Poupee Girl Halloween 2011

This year it’s rather interesting because the background is interactive.

You can click various objects and they will do various things 😀 I spent a lot this time since I liked the Halloween items and I really loved the maid outfit. Additionally if you don’t wear the Halloween bracelet the background looks like a creepy room:

Very nice this year, Kath gets brownie points from me.

Halloween 2010
Halloween 2009

4 thoughts on “Poupee Girl Halloween 2011

  1. Finally, an interesting poupee event with decent backgrounds. That maid outfit is so cute, a few adjustments and you could pretend it’s an Alice costume. And the owl, plus the hat on the little bird, how cute! Shame that there is no Ken sightings though, unless that’s supposed to be his skeleton?

    BTW, since I’m not a member, what are the bird supposed to mean on the site? I know Ken is Kath’s ex, but why is it that there’s always the same birds in the BG?

  2. the birds are your blog link or your “poupee updates” link (comments/sutekis etc)

    i think the skeleton is a woman so i doubt that’s ken lol

  3. I regret not saving up enough ribbons for this event ;__;

    The halloween items this year look pleasing; i`ll need at least a thousand ribbons to make all my desired purchases.

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