Mobage Review: Yomei Sankagetsu no Cinderella

Our heroine who I shall call Cinderella, has some sudden dreadful disease that leaves her with only has 3 months left to live.  She can cure it with surgery but it’s only a 5% success rate. Cinderella has a boyfriend but due to her impending doom she typically breaks it up with him in every route feeling that she’d only be a burden.

Houshou Yuuto – Yuuto is the rockstar in a band named Garden, who’s got some throat cancer. If he gets surgery he won’t die but he’ll neverbe able to sing again. He’d rather be dead than give up singing though so he’s been avoiding the surgery at all costs. Cinderella convinces him not to die  and says she’ll get surgery if he’ll get surgery too.  Since hes a rockstar jealous hoes keep sending her boxes of dead animals to her hospital room since Yuuto paid money for her to have a really fancy one etc. In the after story they get into a fight cause hes too busy with his music career to give a crap about her. To add on to the drama his band breaks up so she comes and tells him shes there for him etc. They live happily ever after after they both get surgery and recover.

Satou Kakeru – Kakeru is the younger dude who’s got the same disease as Cinderella. He wants to play basketball but his body’s too weak to. They both get hopeless and feel like trying to suicide by jumping off the hospital roof. Fortunately Shikado sensei comes and drags them back telling them to try their best and not give up hope. They both get surgery and survive and live happily ever after. Kakeru also returns to playing basketball.  Actually I think Kakeru might be the only one who gets a decent kiss CG out of the entire cast.

Shikado Kazuaki – Shkado sensei is the doctor who takes care of the Cinderella and is in charge of her surgery. He seems all cold on the exterior but he’s really caring for the her. She realizes that he’s really a nice guy and people just misunderstand him. She then agrees to have surgery but it fails. After seeing that loli next to her die (she had the same disease), Cinderella gets hopeless begging Shikado to save her. He says maybe his brother in America can do a better job but she puts trust into him to do the surgery a 2nd time, and before the surgery they both confess their love. In the end the surgery goes successful and they go from patient & doctor to lovers. The final scene is Shikado getting ice cream all over his nose in the park.

Mikami Satoshi – Satoshi is the flower shop dude, and makes Cinderella feel better with his floral arrangements. Cinderella starts working part time as his bookkeeper. Suddenly drama kicks in when the younger sister of his former fiance comes bitching at Cinderellabecause apparently her sister died before they were to get married…so now she thinks Satoshi has an obsession with dying chicks lol. Turns out that she’s the one who’s had a crush on him in the first place but since he only thought of her as a little sister, she pushed her older sister to date and eventually marry him. But yea then she died so all her plans failed and now she’s pissed that Satoshi’s got the hots for another sick chick. In the meantime Yuuto goes & confesses his love to Cinderella but she refuses saying she loves Satoshi. In the end the 2 of them visit his former fiance’s grave, where the younger sister bitches at them for being rude to her deceased sister. They ignore her and then the heroine decides to take this strong medicine that makes her suffer but eventually she makes it through and recovers form her disease. Afterwards she and Satoshi move into some barn in the middle of a flower field & live happily ever after.

Tatsui Kyoichi  – Kyoichi is the boyfriend. I kinda feel bad for him as he’s dumped by Cinderella in every route so she can get with one of the other hunks in the game. Sometimes it’s because he has to relocate to another country for his job but in other routes it was just “I’m sick of you bye” lol. He doesn’t want to break up this time and they even move in together, despite her disease but when he gets busy with work her senpai at work says that she’s just a burden to his job. Kyoichi has to do a lot of midnight calls with America and so he sometimes barely gets any sleep.  Cinderella feels guilty about this and decides to kill herself by getting hit by car. Kyoichi will not have this and he actually saves her and she bawws at his place. He tells her that he has to temporarily go to China for business and in the meantime Cinderella decides to get surgery. After her surgery he returns telling her that he no longer has to relocate because they need his efforts in Japan. She almost dies but sees the spirit of that sick loli who tells her that it’s “not her time” yet. And so Cinderella recovers and she and Kyoichi get married and live happily ever after.

Unlike most mobage with no concrete story this was actually one of the few gems. The fact that it had a free daily gacha allowed me to collect enough story tickets and affection items that I was easily able to get good endings for all characters (particularly Kyoichi who I left for last and started with like 50 affection :lol:).  The story was pretty good, although depressing at times with the whole feeling of dying looming all around you. However all the endings were happy and sweet so it’s definitely a game I recommend checking out, especially since it’s free. You can play it from here once you’ve logged in to your Mobage account.

A bit offtopic – are you guys still interested in these mobage reviews? I don’t seem to get as high of a response to them so I figured maybe the interest is low. I’m only playing 2 other mobage at the moment which I will probably post reviews for but I’m not sure if this is something I should continue doing or not. ┐(;・_・)┌


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  1. its no problem xD When I said “low response” I meant also in views x3 I get almost double the views on my regular otome game posts lol

  2. Please continue reviewing these games. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to play them atm and I enjoy reading your posts…though I rarely comment /o\ sorry (¯―¯٥) and thank you for posting them!

  3. I really like this review too, and I am a little bit surprised it is free, since this game is really interesting :

  4. well mobage can be accessed by android or iphone, it’s not restricted and I think most android otome apps I’ve reviewed do actually have app store equivalents

  5. Well i like this review too! But i don’t really play much attention on some games, because they’re just for the mobile phone. /iphone user OTL
    Beside that, i pretty enjoy every review, so thank you! 😀

  6. oh thanks for the input xD
    I didn’t know if any other people played mobage besides a few of my friends so good to hear it came in handy!

  7. I like these reviews!

    This game seems pretty interesting, despite the depressing premise it starts off with. I think I’m going to give it a try 🙂

    Thanks for reviewing it, I wouldn’t have thought of playing it otherwise >.<'''

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