Android Otome App Review: Kokyuu ~Harem no Himegoto~

Senkan Ayumi (or whatever dafuq her last name actually is) is one day flown to some Occidental Arabian country and told she has to join a harem of one of the princes. The reason being is her father’s a jackass who apparently had his luggage carried by some ridiculously overpriced luggage service and he can’t pay back the fees. If Ayumi doesn’t become some arabian harem ho, her dad’s gonna get canned so begging for his life he asks Ayumi to spread her legs! 😆 And so Ayumi is forced to join some dirty harem. The good news is since this is occidental land, the princes aren’t as despicable as a typical REAL harem leader prince would be: they only have eyes for her.

Kefar – Prince Kefar apparently met Ayumi one day when he took a vacation to Japan and he found BEAUTIFUL JAPANESE YAMATO NADESHIKO! So needless to say when he laid eyes on this JAPANEEZU beauty once more he just had to have her! The problem is that even when Ayumi thinks he’s a sexy beast she has to realize that in this country a man can have many wives! Since unlike the other whores, Kefar actually asks for her often and in the past he used to change hoes every night. He also seems to be taking his time with Ayumi and instead of screwing her immediately he just sleeps with her like a body pillow every night. The other whores start getting jealous and when Ayumi one day refuses a request from Kefar to go out, the other bitches rage at her how DARE she refuse the king! Fortunately Kefar isn’t a complete douchebag and he listens to Ayumi’s problems because she gets a letter from her moron father going “trololol I’m having a blast back in Japan”. So then a few days later Kefar takes her to some fancy party where Prince Hail is there. After it’s over she heads back to her room, but Hail kidnaps her and drags her into a closed room asking why she didn’t pick him over Kefar. Fortunately Kefar then saves her, takes her away back to his palace and screws her in his bedroom out of jealousy. Fortunately Ayumi is happy that he finally goes all the way with her since he’d always been just using her as a body pillow 😆 In fact they both like it so much they end up screwing around some more the next day. A few days later Ayumi overhears Kefar talking to his childhood friend accidentally and for it Kefar says he’ll punish her. His punishment of course ends up being him throwing icecubes down her back, making out with her with an icecube in his mouth and then saying “lol now you’re all turned on but I won’t screw you” and leaving :lol:. A rumor in the harem spreads about the fact that Ayumi is in there because of a crime her father committed and all the jealous whores are like “oh no what if she bears a child and he will have SIN in his blood” or some b/s.

To make things worse, while Kefar would call upon her all this time, he starts calling on all the other hoes instead. When he calls her to his room finally he also gives her a roset pin to wear. She keeps it in her pocket but doesn’t put it on and tells him she forgot it. When he lays her down on the bed to hump, Ayumi can’t deal with the harem shit anymore and she starts crying telling him not to touch her with the same hands that touch other women. Realizing that she just shot down the freaking king, Ayumi starts freaking out. So then he explains that the hoes he called over were just to sing and play instruments for him and he never laid a hand on any of them. Ayumi then tries to learn to play a musical instrument to please him but instead he jealous bitches set her up to make it seem like she wanted to poison Kefar. His guards grab her, despite his yells to stop, and throw her into the dungeon. The bitches them come to the dungeon and let a poisonous scorpion loose into Ayumi’s cell. Fortunately when she cries for help Kefar comes to rescue her out of there. She says that she doesn’t want him to just rescue her and ruin his name so he promises to come get her in a few days. The best way to clear her name of course is to make her his QUEEN and so he tells everyone that he’s marrying her and surprise proposes to her when he come to get her out of the cell. \( ^o^)/ He then takes her to the bath to wash off and hump. Sadly since I was 400 affection points short, I ended up taking the “Another Ending” in which Ayumi gets kidnapped by Prince Hail because she’s afraid her SIN of being a criminal’s daughter makes her unfit for Kefar. And so basically Hail throws her on the bed and screws her telling her eventually he’ll make her fall for him. Meh. ( ´_ゝ`) Damn NTR end. Fortunately I got to see the special scenario in which Ayumi is back with Kefar and tells him she wants to visit Japan so she can secretly buy him some Japanese gift. She tries to keep it a secret but all it does end up doing is making Kefar suspicious and upset. She tells him to wait until the next day and then she reveals she made him some Japanese sweets as a birthday present. They both apologize for the misunderstanding and make out ww. Oh well I suppose I’ll take this as my “normal” ending as it beats NTR or sadness XD.

Hail – Well since I got Hail’s NTR end I figured maybe if I play Hail and not get a happy end I can revenge and NTR with Kefar instead 😆 Anyway once Ayumi is in his harem she figures oh well there’s plenty of hoes here he won’t call on me right….wrong. In fact he calls her immediately and she’s embarrassed having to wear revealing clothes. Not only that but the clothes are made so that when he pulls a string they all completely fall off :lol:. Ayumi thinks she’s gonna be forced to screw him her first night but he’s like “oh you must be tired from Japan so…goodnight.” Shocked that he doesn’t screw her, Ayumi goes to sleep but doesn’t get much rest especially since he calls upon her the next day too. He again doesn’t do it with her and continues just throwing her on the bed to sleep next to him. A few days later they go to visit Kefar, on the way she argues with Hail and he calls her a sinner’s daughter. Ayumi gets pissed saying he’s a manwhore who uses women in his harem. He’s like yea well you joined my harem so to shut him up, she briefly kisses him. When they get to Kefar’s place Ayumi asks to take a bath since she’s dirty from all the sand but of course Hail BATH intrudes, kisses her, trololol’s and walks out. After they return back, the bitches in Hail’s harem get all jealous that he keeps picking Ayumi and think she has a “technique” (tsundere technique lol.) She starts getting frustrated with all of the bullshit but one of the workers there yells at her telling her that she should aim for his cock so she can have his baby to be the next ruler. She decides to listen to the worker and brings a drink to Hail that night with sleep medicine in hope to uh…raep him and have his baby. When he goes to drink it she changes her mind telling him not to…but instead he takes the drink, kisses her and makes her drink it instead. From that day forth he pretty much makes her his hump doll every night and he screws her without any kind of feelings cause he thinks she just wants his babies. (It’s a miracle she didn’t get pregnant in like a week.)

Aaaand to make things worse, when she’s in the bath that night, a bunch of men come in and try and rape her. Jesus fucking christ sick fuck game. It’s all the jealous harem bitches doing but fortunately Asado bursts in and saves her before anything terrible can happen -_-; So then that shitlord Hail comes in bitching at what they are doing and it turns out the harem bitches lied to Ayumi telling her to ‘practice writing a song of our people.’ What she had written instead is pretty much the equivalent of I love dicks or something. Hail tells Asado to GTFO while he calls Ayumi a slut and says she’s lying when she says she was fooled by the bitches. Ayumi tells him she hates him and starts crying and he’s like fine whatever you don’t have to be my fuck slave anymore. That night Ayumi runs away to see Kefar in hopes of escaping her horrid lifestyle, but on the way she realizes she’s in LOVE with that son of a bitch Hail. How fucking lovely! She then gets caught in a sandstorm and ends up in quicksand. For some odd reason, Hail comes to save her and brings her to a nearby cave to take cover until the storm subsides. Eventually he rescues her out and lets her rest for a few days while he gives her a ruby necklace. He’s a lot nicer to her because she babbled about how she doesn’t care about having his baby or his money, though she keeps quiet that she’s fallen in love with this douche. The harem bitches treat her like shit as always and then comes Hail’s birthday. He gives her a dress to wear to his party but as usual the harem bitches tear it up so she’s forced to wear a plain dress instead. 🙄 She gives him his favorite flower as a gift and he’s really happy but the dumb harem bitches start saying shit again. Hail finally tells them to STFU and not ruin his celebration. Afterwards he and Ayumi go to his bedroom to hump like they are doing it for the *first time~*. So then the stupid harem gets her bitten by a poison snake and I guess this is the last straw for Hail. He then breaks up the harem and becomes king making Ayumi his wife. But as usual I didn’t get enough affection (lol 400 points short) and so Asado comes to start a coup de tat against Hail saying that he was supposed to be king – that is until Hail’s dad took the throne from his own father. So then Asado abducts Ayumi on some nice boat saying he intended to take her from Hail from the start for power reasons but now he’s madly in love with her lol.

Asado – Asado is a former prince until the coup de tat by Hail’s father and now he’s been reduced to a mere servant. Fortunately by doing his route, Ayumi no longer has to be Hail’s whore and instead works as a servant along with Asado. He teaches her the country’s language but then he starts to hit on her and kiss her treating her a lot more special than the other servants. Since the palace is fulla jealous bitches, even the servants start saying crap about her and how she’s the daughter of a sinner. They trick her into going out in the desert and getting stung by a scorpion. Fortunately Asado takes care of her and by care I mean slipping his tongue down her throat after she regains consciousness. He then gets jealous of Kefar a few days later for being so nice to Ayumi that he escalates his sekuhara but he never goes all the way with her. Despite her continuously being treated like shit by her fellow staff, Asado always watches out for her and continues helping her learn the language there. So then one day Hail bursts in accusing Asado of wanting to start a coup detat and throws him in prison. Ayumi says that it’s not true and using her knowledge of the language Asado taught her, she gathers evidence to help prove his innocence. With this he’s released out of the prison and immediately the two of them screw all night along :lol:. So then when Ayumi goes to visit Kefar’s castle one day his servants spike her food to make her drink some medicin that makes her really horny. They do it to “please” their king but Kefar gets mad at them for doing a thing. Unfortunately his gentlemanlyness can go so far when he has a moaning Ayumi in front of him and he jumps on her in bed /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.

Fortunately Asado comes to rescue her and brings her back to his room…but the medicine hasn’t wore off and Ayumi wants to screw her brains out ww. Needless to say Asado can’t really hold himself back either and they hump like rabbits all night long. (Geez this route sure has a lot of sexing going on for a mobile game ww.) He asks her why she went to see Kefar but Ayumi says she just wanted to know more about Asado. He basically tells her about how he used to be a prince but thanks to Hail’s dad and the coup de tat he was forced into becoming the dude’s servant instead. Ayumi also then reaffirms that she’s only in love with Asado and she’d never do these kinds of things with anyone but someone she loves. Needless to say they end up screwing again (omg all they do in this route is have sex ww.) Unfortunately one day when Ayumi is cleaning up Hail’s room, he comes in and tells her that the only reason Asado’s screwing her is because he wants to take what he can away from Hail in revenge. Since apparently Ayumi was someone Hail was interested in, she became Asado’s target. She refuses to believe it and goes to see Asado but instead overhears one of his attendants saying that Ayumi is a good “bait” and in fact she WAS being used. Ayumi overhears this and before Asado can explain himself she runs off crying. Hail takes the opportunity to get an emotionally weakened Ayumi to join his harem so she can “forget” about Asado. Well as always I got the “Another Ending” since I suck at seducing arabian bishies. Asado tries to get her out of the harem but when he starts to tell her that yes pretty much she was just a tool for him to get revenge on Hail…Ayumi runs away from the castle not wanting to be near Hail or Asado. Luckily prince Kefar finds her in the desert alone and takes her back to his castle. ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ Turns out he was the one giving her meals and flowers secretly when the other servants were bullying her – not Asado. And so Ayumi’s like screw dat shit I’m getting with Kefar. Hooray it’s like my vengence for not getting his true end! XD

I DIDN’T GET A SINGLE CG WHAT IS THIS CHEAP SHIT LMAO. Despite game being an android app, it still acts no different than like a mobage that you read 5 chapters a day of but blow money on stuff to raise affection or buy more tickets to read. The only difference is hey you don’t need some external account you just download it from google play store and you’re all set. Every guy in the game is a douchebag EXCEPT KEFAR. Seriously Hail and Asado can go jump off a cliff or fuck their harem or whatever ( ´_ゝ`). I think if I’m looking for an arabian nights type of story I’ll stick to Arabians Lost cause at least the heroine kicks major ass…this was umm….sad to say the least. Also omg so much secks. For a mobile game it was like whoa though again – no CGs anywhere unless you  managed to get the good end. Oh well if you have nothing better to play on your phone I guess I can recommend this game but nothing special to be honest and good luck getting a good end! The choices are misleading from being a doormat to being resistive so there was no consistency or clues on how to get the highest affection meh.


13 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Kokyuu ~Harem no Himegoto~”

  1. See I thought it would be like Arabians Lost – clearly I am mistaken lmao. I guess I assumed “anything with a desert in an arabic setting is the same”. Prolly not a good idea.
    Hey I didn’t mind all the randy but I guess the fact that I failed to get any kind of good end made me kinda bitter and made the whole thing even worse lol

  2. Well, it’s a typical Japanese ‘Arabian Romance’ story. They ALL involve the main character getting pulled into a harem, ravished, finding the ravisher isn’t THAT bad and kind of falls in love against their better judgement. Throw in some throne succession issues and you’re all set.

    It’s a harlequin genre, essentially. Related to the ‘omg my sadistic boss wants me and keeps me locked in his house OMAWARISAN KOCHIRA DESU’ genre, but only with more sand. If you expect anything out of this genre like what the West perceives of the ‘Arabian’ genre, then you’re only bound to be disappointed. (Koezaru is an example of this genre being done well, though. Arabians Lost and Desert Kingdom are NOT from this genre, however.)

  3. Incidentally, another good example of Japan’s ideas of the Middle East show in Gundam Wing where the “Arabian” character is a platinum blond pale boy lol

  4. lol I guess I’m misusing the term in a sense where this is like “Japan’s idea of an arabian country” I mean look at the dudes they look like they’re some european princes lmfao XD Only Asado looks remotely arabian ww

  5. wait… occidental arabian country? isn’t the occident… the west? and arabia was a part of the orient in the western imagination? o.O but ok heroine is from japan which is also a part of the orient so… technically, from japanese pov, arabia can be part of occident…? (but occident/orient dichotomy was a western construct, if we’re to take that said guy at face-value?) *brainplodes*

  6. Yea I don’t really get it either lmao 😆 I love too how the dad like walks off freely and you never hear from that asshole again lol

  7. I apparently missed the moon logic bus the devs are on, because I don’t understand how in a first-world country being swindled and falling into debt makes you a sinner/criminal, and furthermore how selling your daughter into sex slavery would be a viable choice.

  8. omg humpiness level over 1000? Wtf is this a r-18 or whatever LOL? Gaah I was expecting good things of Asado ‘-‘ wut a disappointment ~ anyway your review made me laugh until tears come out and it’s awesome! bitch jelly harems were never my thing so I guess I’m gonna pass on this on u-u geezus scorpions and snakes dafouc Q_Q

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