Android Otome App Review: Yoru Suru! Ikemen Alarm

So since all the soine apps are basically for the iphone, us android users will have to settle on this:

This is actually based on a Japanese sleeping medicine called 夜スル!(pass the night away!) that you’re supposed to take along with this dude but you don’t have to (though it can get annoying to constantly tell it “no I didn’t take the dumb medicine.” :lol:) You can poke the guy before going to sleep and after going to sleep as well as after waking up. He only has a set amount of lines but it’s still kinda fun xD. Your choice of waking up ikemans includes:

Hyouga Daiki, the 21 year old college student who liks manga & action movies and is into playing sports. Sadly he’s a dumb jock and he’s also bad at computers.

Hayami Ken who is a 32 year old megane scientist that enjoys music and loves nukos (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。). He hates insects (don’t we all?)

Jounouchi Tatsumi is a 43 year old ossan who’s an IT tech guy that enjoys going for a ride in his bling bling car. He also likes skiing and surfing and he sucks at emails and doesn’t understand the slang of dem youths! (what is www? :lol:)

So yea you have a pretty good choice of picking what floats your boat and if you know me long enough you can probably guess which one I decided on as my alarm dude (✧≖‿ゝ≖) hehe. Again this app is free so if you’re looking to get a new alarm app give this a shot!

4 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Yoru Suru! Ikemen Alarm

  1. Looks nice! Although the soine apps are in iPhone you get mobage and other many cool apps in androud *boo* loljk. I choose… The first one! ★

    1. I actually picked the megane guy xDDD;; He was closer to my age /BBA.
      Mobage isn’t restricted to android, pretty sure you can probably play them on iphone as well?

  2. I’m sure you would’ve picked megane guy ^_^ he just happens to be close to our age (lol I’m mid-20’s too)…So I checked mobage on App Store, and true enough, there are mobage games but no otome mobage games /sigh

    1. well most mobage games are played on the web THROUGh mobage. Like there’s no “app” you download that you “login with your mobage login.” What you do is login to the mobage portal and find the games on there. It doesn’t matter if you’re using android or iphone because the mobage portal you access is universal. If you have a mobage account, tell me your nickname and I’ll add you as a friend & send you some game invites so you don’t have to search! (or you should be able to click on the links through my blog posts)

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