Brownboxed Part 1

Well because something fucking crawled up Katherine’s ass, she’s been brownboxing people left and right…and I guess I got hit with it. From what I heard it’s if you login to your account from a different ip but……excuse me. Do you expect me to sit on my ass at home all day? I have work, I have a cell phone I’m not fucking home all the time but I may only have time to login to Poupee when I’m AWAY from home.

Anyway I sent an email to them asking to unblock me. I’ve been with this stupid site since 2008 and I even fucking bought your stupid jewels you stupid bitch. ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶

I’ll have an update on this situation when I hear back from these idiots. Someone else on the poupee community who was there from 2008 recently got brownboxed because she shared an account with her siblings. When she got her account unlocked, ALL HER RIBBON ITEMS WERE GONE. What the fuck lol. That’s like….4 years of items. She’s going to continue but if they take all my ribbon items…I’m done. I received an email about this as well claiming I had an illegal item in my closet. What? I’ve never uploaded something that was NOT in some kind of category. How idiotic. Anyway I hope to have an update on this situation within a week.

Edit: So after a week of thinking through it, I’ve decided I’m just going to abandon my brownboxed account. I honestly don’t feel like waiting till the 9th to send them another email and then wait god knows how long until they get to it and unbrownbox me. I mean they didn’t even tell me what item it is that was considered illegal so for all I know I could be reported again and I’ll never know for what. So many stupid meager and jealous poupees on there (mostly from Japan obv). Seeing how all the items lately are ugly, the events suck and anything event remotely decent is jewels only, this is a great opportunity to say goodbye. It’s been nice updating all the events on this blog but I think my poupee days have come to an end.


10 thoughts on “Brownboxed Part 1”

  1. I understand you do not worry ^ ^
    I play since 2009 poupee
    eh been user and constant
    to recover you have to send 2
    messages by inquiry ^ ^
    (would be easier if send in Japanese)
    I recovered mine
    a week!

  2. but it’s REALLY EASY to retrieve your account!
    to have me banned 1 time and recover ^ ^
    anyway if you do not want her back,
    you can give me? , or, I love this game
    and would like to have two accounts> <

  3. That sucks.. i have the same problem and i was also thinking of quitting. haha! I cannot believe that their inquiry is only in Japanese, they should also consider their international users…

  4. Yea apparently it’s because I had some “illegal items” in my closet…but I’ve always followed the rules and I haven’t even uploaded any clothes items in like 2 months. Clearly they must have gone through my items that I uploaded YEARS ago and may now be considered “illegal” or some b/s.

    Lol yea honestly I heard it takes sometimes a MONTH for people to get un-brownboxed so….if I don’t hear back within a week, I’m quitting regardless.

  5. What rule could you have broken? Did you break the rule about not blogging about their crappy updates? Because blocking person just because you log in from different IPs is so stupid I can’t even understand it. What if you access poupée more often from your phone/psp/whatever but made an account at home? Or what if you switch internet providers in the years the site opened? What if you can’t pay for internet anymore and can now only go to the site when you have time to go to a library? Is that such a crime worthy enough of being blocked? Well, screw you then Katherine, guess who’ll never join your site now, and how many people will quit and badmouth you on various social sites.

    Seems to me like a ruse to get people to buy more jewel items (a very stupid one) or to punish people about not buying enough jewel items. “Lost all your items because something crawled up my ass? Well too bad, if you had bought more jewel items, all your wardrobe wouldn’t be empty you leech!”

  6. seems like it may be an “item upload” issue as well but well I’m at a point where I think I might quit whether or not they return my account. poupee’s so shitty lately anyway and this was probably the kick i needed to finally dump this stupid site.

  7. Wow what the fuck, I don’t even :I I didn’t get hit with it, but I only log in from one IP.

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