Otome Game Review: Riddle Garden

So the artist who brought us big boobed loli Asche from under the moon is back with a vengeance in her new piece, Riddle Garden. This one doesn’t have such huge gozangas but she still has that loli face and it doesn’t help that she’s so tiny in comparison to all the mans. 😆 So anyway it’s a story about Colette who lives in this  prison castle and she has no idea how she got there or why she lives there. All she knows is she cannot live if she leaves it until one day a bunch of eligible bachelors come and she must pick one to marry and leave the castle. Oh noes whatever will she do (how old is she to be married to begin with!? 😆 ) This game has the heroine voiced like in UTM as well, and in fact Asche’s seiyuu is even in this game voicing Colette’s maid xD. Spoilers ahead as usual.

Bradley Armand – Bradley is pretty mysterious. He’s a very polite gentleman but sometimes something seems suspicious about him. He also has a tendency to get lot and Colette has to show him his room at least 3-4 times in the game lol. Eventually Colette falls for him and he also falls for her. Swayed by his feelings of passion, he admits to Colette that he’s not Bradley Armand, and in fact he was the real Bradley’s butler. His name is Yuri Kazuki Roshinof, so his mother is Japanese and father is probably Russian 😆 He prefers everyone to call him Kazuki so Colette starts to do so. Anyway he also admits the reason he came to this castle is to find the person who killed his master and take revenge on them (by murder.) Kazuki finds out that it was Orlando, who killed Bradley because Bradley was trying to start a revolution. Kazuki pulls out his gun and shoots Orlando in the arm. Colette screams and begs Kazuki to stop because she doesn’t want him to be a murdered. If that happened, then she would be able to live happily with him ever after!

So yeah he lets Orlando escape but he ends up staying at the house because they find out that in Bradley’s will, he left everything to Kazuki – which he considered like his own brother. So yea nobody takes Collete “out of the house” and instead she brings her “husband in* (mukoudono~ XD). At the end they visit Japan so Colette can see the cherry blossoms and wear a kimono – while Kazuki cuts his hair to look extremely hot (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ In the 2nd good end, it’s basically the same story but other people like Erick find out that Kazuki isn’t Bradley and they want Kazuki to leave immediately. Orlando offers to help them escape but it’s not necessary because the next day Erick informs Kazuki that he’s inherited the estate. Once again they end up staying at the house and Colette mentions that she wants to grow cherry blossoms in the garden. Why did I play Bradley’s route first? Sugita Tomokazu. That’s right, this is an eroge voice role for him! キタ━━☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆━━━!! While I think he did a great job overall, I don’t think he was a fit role for the character. I think he would have been a better kichiku megane character or something lol. Sometimes it was just difficult to see Kazuki’s young adorable face but then hear this deep sexy voice (〃ノωノ)

Azel Lipson – Azel is like the token shota character even though the website lists him as 18.  He seems to fool around a lot and often picks on Colette. He has stuffed teddy bears all over his room and has a fear of rabbits so he isn’t very fond of Colette’s pet bunny. Needless to say eventually Colette falls for him but he doesn’t seem to be reciprocating her feelings. One day while she is out in the garden with Claire, someone throws a knife at them. Turns out its Orlando, the uninvited guest apparently (go figure) and turns out that Claire and Azel are actually there as Colette’s bodyguards…well specifically Azel since Claire has been living there for 5 years. Azel explains he was only sent to protect her from the uninvited guest and now that his mission is over, he must leave. Colette is crushed because she feels like her feelings for Azel have all been fake. When they are in the snow dome glass room thingy, he admits that he fell in love with her too even though he didn’t mean to. Well one thing leads to another and they end up doing it.

Colette questions the scar on his chest shaped like a teddy bear. He says that it’s from his organization where he was a hitman and his nickname was Polar Bear. He was in that organization since he was young and he’s killed a lot of people in the past. He had a sister and they got separated. Turns out his sister is Claire, who which he referred to as his younger sister and since Claire is 22, it’s most likely Azel is probably 23~26 years old. (He also at some point said he was 10 years older than Colette…does that make her 16?? 😯 ) Before he finally leaves they have one week together which they spend mostly making out and doing it.  On his last day he gives Colette his snow globe which has a little girl and a teddy bear in a garden in it. He leaves and then one night appears telling her to wait for him, as he kisses her through the glass window. Some time later he comes back to her and he’s had the bear scar burned off his chest. He told his organization guy that he wanted them to think of him as “dead” and the scar was the only proof of it. So they do it and he TAKES her away 😆 to another country where they live in a cottage together happily ever after.

In the 2nd ending, one day Erick mysteriously falls down a flight of stairs. Everyone thinks its not an accident but a murder and since at the time Azel was with him, Colette begins to think Azel is the one who did it. When Colette tells him her feelings he acts cold to her and tells her he’s not a husband candidate and he pretty much avoids her afterwords. When she loses her pet bunny, he helps her find it despite having a fear of rabbits.  Afterwords he passes out and when he wakes up he tells her he really does like her even though he’s not a suitable husband for her and they do it anyway 😆 The whole Erick accident continues to loom and she tears up his teddy bear and finds his mother’s music box inside.  He tells her that it was a handme down and she feels guilty for not trusting him and runs away crying.  Later at a party she comes to his room finds him depressed and brings him back the teddy bear. He’s happy that she has returned to him, they do it again, and then he promises to tell her everything he can. One day when they are talking knives fly at them and as usual Orlando’s the bad guy hired by Mr. X to kill Colette or something? Anyway they all go to the library and Azel whips out his gun and they fight until Erick gets there and explains that th guy who hired Orlando has been arrested, show’s over. After this Azel takes Colette to the queen’s castle and asks to be promoted to court rank so he would be suitable to marry her. The queen is against it at first but then when she hears Colette’s love for Azel she approves and they live happily ever after! I think Azel’s routes were cute but overall, he’s older than Colette and when he does that whole shota act I’m just like yuck. I like him better when he’s all serious and smexy.

Keith Lambert – Keith is the “childhood friend”. The moment that he meets Colette he claims that they are destined since childhood and even shows a photo of the two of them when they were young. Colette has no idea what he is talking about as she has no recollection of such events.  They fall in love and all that jazz but then Keith notices a clover mark on her back. He kinda avoids her for a bit but she has no idea what he sees. One day she takes a hot shower and she is able to see the clover mark. Because she heard clovers are a bad luck charm she tries to scratch it off but only makes her back bleed. Keith says that he loves her despite her mark and that he sees it as 4 hearts rather than a 4 leaf clover. He then demands that Erick tell her the truth about herself and why she lives in this castle. Erick refuses but eventually gives in  and explains that Colette was a twin born to the royal family. However because there can only be 1 heir to the throne, the other twin has to die. Colette’s mother, the queen didn’t want to kill her though, so she sent her off secretly to live in this castle with Erick. Once the queen took over she made a law where you  couldn’t kill a twin if they were born to royalty. This is why Colette grew up knowing nothing about herself.

Keith told her he would be her “family” and then they do it in the garden (how sanitary 🙄 ) So anyway they go to the castle and she meets her mom as well as her bitchy twin sister Lydia – who is now destined to be the actual queen.  Lydia bitches at how Colette should have died and her mom yells at her saying she did not raise such a daughter. Queen tells  Colette that she can make one request and Colette requests that the symbol of the clover be changed to good luck instead of bad luck. They hug then  and after some time Colette and Keith get married. In the 2nd route since she rejects Keith so much he gets upset and thinks that she doesn’t love him even after they are officially together. He almost rapes her but he’s so hurt he stops and then tells her to go find another husband candidate. Colette is hurt because she was thinking he only wanted the “girl from his childhood” which may or may not have been her. She meets him in the fountain (yes in the fountain) one night and they admit their feelings.  Then after they do it the stupid clover drama pops up again but aside from Keith going he doesn’t mind it  nothing really spans from it.  They decide to leave the castle and get married and at the end they are in a carriage on their way to visit Claire who just had a baby..while they discuss their own baby making plans.  I think overall Keith was okay when he was like trying to uncover the truth for Colette, but at the beginning the whole prince charming persona made me want to gag 😆

Phil Martin – Phil is…the rapist dun dun dun! Well go figure he’s got that whole emo personality going so this doesn’t really come as a surprise to me to be honest 🙄  The moment he meets her he tries to screw her but she is saved by Erick.  He acts like he’s going on “dates” with her and “playing with her bunny” but eventually he just says forget it and goes and rapes her. He tells her he doesn’t want to do this but he “has to” for some reason. The thing, she’s screaming “no no stop” but then we read her “thoughts” and she’s like “yea maybe I’ll just let him do this, I won’t pick anybody else anyway.” SO MUCH FOR INVOLUNTARY!  He tells her that she will leave this castle and marry him and have his babies and she begs him for some more time, so he gives her a week. OH HOW THOUGHTFUL OF YOU PHIL! 🙄  He spends the week stalking her anyway and then she finds out that he spent a period of time “locked” up so he is surprised that she doesn’t want to “leave” her “cage”.  Since he was being nice to her she thought she’d do something nice for him so she asked Erick to order him a new shawl.

What does he do to thank her? Slaps her and rages at her and how she wastes money like all the other rich royalty out there.  Colette finally snaps and rages back at him saying all she wanted to do was love him and that she’s not just an empty doll. Erick also gets pissed off and punches Phil in the face. YES THANK YOU ERICK I LOVE YOU (`・ω・´)キリッ Erick then tells him how Colette had to be hidden from the outside world or else she would be killed. The deal with him is that his dad was royalty but he threw away his rank and married a plain poor woman and had Phil. At the age of 7 Phil’s parents died when their horse carriage fell off a bridge and until he was 13 Phil lived in an orphanage. Then the Martin family came to take him away from the orphanage by force, and be forced to learn the rules of being royalty. Anyway the only way for him to save the orphanage was to prove himself to his stupid family and to marry some rich ojousama and have her babies – aka this is why he raped Colette.  So just as Colette finds out his sob story, she gets incredibly sick and passes out. Phil nurses her back to health and then they actually have romantic sex for once 🙄 They leave the castle at the end and he promises he will take care of her and somehow figure out a way to save the orphanage.

In his 2nd route guess what, no rape! At first it was kinda boring because literally nothing was happening. He’d just be his coo-dere self and blush once in a while. But when they get stuck in that barn by the lake because of a rain storm, he spills his heart out to Colette. Tells her about the whole orphanage and having to have a baby. He then gets a fever because turns out he was standing under her balcony for X days making sure no bed intruder came in. She was so happy she smiled for him and when he woke up from his fever he was happy to see her smile. So then he gives her a carved wooden bunny he made for her during his guarding times and she’s really happy she wants to thank him. He tells her he just wants her, not for baby making but because he loves her (hooray no rape!) So then they do it, and she leaves the castle and meets his step parents who were never able to have a baby of their own, which is why they wanted Phil to make a heir for them. So then the baby making commences and few months later baby end! 😆 Well I definitely preferred this route to the other one, sure it had boring parts to it, but in the end it was still cuter than a bunch of fking rape 🙄

Orlando Wray – Orlando is an おっさん。 He’s only 30 but he acts like some 45 year old fart. He pretends to play daddy with Colette which really DOESN’T HELP THE OVERALL IMAGE 😯 Eventually after he kisses her once she complains about his face pubes so he finally shaves them off which at least shaves off some years from his image. Eventually he falls for her but then it all falls apart when he finds out about the clover mark on her back (not this sheet again 🙄 ) He tells her the truth and says he doesn’t want to kill her because he loves her. He suggests that most likely her twin sister has ordered him to kill her and he says they should go talk to her in person at the castle. Orlando uses his army rank to get inside and there he tells Lydia that Colette is just a random girl who “happens” to look similar to her but she’s not her sister at all. Colette realizes this isn’t true but Lydia seems to buy this story and tells Colette to be happy, and repeals any orders to kill her. They decide to get married and so they leave the castle and come back to it a few years later and have a picnic in the garden. There Colette tells Orlando that she’s preggo with his baby.

In the 2nd route it was really stupid. First there was this stupid story about them healing some injured bird’s wing. Then like he randomly starts to fall for her and they do it, to which then after he tells her about this sad story about how he left his brother to die in the cold a long time ago. Then we have this deja vu scenario with Bradley accusing Orlando of killing his master (the real Bradley) and then he goes to stab Orlando. Orlando babbles how he loves to kill people and all this other bs. Then Colette gets in the way of Orlando and so Bradley stabs her instead. She’s like dying and bleeding and Orlando’s yelling Bradley to save her and call someone, but Bradley’s all like “Why should I save your precious person when you killed mine HUH?” Way to ruin Bradley for me! Щ(・`ω´・Щ) So then I guess Bradley changed his mind and called Erick & Azel over and she had surgery and somehow survived. At the end they profess their love to each other and then are portrayed like the big bad wolf and the little red riding hood…further adding to the fact that it looks like some pedobear route. Seriously in the eroscenes he was SO MUCH LARGER than her I thought I was going to puke llllll(-ω-;)llllllガーン… This is why I can’t stand ossan characters…. ==;

Erick Anderson – I don’t care that the site lists him as Elick cause ELICK IS NOT A NAME 😆 Erick is voiced by Takahashi Hiroki so he sounds like a very sexy butler that he is. I sat through Orlando’s pedo route just so I could savor Erick for last (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ You had to first play this crappy bad end route where the entire house is set on fire, everyone dies and Colette escapes but is then shot to death by Orlando. It’s like wtf man! So anyway Erick’s been with Colette ever since she was a loli (not that she doesn’t look like one now.) The story with him is that there was this rare treasure called the rainbow clover. Erick found it and gave it to his father who then sold it for a lot of money. They then found out that this was a fake, and not a real one so now that put his family in debt. His father wanted to kill him but he was pardoned by the queen’s daughter – Colette (I would think it would be Lydia though hmm)? and was sent to the castle to basically raise Colette until she was ready to leave the castle. So that’s the story with Erick, and the entire thing with him and Colette begins 3 months prior to all the other “bachelors” coming.  Basically the whole time Colette is trying to put the moves on him, kissing him, getting jealous of him kissing Claire (that tramp!) However being the proper gentleman that he is everything out of Erick’s mouth is “no ojousama we mustn’t!” 😆

When he found out that his father died, basically he was cleared of debt (because his mother died 3 years prior) so now he was debating on his “need” to stay at the castle. After all, he took this job just because of the money right? They get stuck in a snow storm in that water barn thing which obviously helps move the plot along if you know what I mean ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \Needless to say Erick can take only so much cockteasing so he gives in and makes out with her and eventually they have sex. So now they’re lovers and Erick tells her that his feelings towards her changed as he watched her grow up (princess maker anyone?) Erick’s route had a good thing and bad thing about the ero scenes. The good thing is, bath  scene. I’m sitting here on my last route of the game going “why hasn’t there been a single ero scene in the bathroom? its like a requirement!” So yea that answered my question. The bad thing is, in the 3rd ero scene Colette pees everywhere. WHY IS SHE PEEING EVERYWHERE. THIS IS AN OTOME GAME ( ಠ益ಠ ) Anyway very much do not want. Also I found it funny how in all the other guys ero scenes usually their p0n0ses were covered up but we got to see it all with Erick. Additionally Erick looked much better in his CGs than like any other guy in the game, so you can pretty much realize from here that not only is he the “main guy”, he’s the only guy the artist actually gave a crap about 😆

So then the bachelor mans come and Colette has no intention of marrying any of them. Claire I guess feels bad for being a dirty whore so she decides to help them escape with Azel’s help. They prepare 2 dead bodies and create a fake explosion acting as if Colette and Erick both died. In the meantime, they escape through a hidden exit in the castle and float away somewhere on a nice boat. In the 2nd good end it’s basically the same thing (even repeated ero scenes here), they decide to give up their relationship for the sake of Colette’s future. It’s all sad, Colette doesn’t pick any of the guys and they all leave the castle. Eventually she is taken back to the kingdom by her mother who tries to set her up with some princes but that doesn’t work out because Erick is the only one in Colette’s heart. Some time passes by and Colette goes back to the old castle on her own. Everyone has left already and it’s just an abandoned building. However she notices that her room is strangely clean and clear of dust. She thinks Erick might be there and she runs into his office and sees him there. He says he just couldn’t leave all the memories of him and Colette so he stayed behind.  Colette leaps into his arms and he asks that they leave this place together and get married. The final CG is of them I guess 10 years earlier when Colette was still a loli and he first became her butler. I D’AWWWED 。+。゚シ.:。゚ク::。+゚(つω・`)゚+。::シ゚。:.ク゚。+。 I was also extremely sad because this as the last route of the game.


It’s nice how this game allows you to silence any voice – which includes the heroine. It sounded like a mouse during the ero scenes so I would click fast through them because constantly going into config to turn the voice on & off was annoying. The mouse cursor in this game is horrible. It’s not calibrated correctly so you have to move it a few pixels ABOVE where you’re actually trying to click which is just poor programming in my opinion. Colette’s voice was pretty terrible but I think I’m just jaded to that stupid squeek thanks to Asche from Under the Moon. It’s really annoying how even in non-ero scenes faces for Azel or Keith looked so awful I thought I was playing a different character. In some Cgs Colette would look ok but in some Orlando CGs it just looked like loli porn. So disgusting, this is an otome game for girls right? Do they think girls want to imagine themselves being a loli fucked by an old man?? Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ The music was fairly nice though, and the backgrounds were very amazing (unlike the CGs lol.) I guess overall it was a decent game but the rape with Phil and the general ossan aura with Orlando (and the fucking pissing in Erick’s ero scene) definitely put a damper on things (no pun intended 🙄 ). A lot of CGs did make me D’AWWWW so I’d at least recommend Erick, Azel and Bradley’s routes in the game.


14 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Riddle Garden

  1. It was certainly the most fun I had in quite a while, staying up till 4am to watch the broadcast and then putting on my speakers at maximum so RIDORU GARUDEN would wake me up at 5am for more watching LOL!! Having crazy company like you guys make otome gaming much more fun than clicking through tons of moonspeak text I can’t understand XD;; Well, I thought the game was really quite sweet, even with all the LOL WTF moments (I.. would seriously like Orlando if he wasn’t a freakin’ ossan and like thrice her size ._. He was the most fun IMHO XD) I do hope I get to watch future broadcasts XD

  2. I declare this game “Super long talks with ero scenes in between and something that’s not really a plot, just silly drama” the game.

    Otherwise, yeah I have to say my favorite guys while I was watching the stream was Erik and Bradley (MANLY VOICES <333). I honestly don't mind Orlando cause I like older brother figures (Still, he would be so much better without the chin beard. You think the artist wouldn't waste time with that since the character art and certain CGs look rushed *FISTSHAKE*) Azel and Phil creep me out, and Keith is just bleh.

    This game was pretty fun to watch and poke fun at, but I have to commend it for having absolutely ADORABLE scenes like simple kissing and hugging, I mean gosh, that was done right at least ;A;

    Yeah, Colette voice was too shrill for my taste hnngh.

  3. LAWL I THINK ORLANDO ONLY LOOKS LIKE A PEDO CAUSE COLETTE IS A LOLI CHICK. Now that I look at all the CGs I think the only one who DOESN’T look like they’re into lolis is Azel who is actually way older than her lawl.

  4. Well, at least I’m glad to hear Elick’s route ended on a satisfying note. After all the self-cockblocking and stupid drama I thought whatever came after that it just wouldn’t be worth it, but I guess the ending doesn’t sound too bad after all (and that final CG looks freaking adorable). Pissing sounds plain terrible though. 😦

  5. jp> うるせぇ!εε=====≡゙ヽ(#`Д´)っ┌┛))ウラァァァ

    Taiyaki> Oh you didn’t finish his 2nd route? Yea it was mostly scroll o rama so it actually didn’t take that long so I didn’t mind. The loli cg was so adorable I’m glad I went through it xD

    Cloudy> Well at least she doesn’t have basketball boobs like the girl from Under the Moon 😆 Yea her Cgs with Azel are the only ones that look proper, especially in the ero scenes lol

    Mai> LOL I HAD FUN TOO, god it gets so draggy when I’m just sitting there watching some boring text or terrible ero scene on my own xDD You guys made it a lot of fun xD! I hope to catch you for the next one 😉

    Cheryl> Haha that must be creepy to wake up hearing RIDORU GAADEN instead of some radio music like I always do xD;; But I guess that’s kind of an “interesting” alarm too xD Yea orlando looks liked a pedobear raping a loli in some of his ero scenes llllll(-ω-;)llllllガーン… 

  6. You could turn the voices off? I didn’t knew that! I hated her voice so much I just skipped whenever she talked. Man, why didn’t I look at the options? Ugh, that was so stupid of me I should hit myself for it.

    I was actually really enjoying this game, up until I got to my last two guys, Phil and Orlando. I hated Phil so much I didn’t play the game for an entire week. And then I did Orlando. I don’t know if you went and got all of the endings, but I did, and Orlando had some really crappy ones. There’s even one when there’s 3P with Orlando and Erick, why what a perfect combination! In the end I just went like “screw anything made by anyone that worked in Sugar beans”. This game also has the writer from the sugar beans games too. Guess that explains the rape character, it totally recommended me of Cifar or whatever his name was.

    The only thing I truly enjoyed, was when Keith stopped himself from raping Collete. When has that ever happened in other otome games? If it has I don’t remember it, so it was really refreshing to see something like that. The next game you’re playing isn’t too bad, though I don’t remember it very well. If anything it might be boring, but at least it didn’t fill me with rage.

  7. haha yea you could turn of and on everyone’s voice in the game, even the guys lol. I heard from Taiyaki about the 3P end so I decided to skip that one. The last thing I needed is some ossan ruining my time with Erick ( ಠ益ಠ )

    I think Tiramisu villa’s games are all pretty tame so I don’t expect a rapist. At least this one doesn’t have a single bad end so there better not be one lol

  8. Yay review. ❤

    I really enjoyed this one, kept me laughing quite a few times lol. My fave character this time was ELICK! When I was watching the opening vid, I was like, "Wow what an interesting name!" Until I realized Elick was Engrish for Erick. I was bummed, but at the same time laughing like wtf lol.

    I liked Orlando's looks (cute red hair!), but your description of him made me shut down that business… did not wanna go there.

    Loved the review! Hopefully I might tune into one of your broadcasts. Keep them coming! 😀

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