Android Otome App Review: Chokkai Danshi ~Tsundere Danshi wo Kanbyou~

Your classmate/friend you always argue with, Shinji, gets sick.

Now you have to poke him and stare at him and give him fresh towels to make him get well soon.

Unlike cream shota, I was actually able to get the true ending while on the way home. A lot of the commands are there to throw you off but if you just use logic and common sense you can figure it out pretty easily. For example giving him water = good, poke his book = not so good lol. There are even some commands that will DECREASE the affection meter so be careful. Just like the other apps I reviewed, he is voiced but it’s…kinda 微妙?ಠ_ಠ Something is weird about it I guess lol. However once you get the true ending ↓

He gets pretty randy in bed with you 😆 So I guess it was worth it and it’s actually cheaper than the other apps at only $1.30. Also this guy’s not really that much of a tsundere – at least not as much as I’d hoped for him to be. I’m still trying to figure out the stupid koakuma bastard, almost ready to fork over $1.30 just to get it but I guess once you get the good end there’s not much left to the game….so I’ll keep trying with my own efforts every once in a while when I’m bored.