Mobage Review: Tulip wo Kimi ni

The stories here appear to be different based on which character you go after. This means that the heroine is also different in each one.  The only consistent thing is Nakagawa, the like guide for the mobage and the heroine’s “temporary boyfriend” in each story.

Rui – I did Rui’s story first. He’s the non blood related bro. His real parents died in a car accident. He’s had a crush on the heroine since forever and then one day got hit by a car and immediately developed leukemia. (;☉_☉) Since hes adopted, nobody can donate blood to him.  After recovering from the hospital, he goes to Italy for a few years to paint so he can get over his siscon obsession…but comes back madly in love with heroine. At the same time he had a g/f with the same name as heroine and shes a stupid bitch who lies that she’s injured her arm permanently and wants Rui by her side forever. The lie is revealed though when Rui’s leukemia acts up again and hes taken to the hospital where the heroine tells the g/f that she loves Rui and she wont forgive her for lying to him.

Additionally heroine also had a bf in the meantime (Nakagawa) but totally like dumps him for her otoutoukun cause she suddenly realizes shes like madly in love with him too. After rui recovers from his seizure, they go to the beach and have a fake wedding ceremony before he passes out again. So then after they find a doner for his leukemia he recovers and after some time after surgery immediately he and heroine go get married with a secret wedding ceremony he planned with their parents while he was hospitalized. The ending is basically him and the heroine at the church getting married although for some reason only she’s wearing the dress while he’s still in a tshirt >_>. Anyway I thought it was rather interesting but I feel like his leukemia issue isn’t resolved? Also wasn’t he only like 19 or something lol. Oh well I kinda feel bad for the poor guy, it’s like his family is doomed to be hit by cars.

Youta – So like apparently heroine was asked out by this guy in college and they dated then he got into a car accident and she never saw him again. (What’s with this game and car accidents…)  However, that’s cause apparently he was some rich bocchan so when he got hospitalized none of his family would let her see him and so she never knew what happened to him and assumed he died. Now 3 years later shes dating Nakagawa and runs into that guy who claims he’s lost his memories but he has some nostalgia over a place where 3 years ago he proposed for her to marry him. Though unfortunately  now the guys a rich bocchan and has a set fiance for business reasons and the heroine’s got a boyfriend but the dude feels like if hes with her he can regain his memories. While the heroine is helping him with a flower decoration project from her shop the 2 of them start talking and he starts recalling stuff.

Eventually he regains his memories only to find out his father changed his name and they lied to him saying that his fiance Miyabi was his lover before the accident instead of the heroine. He is then forced to marry Miyabi immediately but the heroine runs in the middle of his wedding yelling that she loves him. Suddenly Youta drops everything and says he will instead marry the heroine and tells the press his real name. He says he’ll leave the rest to his father as he and the heroine leave the ceremony. But then shit hits the fan when her current boyfriend Nakagawa gets hit by a car and it’s so bad  that apparently he may never be able to walk again. (What is it with all the damn car accidents …)

Feeling guilty the heroine decides she will be by his side forever instead. When she tells this to Youta, he gives her a daisy and tells her that when they are reborn in another life, they will get married. (◞‸ლ) So then a year passes and Nakagawa recovers enough that he can walk. He sends the heroine on an errand to deliver some flowers and asks her to deliver a letter to that person as well. When she gets to this farm place, she runs into Youta and he tells her to read the letter. The letter is from Nakagawa who tells her that he doesn’t want her pity and knows that she loved Youta before him. He tells her that he’ll only take her back if Youta has fallen in love with someone else. The heroine cries but ends up living with Youta and he gives her an engagement ring asking her to marry him once more.

There’s actually 1 more ossan character but I think this game took me like 3 months or something and since I’m not into ossans I decided to call it an end. What the hell is with all the damn car accidents in this game? It’s like the only way they know to create drama is to have someone get hit by a car :lol:. Oh well I still enjoyed it, although it got annoying near the last 3-4 chapters where I didn’t have enough items and was forced to only be able to read 1 chapter every 2-3 days instead of daily. You can check this game out for free by logging into your mobage account and going to here.


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  1. well I posted the link at the bottom of this post you can click on it once you register on mobage. If you click on the link without registering through your phone, it will prompt you to download the app/register an account.

  2. Hi! Thanks for your reviews! I was wondering where I could find all of these Mobage games because I can’t find them on their site on my phone =/

  3. he was actually pretty good looking. better looking that the ossan in the 3rd story so yea it sucks that he just randomly gets shafted in every route!

  4. the tulip thing was how they had to decorate some old fart home with tulips or something in Youta’s story. that cg was just a random completion CG

  5. All I can think while reading this was poor Nakagawa lol. He gets trolled in every route by the heroine. How come he doesn’t get a route lol. Was he ugly or something?

  6. ah no problem I’m not sure why it even ate your comment since I’ve approved your comments before XD; yea lol the luekimia thing was just (ಠ_ಠ)

  7. I’m sorry if it is double post, wordpress has been weird lately. I clicked post comment but somehow it is not show up lol.

    Thank you for your review/summary. This art is lovely but I wonder if this game has a theme ‘car accident’ lol (^v^). And agree with Leukima thing, its kinda come suddenly and disappear immediately lol (*´▽`*).

  8. Thank you for commenting & glad you enjoy the posts! (Though I hope I didn’t distract you too much 😆 )Lol yea about the leukemia..I don’t even know what they were thinking XD

  9. Whoa, car accidents can now cause…leukemia? I should be more careful while walking across streets now…

    On another note, I’d just like to say I LOVE your blog. I’ve spent countless hours here (instead of doing work) reading your reviews and they’re so entertaining. 🙂 It makes me wish I understood Japanese well enough to play the games myself.

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