Android Otome App Review: Oujisama no Negai

I guess you get what you pay for since this game is free but is systematically a pile of crap.

I only managed to do Leon’s route because Rikku crashed on me and well I didn’t feel like even bother with Sky cause he’s a rapist douchebag. The game is about a girl named Alice who meets all these bishie princes and well pretty much they randomly fall in love with her and live happily ever after. In Leon’s route he’s forced to marry some ho he picks at his ball (see Cinderella) but he’s already fallen in love with Alice and he wants her to attend the ball. Additionally he has a brocon brother but that comes in handy when he relinquishes his position as prince and lets his brother take over the responsibility. He chooses to instead be with Alice and live as commoners with their giant garden of flowers because apparently gardening is Leon’s secret hobby. Also Leon’s mom, the queen is a stupid bitch who threw Alice into a prison cell accusing her of stealing flowers from the royal garden. (ಠ_ಠ) Anyway I  guess it could have been an okay story but the error/crashing pissed me off to the point of rage quitting.

Let’s see the huge problems with this game (At least on Android 4.0):

  • There is no save button or a working one anyway. That means if the game crashes or you accidentally closed it, have fun starting FROM THE BEGINNING before even the character select screen.
  • The splash image shows 5 princes but this app only let’s you get with 3 of them.
  • The affection meter is always at 0, this is probably a bug though. Due to this it’s impossible to get the true end (since you need at least 60 affection) and then you can’t even go back & tell which choices you picked that were wrong since there’s no affection counter working!
  • I couldn’t even do Rikku’s route cause it crashed the app the moment I picked him.

If this app however works fine on your phone it could actually be a pretty decent and free otome game. There’s no waiting or anything so you can pretty much play the whole thing at once right away.  I guess Japan’s not ready for Android 4.0 since there’s another otoge that got released on the market recently that’s completely incompatible with my phone. It’s  compatible with my old phone though and I did send them an email asking them to make it more compatible with newer phones, to which they said they will try. Don’t know the validity of their efforts so I guess if I run out of mobage to play I’ll break out my old Android 2.3 phone and give it a whirl there.

For now if you want to download this game it’s 12 mb available from Google Play free.

P.S. Not sure if this walkthrough for Leon will help but I think these are the right choices based on the character responses (but they could be wrong since my app was bugged.)


12 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Oujisama no Negai”

  1. They removed the bad guys/3X (Dark, Jetaime and Wolf) routes in the PSP version. It’s really disappointing since I like playing bad guys route more in most otome games that I have played since their route usually ends up more interesting than the good guys route.

  2. Wow I heard about the not fully voiced thing but removing routes??? What the hell Sanctuary lmao…man I used to like them for DCGS but ever since the Miyako Fandisk they’re pretty much on my to not buy list.

  3. Koisen Love & Peace PSP can be considered a rip off as well.

    It is not fully voiced and even on the voices scenes, the voice actually doesn’t really match to what the character is saying. It also only has 6 character routes while the original mobage version has 9 character routes.

    Adding extra CG and After Story aren’t a good compensation for removing 3 character routes.

  4. Man, time flies. Sorry for taking so long lmao D: Woah, I just don’t know what to write. Jeez, so that’s why. It’s a shame, you had a very lovely Tumblr.

    And yeah, I would have done the same thing.

    Well, anyways…I love your blog 8D It’s pretty awesome.

  5. True, true. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I guess that since there really wasn’t any redeeming qualities of that game, the no music feature was like a double slap to the face.

    Sorry for the rant here.”’

  6. I should also mention that there is no music in ‘Shall we date?’ (´・ェ・`)

  7. Smart choice there, better than what I made. Just stay as far away as you can from that and you’ll (probably) be fine.

    Oh god that Be My Princess game. |D

  8. of course not I”m not paying $4 for a character’s route lmao what a joke. Also its Voltage and well their English Be My Princess has swore me off even bothering with any of their (already buggy) games.

  9. Have you tried “Shall we date?” games? The same no save feature, pretty bland plot and characters (in my opinion), and a huge rip off.

    Well, thanks for the walkthrough! I may just try this if I have the time.

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