on your review I’m more than halfway done. I actually bought Subaru’s but havent finished it yet. back then I read your review for Taiga and kinda lost interest altogether but came back because yeah, MIKI’s my favorite randy shota /punched

    kinda excited for Genki cuz his CD was so full of kisses and the way he’s shy/aggressive is really cute

    AND OF COURSe grand finale would be Taku, whom I know is one of your faves from Amemakura so ❤

    thanks for the fast reviews! :3

  5. I have a soft spot for Shimono and dummy head, now I wanna play this. And the nekomimi is too cute.. nyaan!

  6. Yeah, I feel like the kaicho role is either super serious or idk the seeming slacker that’s actually really serious? Lol either way, it would be nice if they changed it up a bit lol if they don’t though it’ll probably be pretty cliche and boring to play through

  7. actually to be honest I’m not expecting Fujimaru’s to be any good it seems SOOO stereotypical strict seito kaicho role…they’d have to really go all out for it to stand out from my already per-determined template.

  8. Ohoh~ scandalous shota I see ww I like this ^0^! Glad to see this disk wasn’t a total disappointment lol, hopefully these disks don’t turn out to be good->bad->good->bad etc hahaha xD that would be pretty…. wtf strange hahaha xD and Miki’s hair… At first I thought he was actually half cat lol I was like where is this theme coming from?! Hahaha xD

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