Otome Game Review: Gekka Ryouran Romance

Our heroine Nazuna is the top student at her school because the person who used to be on top got played by some manwhore and became a hikki. Her parents are busy with their work and decide to go overseas leaving Nazuna alone at home. They don’t want her to be all by herself so they send her off to the same school that her older brother Wabisuke attends. She moves into the dormitory there and while looking for her stuff, runs into a The Manwhore Club (+1 lesbian) who demand that she give them money for hitting on her. ( ´_ゝ`) Nazuna’s like “wtf no” but Wabisuke tells her that these guys will screw you over if you don’t do as they say because they’re drowning in money. Nazuna not sure what to do consults the dorm teacher Reito-sensei, but sadly for her, he’s also part of the manwhore club. The only way to clear her debt is to make Wabisuke become a member of the club and for Nazuna to date all the members until they get bored of her. However if she ends up falling in love with one of them, she will have to pay the debt and Wabisuke will be part of the manwhore club forever!! Will Nazuna be able to overcome being a prisoner of love?

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Tartaros November Macros & System Updates

Wanted to upload these before they change next week. There’s been a couple system updates in case you haven’t been around:

  • 最上級 items no longer drop anywhere on any map. They must be crafted. Only 上級 items drop now, same goes for challenges.
  • Crafting has been remade and now there’s less specific materials required, and most crafting items require challenge boss drop items (核心)
  • The challenges that involve you making a book (Tesbell, 飛龍 and レギン) now drop both weapons & armor that aren’t upgradeable/tradeable but give really high defense/attack etc. The respectable levels are 27, 48 and 57.
  • There’s an inventory dedicated to quest items only now.
  • Stuff doesn’t stack properly, plz fix it MK.
  • Stones like ベネフィス and ミリティス that you make tioses out of no longer drop from the boss. They can only be obtained by breaking down weapons & armor and getting a box which will gives you either one of those stones or stones like dodge/antiknockback/hp etc.
  • Challenge levels have been adjusted slightly (need to be 34 to do tesbell etc.)
  • Caliber experience tables have been updated and you no longer have to spam N maps. Expert gives decent exp but I haven’t leveled up my Aerlot high enough to test this hypothesis although according to 2ch, Beavers & Dragons on Ex give the best experience there.

I think that’s about it. Nothing much has been going on, and there haven’t been any drop events so I haven’t been to motivated to play. I do want to get my Ruko up to 70 soon though as she is close to 69 already.

Poupee Hello Kitty Event

I normally don’t spend money on Poupee but I couldn’t resist I love Hello Kitty ;_;. It’s a dick move by Kath though, as this event is jewels only AND despite this everyone gets a background changed. It’s rather unfair to those who cannot buy jewels have this bare empty background. It should have been a background change ONLY if you buy the jewel items in my opinion. I ended up spending like $8 on it but Iregretnothing.jpg 😆

Otome Game Review: Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru -Happy Gift-

So I was looking forward to the DareUra fandisk for a while and I even followed Amedeo’s progress on the game via their blogs and twitters. I may have mistakenly overhyped the game for myself because sadly it did not live up to my expectations. I tried to ignore all the bad reviews for it until I tried for myself but sadly they were right. Anyway more on that in my final thoughts. The story this time starts with a prologue to remind you of  the cast from the first game (in case you forgot) and instead they add this flaming okama broadcaster who wants to make either Nanako the “princess”. He then  wastes about 4 hours of your life interviewing all the eligible mans and making homo jokes while I almost fell asleep on my couch. Finally you pick either student or teacher route and depending on the choices you can end up with your man of choice. In this disk they added Oda, who was a fat otaku, is now a skinny bishounen otaku (after much plastic surgery) and a yandere chef. Sadly that also means they kicked out the 2 DECENT characters from the first game: Haru & Lee 😐 Sigh what a shame.

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