The end of the line for Poupee Girl

I think I am at the end of the line with Poupee Girl. I’ve tried to do a daily dress up for many months but it seems like I’m back to completely forgetting about it and now I missed yet another month of perfect attendance. My dressups have been the same day to day for weeks and lately all the event items are ugly as sin. Seriously 50s items? That look like someone vomited on them in different colors? In July would be my 4th year on Poupee but I don’t think I can make it until then. Most new event items are disappointing, stuff just looks like the same with recolors. Anything that’s new or innovative is always in the jewel section and that stuff isn’t cheap. Back when jewels first came out they were cheaper than ribbons because you had to pay real money. Now jewel items will cost $2-3 a pop just for a hat or a dress or  something as dumb as “flooring”. I wanted to keep updating this blog with events but everything just feels a lame repeat of the stuff I’ve seen the last 4 years.

I know the site needs to make money and I’m ok with this but the disparity between ribbon & jewel items has reached ridiculous levels lately. The graduation event was appalling with 1 page of crappy robes for the ribbons but pretty kimonos in the jewel section. ( ´_ゝ`) Doesn’t help that the yen is so horrible right now buying jewels isn’t exactly cheap (and btw none of those stupid surveys have EVER worked for me.)

I don’t wanna just delete this account. It has way too much stuff on it. I think I’m going to go on a temporary hiatus and maybe keep my eyes out on any events. If it continues to suck then perhaps I will do what a lot of other girls have been doing – selling all my items for less than 10 ribbons and then giving all my ribbons away to someone. I know for sure I won’t be logging in & dressing up daily anymore as it completely slips my mind as far as any kind of priority.

I guess I’m just a poupee baba at this point and this kind of thing isn’t really for me anymore ┐(;Ծ⌓Ծ;)┌.


7 thoughts on “The end of the line for Poupee Girl”

  1. When you buy jewelsowns clothes do you get to keep them? Cuz this game called Maplestory pulls some major shit when they make you pay for Nexon Cash and remove the items you’ve bought from your inventory within a short period of time.

  2. lol yea I still follow the community on livejournal to remind me of events but yea stuff is so lame lately…everything just looks like “use paint bucket to put fugly ass pattern on dress template”

  3. I totally know how you feel. I’ve pretty much quit/forgot about poupee girl as well (a long time ago!) seeing as how I never log in anymore and never post anymore mostly because I just….forgot to. The game is pretty easy to forget about in my opinion, and with all the new items that are less than lovely to look at, I’m kind of glad I forgot about it lol if something pretty comes back up again I think I’ll consider going on for a lil just to amuse myself, but for now I think I’m done with poupee as well!

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