Android Otome App Review: MoteMote

The story is about you, an average school girl with your childhood friend, your class president buddy and the new kid in town…WHO ALL JUST FIGHT OVER YOU KYAA! 🙄

And so the thick of the plot is…you guessed it, they pretty much fight over you. Your childhood friend Santa is a basketball player who’s had a crush on you forever. The class president Yusuke is just an eromegane who can’t wait to hit dat sheit, and the new kid in town Shou just came back from America so to him making out with you in the middle of class is considered a greeting. 😆 Anyway needless to say within the brief 7 chapters of the game everyone just fights over you and you pretty much pick who pisses you off the least to get that guy’s ending.

I ended up liking Yusuke the most because well Santa was too dorky and Shou was an annoying douchebag weirdo who likes to sit inside construction pipes ( ´_ゝ`).  Anyway the game is free, and there’s even an English option but it’s so Engrishy that I ended up just reading the Japanese version…however if you can’t read Japanese you’ll have to just make best you can with the “transliteration” 😆 The only bummer is you can only play 1 chapter per day but since it’s only 7 chapters you could pretty much finish the game in 3 weeks. I think you can cheat and change your clock on your phone to read a chapter but I never tried it since I was always busy with other games anyway.

You can download this app for free from the android market.


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  1. I liked Santa the best! I downloaded the comic too and his was so cute! I really didn’t like Yusuke at all! But I also really liked Shou

  2. Hi. I just wanted to ask if someone knew on how to change the name of the heroine? Mine was used by my friend and inserted her name.. I reinstall it but it remain the same..what should i do? Thanks!

  3. Its not like I didn’t know it was going yo be shoujo lol. It was just overboard. Highly cheesy lol. Get what I mean?

  4. Oh and one more detail! Some people don’t know Japanese or desire to know it unlike some, dare I say, weeaboos on the internet who are flooding it with Japanese. Don’t take that to offense I’m just stating what I’ve seen growing over the internet.
    Also the game itself was indeed far too Shoujo styled. It was cliche and Yusuke and Story were way to femenine for me.
    I know I’m going way too far into this but it irks me. Especially how I see that anime is now surrounded with boys who look like girls. That’s why I got out of it. :/

  5. Honestly, it was an alright game. Nothing I’m too crazy about since I stopped liking anime a while ago. Honestly, my opinion of the characters was that Yusuke wad the nerdy one. Class president who’s smart and wears glasses? Honestly? And my opinion of Story was the same. Annoying emo kid who keeps on and on with the fake Shakespeare love crap. Although I liked Santa. Yeah his name wasstupid but he looked the most masculine, had a cute persona, and was just all-around the most desirable. I dunno just my kind of Guy.

  6. I actually uninstalled it xD
    I was just in the scene where the black-haired guy(god knows what his name is, I forgot it) meets heroine for the first time while she is on a date with Santa Claus xD Anyways, I find it quite annoying and a bit too shoujo that there is nothing unique at it at all.

  7. His name is Santa? Wow, how the heck does the guy not get mocked? The cruel jokes practically write themselves. What cruel or naive parents he must have.

    Otherwise, the CGs, especially the coloring, look very unfinished for me even though I get the art style they were going for.

  8. lol you pretty much summarized my feelings on the subject. I think the ones complaining about the English are dumb though cause lol if you don’t like it, do what I did, and read it in Japanese! 😆

  9. I think that Motemote could possibly be one of those, “What non-otome gamers think otome gamers like” memes. Although, if some of the reviews from the marketplace are any indication, English-speaking otome gamers are so desperate that we’ll just eat it up anyway >_>

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