Mobage Review: Oresama! ~Ore dake wo Mitero~

Uh well it should be pretty obvious what kind of game this will be:

I got trapped in by this CG but this is pretty much the only CG you’re going to get in the game before you probably end up quitting like I did.

Ok so I admit I thought it was interesting. While the guys are major oresama douchebags, at least Takuya was, the heroine is pretty badass. She doesn’t just blush and say “take me~!” but she actually tries to protest. Unfortunately that only turns this weirdo on even further and he does get a bit dere here and there. 😆

Here’s why I quit though: the system is shit. I realize mobage need to make money so they have items etc but at least let us read 1 god damn chapter per day. At first it was okay, I didn’t mind only being able to read 1 chapter per day. However it seems as you go in further, in order to pick a “choice” a “Kyun” currency is required. In order to obtain this, you have to do these tasks that take 2-6 hours to complete so really the most you can probably do is maybe 2-3 tasks per day. In the beginning the choices only required like 300-700 Kyuns but I suddenly reached a dead end where now it requires 7000 – 10000. Whoaa are you kidding? I only have 4000! It means I either have to fork over cash to proceed my ‘daily 1 chapter’ or wait like a week of collecting Kyuns so that I can finally pick a choice and move on.

…uh how about no? And this is only after maybe 4 chapters in. What a joke. Seeing how there’s other mobage with less shitty systems I’ve decided to move on. ( ´_ゝ`) If you still want to try it out though, point your phone here after logging into your mobage account.


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  1. yea cause nothing happens and then suddenly “oh you cant see more story LAWL” like what the crap honestly. there’s so many better mobage alternatives that aren’t so KUSO that it’s not worth it lol

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