Pangya Updates in Review.

Sometimes I don’t even know why I still have Pangya installed. I never login anymore, not even for events. I decided to go back to the list of the last few updates and my commentary is:

October 5 – Ridiculous 100 hour grind event for a grand reward of…$3! Did I mention pausing a VS game and idling in a lounge doesn’t count? A new gacha for 10 characters without a Rare-Of-Choice system that appeared to be a 1 time thing for a shitty set nobody cared about.

September 22 – Meteor Shower Event that I skipped completely. Lol items that only give exp/pang during the time of the event. No thanks. Scratchy update featuring Olympic & more Project G outfits. This is cool, although I won nothing so I’ll wait for the double scratchy to bring the prices down on Lucia’s. They brought back PSP outfits for the 3rd time. Lol. Comet packages added, I didn’t want to give SGI my money so I passed on that too.

September 21 – SGI wants you to spend your time reporting hackers. Lol you’re about 2 years too late.

September 12 – Another spend your money promo. 🙄

September 8 – Old ugly gacha set. They were so desperate for people to try for it they added a Rare-Of-Choice feature which I guess we’ll never see again. Max Birthday mask just for logging in which is ok. Pirates of Pangya Event with unrealistic goals when you can only get 2 points per tourney. I tried for Lucia’s Pirate set lottery and of course didn’t win since I’m sure those who won prolly tried like 3-4 times into that.

August 28 – More money chugging promos.

Hmm yea I think the last event I really participated in aside from the pirate one is probably Nell’s birthday so I could get some Nell comets. That one only involved me logging in daily most of the time though so it wasn’t much of something that required me to play.

On top of all of this, JP still is unable to login to Pangya. He can login from his old laptop but his desktop lol forget it. We had a friend try to help us but since we couldn’t be bothered with the stupid Nuri event we just said screw it. I remember when Pangya events used to excite me but now not even exp or pang events or anything can get me to bother logging in. I’m going to hold out until the end of October in hopes that maybe the Halloween event will be interesting but if its the same old drag I might uninstall the client. I know Wiz City is coming at some point but I just can’t find myself caring. Pangya’s just not interesting to me anymore and most of the friends who I played it with have moved on to other games.

Anyway guess we’ll see what happens by the end of October but if their events continue to be like the Nuri one, I don’t think I’ll be the only person who quits this game lol.

10 thoughts on “Pangya Updates in Review.

  1. took a break from work and played a bit this weekend but just because i like golf, because these events are really boring (π_π )

    lets see what grindfest they will make for the halloween @_@

  2. if its the same as last year I will pass since I already have all the clubs, comets and whatever else they have in the halloween drop events. I guess Pangya just doesn’t have enough content to warrant playing it which is why the only ppl left are mostly erojijis who wanna look @ panties

    1. そのほうがいいと思うw 旦那と遊べない+下らないイベントはもうはやこのゲーム引退するべきだw

  3. I stopped playing after the Nell birthday event, too.The 100 hour challenge would not have bothered me IF it were everyone’s hours added together like in the Trickster event (which you could also AFK in). Also, why would they have such a suicidal event for Nuri and not the more popular characters? Sure, he’s more liked than Azer or Cecilia, but not to where I’d lose sleep for a rare chosen at RANDOM.

    I’m not sure if the rare is chosen at random for you or not but at this point, I’m too apathetic to confirm this. :/

  4. From what I read it’s completely random which is why it’s stupid…on top of the fact that lol Nuri ? Really you think everyone’s gonna grind for Nuri? Lawl. Well as Rich said, they certainly have lived up to their name “GameRage” 😆

  5. Haven’t played for a while. We will have minor graphics upgrades that no one cares, and a new course which Ntreev will likely fail.

  6. yea I can’t say I really am excited about Wiz City….it’ll probably be difficult and annoying lmfao, I can see the hype dying down about after a week anyway

  7. Yeah Hinano I agree with you about Pangya. Lately the events where all about hours and hours of grinding. You haven’t talked about the Halos and Chaos event yet. I told Rikka that the rates for Halos was abysmally low and that your chances of actually getting one were close to nothing. Needless to say, I did the trick or treat thing on 2 accounts sometimes 3 and got only 1 halo. I count myself lucky

  8. lol I actually did the halos/chaos event one day and got 2 halloween candies. needless to say I quit after that. the update this week is a joke – how you have to spend more money for 1 character than another. SGI has no shame honestly. I was thinking about entering their art contest but seeing all the photoshopped shit pisses me off and the stupid GMs have not come out and said anything in regards to this so I don’t feel like putting forth the effort. i hope wiz city is at least fun to play since there’s nothing else keeping my interest with this game. also events to “spend money” are not in my book as “interesting”

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