Otome Game Review: Soukoku no Kusabi ~Hiiro no Kakera 3~

Lol yea I don’t know why the series name is in the subtitle but whatever. I’ve decided to skip over HNK 2 because of its remake crap and having a completely different cast. Instead we’re jumping to Hiiro 3 which takes place the following summer.  It’s now a hot summer and as usual Takuma is eating taiyaki while walking home to the Tamayori shrine together with Tamaki and O-chan (who I’ve promptly renamed to べべぬこ (´^ω^`)).  Everyone is busy studying for their entrance exams and Yuuichi even comes home from his university dorm to help them since he’s on break. One day they notice that a bunch of people are missing in school and when they run outside they realize that everyone in the school/village except for them has disappeared! When they go to check it out and split into groups, Tamaki runs into some shota being attacked by shadowy blobs. They bring him home and name him Rin and just then Ashiya & Kiyono come over. Ashiya explains it’s something to do with mirrors and then says that Drei has been killed along with the other 3 Logos bosses by some dude named Neil. Neil is now the new leader of Logos and he’s unsealed these mirrors which is what caused the disappearance of people in the village. He concludes by saying that most likely this mirror effect will spread beyond this village and THE WORLD IS DOOMED UNLESS TAMAKI AND HER HAREM TAKE SOME ACTION HELL YEA! ヽ(★`益´)ノ 気合ダァ!!

Onizaki Takuma – So when they go to the old Logos hideout of course Neil is there and since Tamaki goes with Ryou & Takuma, they’re the ones who save her first the moment she runs into the bald ossan. Then Aria shows up (looking as loli as ever) and tells Neil to GTFO and he’s like “I’ll be back lol!” Aria comes home with them saying that the magicians she was with were a punch of pansies so she coulda escaped anytime. After this Suguru gives Tamaki one of the mirrors which his family has been guarding apparently, and it just so happens it’s a new game system that allows you to “see into the heart” of the dudes. It’s just a thing where you see some text on screen (ala Natsuzora) of some scene that happened beforehand or something. Anyway not too soon after Tamaki runs into a dude in the forest named ケテル. Seriously wtf is Keteru. Keter? Kettle? Let’s go with Keter since it’s some hebrew name on Wikipedia. Anyway they take him home too (seriously they pick up guys in this game like stray animals) and he seems like he could be a good ally in battle so they let him stay. (Mahiro also mentions he seems a lot like Yuuichi ww.) The next day they go into the forest and run into some government dude named Itsuse who offers to assist them with destroying Neil. The government dude then takes them to Drei’s old mansion where he sets up a barrier that once you get in, you can’t get out. He tricks them into coming inside where Neil’s not even there and traps them in. He then explains that since they’re not human, they shouldn’t be around normal people. He then says he has the other mirror and he wants Tamaki’s mirror.

Neil apparently doesn’t have any of the mirrors and is still out looking for them. Itsuse then is like I WANNA GET BOTH MIRRORS SO WE CAN ALL BECOME GODS and then says that he received orders to destroy all of those who sealed the Onikirimaru. Fucking great man, they save the world and this is the reward they get!Our mans aren’t going down without a fight so they fight Itsuse and his cronies when suddenly their powers return. Turns out Ashiya & Kiyono broke down the barrier for a short period of time so that everyone could escape. The gov’t dude’s like “omg are you guys betraying us” and Ashiya says he was never loyal to them to begin with (and of course Kiyono just follows her man in whatever he does so~!)  The two of them take them to some secret shack abandoned shack in the woods and Mitsuru and Rin are already there waiting for them. The gov’t dudes find them anyway and demand Tamaki hand over the mirror. Ashiya admits that he was pretending to be their ally from the start and betrays them going back to the gov’t’s side. Kiyono then says she will side with Tamaki and co. and uses some spell to distract the gov’t dudes and let them escape. Tamaki tries to get Kiyono to escape with them but the poor girl’s still in love with Ashiya and says that she can’t leave him so she stays behind. (´・ω・`;) They run for the hills and somehow Mitsuru, Takuma, Tamaki & Ryou end up inside the mirror world. They use the school as their base and then Takuma starts angsting that he doesn’t know what to do.

When they go to the Tamayori shrine some of the disappeared people are there calling Mitsuru and Tamaki killers and demanding that their families be returned. Tamaki says she will do her best to save everyone and Takuma stands by her telling everyone to STFU and let the woman do her job. So then they have the usual back & forth battles for the mirrors with Itsuse. Eventually they manage to get out of the mirror world (leaving poor Ryou behind) and get the other mirror from Itsuse. Tamaki then passes out and when she wakes up Takuma explains to her that Itsuse put some cursed seal on her chest.He also mentions they’re still trying to figure out how to get rid of that as well as how to use the mirrors to bring everyone back. Rin shows up to say goodbye and says he’s glad he got to meet her. Mitsuru then explains the only way to break the cursed seal on her chest is to kill Itsuse (lol what is this Naruto.) Tamaki is of course like “oh noes I don’t wanna make anyone a sacrifice for myself” and Takuma’s like “wtf ho don’t give up!” He then says he will go defeat Itsuse to break her curse seal and Tamaki stops being a pansy and says she will fight alongside of him. Takuma then hugs her and says he wants her to stay behind with Mitsuru so he punches her in the stomach to make her pass out while he leaves. The next day Tamaki wakes up and notices that her cursed seal is gone so she thinks Tamaki must have won and goes looking for him. He’s not back so Tamaki uses her mirror to find where he is and goes after him.

When she finds him turns out that Itsuse removed the curse to lure her there and he’s taken the mirror from Takuma. He tells her to run away and she refuses so he gives in and they kiss. Tamaki takes the opportunity to give him some of her power to make his wounds heal faster. (´^ω^`) So then Itsuse shows up and says he’s made a contract with the mirror and now the only way to return all the disappeared people is to die. He says that he doesn’t care who he has to sacrifice as long as he can destroy the gods (Tamaki & co.) What a crazy idiot. (ಠ_ಠ)Fortunately Kiyono, Ashiya, and Ryo show up to help them fight the wacko. All the other guardians show up and Ashiya mentions that they were saved from the gov’t dudes thanks to them. So then the demon that Itsuse contracted with comes out demanding that Tamaki hand over the mirror and so they fight & defeat him (and thank god this didn’t take 2 hours like the first game.) Tamaki then hugs him to celebrate and by then everyone arrives rolling their eyes (well mostly Mahiro 😆 ). In the epilogue the village is back to normal and Takuma brings her to his secret place in the forest and then says he loves her. They then kiss under the maple tree and then he proposes to her. Well Takuma had his cute blushy moments (and there were more of them so thank you) but overall kinda…meh? The battles this time were thankfully shorter but the romance confused me. I mean you could tell Takuma liked her since the start of the game but I dunno Tamaki felt like a log towards him until she got the cursed seal on her and suddenly she realized it then? I don’t know something about this was just…missing. It almost felt like it was mostly one sided from Takuma rofl poor guy. Also wtf Neil, he appeared for like 10 min at the beginning and then we never saw him again. Lol alrighty then!

Kutani Ryou – Ryou’s route was such a copypasta from Takuma’s that even he was like “so how come you decide to suddenly hit on me?” lol sad. Ryou then tells her to stop pretending that she’s alright and to take everything onto herself. So then Tamaki bawwed and he hugged her until she fell asleep in the classroom mirror world. In this route since it’s Ryou’s, this time Takuma & Mitsuru escape with the mirror leaving Tamaki & Ryou behind. But then like Itsuse hangs out with them saying he could use them as hostages or some bullshit so Ryou whispers to Tamaki to think of a way to escape. Luckily they run into Kiyono disguised as one of Itsuse’s henchmans and helps them run off. So then run to the school where Tamaki whines some more until Ryou hugs her and tells her that his powers are there to protect her (for like the 10th time 🙄 ). They then run into some pissed off villagers and Ryou tells them to stop hating on his girlfriend. They somehow return home and then Ryou goes into the woods with Tamaki following him and then he’s like “what you want me to TAKE you?!” and she’s like “well its ok if its you…” and suddenly he gets all tsun and says he lost his interest lmfao. x3 He then says his father took him to this place in the woods often in the past.

Tamaki then realizes that she’s in love with him because despite him acting like a tsundere lone wolf he really wants to be with everyone and cares about them. She then says she loves him and gives him a terribly drawn kiss sigh. All of Ryou’s CGs are so bad it makes me cry a river. So then Itsuse shows up bitching that he’s gonna kill Tamaki and he doesn’t care who he sacrifices for it so Ryou kicks his ass. As in Takuma’s route the contractee demon from the mirror appears and this time Ryou fights it and uses his doggy power to defeat it. In the epilogue Ryou walks into her class with a ドヤ顔 telling everyone if they touch his woman he’ll cut them. She meets him at night in the forest, and they go to the place where he took her before. They sit down & watch the stars and then he’s like “Go out with me!” and she’s like wtf man like I already confessed to you wasn’t this already assumed that we’re dating? You calling me your woman and shit!? Lol yea I don’t even know what the hell Otomate. Mehhh honestly I guess I am glad I didn’t save Ryou for later like before since his route had nothing much to offer except crappy CGs and copypasta. He wasn’t even as eroi and sexy like he was in the first game. It’s like by the time they got to working on his route they stopped caring lol.

Inukai Shinji – In Shinji’s route he attempts to fight Neil with his kotodama (lol). The QUALITY art continued cause in Shinji’s first CG he suddenly looked 5 years older while Tamaki looked 5 times manlier sigh lol. He learned how to make tea from Suguru so he makes a cup for her. So then after the whole Itsuse betrayal jazz Neil shows up and along with Kiyono, Suguru & Shinji, Tamaki suggests that they go with him and then he changes his mind and poofs somewhere. Some battles later (when I zoned out completely cause it’s Shinji) they fight Itsuse and Shinji uses his tamayori hime powers which do like nothing and Itsuse kicks everyone’s asses. He then pushes her onto the ground and starts kicking her since everyone else is out cold and can’t protect her lmfao. Oh my god man where’s Tamaki’s asskicking Tamayorihime powers?? Where the hell is my baby fox nuko? What is this shit lol. Fortunately since this is Shinji’s route he manages to get up and finally protect her from the crazy ossan. He doesn’t get to shine much though because Ashiya shows up and helps them escape. Suguru is like half dead and asks Tamaki to take care of the rest especially Shinji. So then Itsuse shows up and Shinji gets all manly with his powers and is like “beitch I cut you if you don’t give me the mirror” (and I’m like damn if only he always sounded that way..) Afterwards he returns to normal and Tamaki asks him not to use his manly powers anymore (since she likes shotas obv) and he says “lol how about no.” Tamaki uses the power of the hug and tells him “Y U NO LISTEN TO ME SHOTA KUN”. He tells her he’ll be fine and says that he wants to protect her so he can’t stop using it.

They take a stroll in the forest and he shows her a tree where everyone carved their names in. (Mahiro’s was of course the largest lmfao xDDD)  Shinji then says to put her life in his hands and he kisses her saying he will SAVE THE WORLD! Well I did ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ just a bit. When they return home Ashiya, Kiyono & Suguru tease them for being all raburabu while the 2 turn red in embarrassment. Before they go off to the final battle Shinji says he loves her (lol as if we didn’t know that?) and says he’ll wait for her answer after the battle. AS IF LIKE IT WASN’T OBVIOUS ALREADY. I’m sure she’d let you make out with her if she didn’t like you. 🙄 So soon as they run into Itsuse again he continues playing soccer with them because apparently his family members were used to sacrifice for the onikirimaru. So strangely in this route Itsuse like combines with the demon in the mirror and then fights Shinji, rather than him passing out and them fighting the oni separately. Itsuse’s body can’t handle it so he disintegrates. Afterwards Shinji passes out & then wakes up asking for Tamaki’s answer and of course she agrees while bawwing. In the epilogue Tamaki’s like “That Keteru guy disappeared but he’ll be alright!” lmfao. She walks out in her pajamas to see Shinji and he almost has a nosebleed as he burns the image into his mind ^q^. They miss some bus or something and so he uses his agility up kotodama and they speed through on his bike. Somehow Shinji was incredibly anti-climatic since there was no crazy bitch Mitsuru to spice things up lol. Actually I found it weird that they put Mitsuru in the routes with Ryo & Takuma instead of Shinji to be honest. Oh well I guess this makes it even obvious how much padding the original game had.

Omi Suguru – Like with Ryou, Suguru’s route was a copy pasta from Shinji’s most of the way down. (This is also why I did Shinji first in the hopes his would be more interesting since I expected Suguru to be a drag all across the board.) Suguru gets all depressed because apparently there’s a hidden room in the house that he never knew about and Tamaki did. This is probably the only time that  it felt like Suguru didn’t have a flat personality….too bad we don’t get to see more of it. One night when they go to bed, Suguru quietly says his goodbye to Tamaki saying he wishes that he got to see her “grow up.” The next morning Kiyono wakes up Tamaki panicking because their boyfriends are missing in action. They catch up with them and Suguru’s all like if I don’t sacrifice myself the world will end blah blah and Tamaki’s like “noo wtf man iamnotokwiththis.jpg!” She then uses the power of the hug and convinces Suguru to find another way around this. That night Suguru’s like “let’s run away together cause I’m only sacrificing myself for you anyway” and she’s like “yay let’s do it” then she grabs and kisses him. They obviously don’t intend to run away so instead they make out some more before their final battle. So then Itsuse gets his ass beaten down and starts raging that he can’t get revenge on his family and kill all the gods.

So then just like in the first game, Ashiya merges with the demon inside the mirror because he’s like “well if the whole world’s gonna end then….生存戦略!” 😆 So then they start battling until Kiyono shows up and starts bawwing that Ashiya’s being a dick and then he comes near her and punches her into a tree claiming that he killed her. Before he can finish off with Tamaki, Suguru gets up and fights with him again using his god form version 2.0. So then Ashiya gets defeated and Kiyono wakes up since his intention was to actually sacrifice himself from the start and he lied about killing her. He also says he once found government documents about the mirrors ending the world so ever since all of this was JUST AS KEIKAKU! (lol nice try Otomate but it’s not working.) Anyway Ashiya dies and in the epilogue Keteru goes poof as usual. Kiyono gives them a map to get them lost in the forest so that they arrive near a hot spring where they get to stay overnight and get all いちゃいちゃ. Kiyono’s such a wingwoman 😆 Actually Suguru knew that they were going there from the start HOHOHO ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ Well that’s about as much interesting scenario as Suguru’s gonna get not that I’m surprised. Good thing my hopes were extremely low for him since he got screwed pretty much in every single game so far. The upside of course, his CGs were pretty decent looking unlike Ryou’s lol.

Atori Mahiro – Mahiro’s route was the only route I was looking forward to but since I figured he’d share a route with Yuuichi I decided to just do his first. Surprisingly Mahiro actually has the best grades in the group which is a huge shock to Tamaki (and me lmfao. xDDD) He denies studying and claims it’s all his genius talent and then Yuuichi translates his “tsun”ness saying he’s just embarrassed about it. ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ After they fight Neil both Yuuichi and Mahiro are all chillax about it and are like “it’s awright we’ll protect you and kick some ass.” During one of the battles with Itsuse, Tamaki gets in the way to protect Mahiro and gets stabbed instead. This of course pisses Mahiro & Yuuichi both to no end and they end up kicking everyone’s asses and taking Tamaki home. Mahiro apologizes for her injury but she gives him a hug saying that him being by her side is enough and that he wasn’t “useless”. When Itsuse shows up, this time Keter actually gets some screentime to kick his ass and help them out. However afterwards, Neil shows up and then Keter demands that Tamaki hand over the mirror cause they wanna destroy the world, lol great. Then as if I hadn’t completely forgotten abuot her, Fia shows up to help 😆 They manage to get Neil and Keter to beat it and they go back to their shack to rest while Fia gives us the info dump (that I didn’t really listen to because well…lol.) So then Tamaki cries that everyone’s gonna die and Mahiro comforts her while Yuuichi stands behind them and stares going “I’m here btw” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

So then there’s some scene of Aria bawwing into Fia’s boobs not to leave her, to remind me once again how the first game irritated me by focusing on sub characters most of the time. LOl whatever boob lady, take the loli with you and hit the road for all I care. ( ´_ゝ`) The next day Mahiro tells Yuuichi not to use his kyuubey powers when fighting Neil or he’ll go berserk like Naruto 😆 So then some angry villagers show up raging about them being used as sacrifices again and how all of them were taken inside the mirror world. So then Ashiya shows up and gets the villagers off their back and then we’re in another hit & run battle. They decide to raid Drei’s old place and they go down some deep hidden basement where Neil is hanging out. He then tells them that he’s not Neil but Neil’s familiar Markt and then Keter shows up claiming that he’s really Neil. 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ So funny how none of this was even touched upon in the routes prior to this lol. The real Neil now tells them to GTFO or die and since they want the mirrors back, another battle breaks out. Fia & Aria show up and help them escape with Neil being like “Lol see you again, p.s. I can’t wait to kick your asses again!” When they get back, Tamaki talks to an injured Yuuichi who says he can’t fight anymore and adds that Mahiro stayed behind and didn’t go to college because he wanted to watch over everyone for a bit worryin something might happen. Yuuichi then asks Tamaki to take care of Mahiro because he always thinks about others before he thinks about himself. After he goes to sleep, Tamaki goes to Mahiro saying she can’t live without him and so they go take a walk to check if the surroundings are safe. Tamaki asks him not to die and then he suddenly goes “you don’t have to give me an asnwer now but after this battle ends, if we’re both alive, go out with me, I love you.” (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ さすがまひろん♥

He concludes with “if you want, my heart and my body are yours” イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! omfg man dying here DYING. Tamaki was obv moved as much as I was cause she started bawwing right then and there. So then Markt comes for the mirror on behalf of Neil and Tamaki’s like “lol how about no” and then they fight yet again until Markt makes his exit stage left. The night before the last battle Tamaki goes to talk to Mahiro at night and while she holds his hand she hears rustling in the bushes and soon a “PUSH HER DOWN!” from Kiyono followed by everyone else’s voices of “be quiet” and “how dare you touch my master!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ lmfao xDDD Man if only this game had more of these scenes. Eventually Mahiro heard them as well and was like “wtf are you guys elementary school kids ヽ(`Д´#)ノ” Anyway after the fun stuff Neil and Markt crash the party with their lameness. After the battle Tamaki becomes the mirror contractor which means she’s gonna die or something or the world will end. Everyone’s like “oh well nothing we can do” and Mahiro starts yelling going “what the fuck’s wrong with you people why are you all ok with this!?” Annoyed with everyone he takes her out of the shack and they take a walk in the woods until they get to a hill where you can see the stars really well. This is the secret place he wanted to take her that’s beyond the forest. He says he found this place when he ran away because he was told that they’d use his soul to seal the Onikirimaru incase Tamayorihime failed. He tells her that choosing to die is just running away and the better thing to do is to find a way out and survive. She says that if she survives everyone else will suffer but in her mind she says “please help me I don’t want to die.”

Mahiro of course can tell that what she’s saying is not what she thinks so he asks her to tell him how she really feels. She cries saying she doesn’t want to die and he’s like “it’s alright babe” andhe kisses her. He says that all they gotta do is kick ass and get the mirror destroyed so she’ll be alright. He says the only way to defeat Neil is to use Onikirimaru and says that whatevs we’ll just seal it again 😆 Oh Mahiron. So then when they head towards Neil in the forest, Mahiro asks Tamaki to survive with him, marry him and one day have his babies so they can live a peaceful happy life together. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ DYING AGAIN MAN DYINGG イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 They fight as usual and then Mahiro turns into his Crow form 2.0 along with Tamaki’s Tamayorihime 2.0 where baby fox nuko tells her that he will protect her. Lmfao Mahiro’s argument to defeat Neil is “I have a woman and you don’t” ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ After Neil dies, Markt is happy that his master’s been freed (or killed or whatever you want to call it) and departs. In the epilogue, Tamaki gets dressed up to see the results of their exams and Mahiro is so stunned he drops his jaw and can’t speak until he says she’s so pretty he’s at loss of words. When she asks him to compliment her again he’s like (〃▽〃) shut up you! |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ When they get there they both find their names next to each other – they’ve gotten accepted into the same university. Lol man that was longer than like 2 previous routes combined but it was SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE. You can obviously tell the creators only give a damn about Mahiro when most of his route connects with the main story. Somewhere along the line Itsuse disappeared but well I really don’t think I gave a damn about that guy cause he was annoying anyway. Glad that Mahiro’s route held up to my expectations, seriously best character in HnK XDDD.

Komura Yuuichi – So in Yuuichi’s route Tamaki’s like “what’s the deal with you and your inner kyuubey” and he says he has no idea but he just felt something inside of him STIRRING. During the first battle with the real Neil, Yuuichi goes into his kyuubei mode and Tamaki grabs his hand telling him to stop and not use his power ala Inuyasha/Naruto take your pick 😆 Afterwards Tamaki begs him not to use it again and he says if she’s in danger can’t be helped girfrien’ (ಠ_ಠ). Tamaki plans to go get the 2nd mirror from Neil on her own and Yuuichi’s like “uh no” anid she whines about how he’s gonna turn into kyuubey again and he’s like “that’s my job babe.” This cycle continues another x amount of times until finally Yuuichi gives in and lets her go alone. Lol what a useless guardian, shoulda slapped da ho to get her to listen Yuuichi-kun! She goes to see the angry villagers on her own who are ready to blow her head off with a gun. ( ´_ゝ`) So then Yuuichi shows up telling the fools that if they kill her, they will not be saved (cause he will beat their asses down.) Being stereotypical idiot villagers, they shoot her anyway and Yuuichi goes berserk threatening to beat their heads into the ground. So then Tamaki sees a flashback of herself comforting a crying shota Yuuichi saying that if he doesn’t learn to use his powers they will kill him. Tamaki then said she’d be his friend because unlike others, she’s not scared of a crybaby like him. She blacks out and magically wakes up with baby fox nuko telling her that Yuuichi brought them both to this shack and took care of her wounds. Tamaki and O-chan then go looking for Yuuichi because baby fox nuko has that fox bonding thing going on with Yuuichi and LUCKILY THEY RUN INTO NEIL! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

He tells her he’ll give her like one more day to give him the mirror or he’ll take it by force. Tamaki’s like whatever I gotta save my furry boyfriend and she goes and finds Yuuichi in that other shack and he’s completely turned into a furry fox demon! He tells her to GTFO or he’ll kill her but she’s like “noo I must save you with the power of love!” She falls asleep on his furry side and sees a dream with her mirror from 1000 years ago where the previous Tamayorihime saved the demon inside him from the people hunting him down. When she wakes up Yuuichi’s back to normal and he says that she’s tamed the beast within him and that if he goes berserk again all he needs is just some TLC to calm dowm (*´ω`*). The night before the battle Yuuichi and Tamaki go into their abandoned love shack and make out as they say that they need one another. In the final battle Yuuichi turns into firefox 2.0 and says he’ll kick ass as long as Tamaki wants to save everyone and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. So then Neil gets all defeated saying he was all jelly of everyones bonds while he was a sad ronery bad guy. In the epilogue, everyone surprises Yuichi by shooting off fireworks together as Tamaki holds his hand. .。゚+.(´∀`○)゚+.゚。 He’s happy that he hugs Tamaki making all the other guys extremely jealous xD. Well I have to admit Yuuichi’s route this game was a lot more interesting but what is the deal with loli Tamaki and shota Yuuichi? Like why wasn’t this touched upon further? It seems like such an important detail that they forgot about by the end of the route. Also I feel like this game touched upon Yuuichi a lot more than the first one where all he did was wangst for 8 hours. It’s just a pity his CGs were also half derpy and it was hard for me to take the fox thing too seriously cause I kept thinking about Naruto, Inuyasha and actually Miyako now that I’ve played it :lol:.

Keter – Well after playing Yuuichi and Mahiro’s routes, tea-Kettle  Neil was already spoiled for me. I mean yes you’re the sad past bad guy we should pity you except this game doesn’t give you justice therefore I can’t find myself caring about you. So then Neil and Markt decide to abduct Tamaki during one of the battles which pisses off both the guardians and Itsuse (who I completely forgot about lol.) Neil and Markt take her to some house but at least this time bebenuko is there to comfort her. (´^ω^`) When she leaves her room she runs into Neil in the hallway who tells her that she’s free to walk around the mansion but she cannot leave or he’ll kill her. She’s like “Wtf man you only want the mirror right? Why do you need me?” and his response is “I am interested in you.” But at least he’s a gentleman and they don’t just barge into her room without knocking and treat her as a “guest” despite her technically being a hostage lol. He threatens to kill or and whatnot but he can never seem to attack her. Even when she pisses him off, his attack hits everything around her but never her. So then Markt lets her return home and everyone’s like “oh hi you’re back” like they didn’t even go try looking for her lol. So then Aria explains that she met with Neil when he was still the shota homonculus created in the test tube and all he said was “please kill me”. (What I don’t get is how freaking old is Aria and why did Neil grow up and she didn’t?? :shock:)

So then because Tamaki has nothing better to do she returns to Neil and tells him to run away ASAP because Itsuse and his mage army are on the verge of breaking through their barrier. Then she tries to convince him that not all humans are bad and that he shouldn’t try to blow up the world. He gets all pissy and tells Markt to kill Tamaki and  Markt’s like “you don’t REALLY wanna kill her so I’m not gonna either lawl.” Before Neil can continue his tsundering, the barrier is broken and now it’s battle time. The other guardians come help out and they escape letting Markt and Neil stay at their house! Of course if we don’t bring the bad guys home, it’s not Hiiro no Kakera 😆 Then Neil finds out that Markt isn’t a homonculus and gets all bitchy threatening to kill him and asks him why in the world he “followed” him. Tamaki tells Neil to stfu and realize how much Markt cared about him but Markt has to be all manly and act like he betrayed Neil and takes the blame & insults Neil spits at him. Turns out Markt is actually his “father” (or creator I guess) so of course he feels guilty about it and decides to sacrifice himself by distracting Itsuse so that Neil can rest and recover with Tamaki. So then Neil insists he go to Itsuse to get the mirror and destroy humanity and Tamaki uses the power of the bitchy heroine and convinces him to let her come with him. When they get there they find out that Markt is dead and while Tamaki rages ready to kill Itsuse, and Neil’s like “…what’s your point? he’s my servant he’s supposed to die for me.” Itsuse’s like LOLOLOLOL and like 5 minutes later suddenly the truth hits Neil hard and he’s like RAAAAGEEE and says he’s gonna kill Itsuse. After they manage to escape she bitches at hime again about how Markt died for his sake and that he was not born to “destroy humanity” like he thinks he was.

So then Tamaki says she will be by his side because she loves him and he starts crying saying he doesn’t want to die and that he’s upset about Markt. She then takes the opportunity to kiss him but sadly she has to then explain to him what a kiss is too orz;. Afterwards Neil is powered with the power of LOVE and so he goes to fight Itsuse, who has become a fugly demon dude again. Neil then says he’s throwing away his name Neil (much to my spelling dismay) and going back to KETTLE Keter. After they defeat crazy Itsuse, Keter asks what he can do to thank Tamaki and she asks him to give her a $1000 smile. In the epilogue, Keter goes back to his hobo basement house to give his prayers to Markt, and then tells Tamaki he intends to return to Logos with Aria & Fia. He wants to clean up the organization and tells her that he wishes Tamaki to have a happy life. She’s like NOOOO (´;ω;`) and runs after him and hugs him from behind saying she doesn’t want to be separated. Keter says that he needs to repent for his sins alone and Tamaki makes him promise that someday he will return to her. He agrees and says that he loves her. Shortly after everyone says goodbye to him, Aria & Fia and say that they will meet again someday. Lol man what a filler character. Well I guess he was alright near the end but it was just so…out of place? Like what the hell is this sudden test tube baby sad past thing man lol. Also Markt was his “father” but man that little detail just got thrown away somewhere and was never mentioned again. Would have been interesting to see his reaction to knowing about Markt rather than him suddenly being like “What are these…EMOTIONS!” ( ´_ゝ`) Also no matter how hot you are in real life, your voice just grates me Hatano-san ww.

Rin – Similar to Keteru, Rin’s existance was pretty much forgotten until I realized I have to do his route to finish this game (´・ω・`;). Fortunately he shares a common route with Suguru so I was able to load a save from before and his route started with him being surrounded by gov’t dudes and then Tamaki finding him all terrified. So then as Tamaki hangs out with Rin more and more he keeps having migranes that are a sign his memories coming back to him. During one of the battles with Itsuse everyone realizes that Rin has the same god powers as all the other guardians. So not to soon after Rin drops the bomb telling them that he’s that demon contractee from the mirror and the same oni that was sealed by the original Tamayorihime 1000 years ago. Lol man I thought you were dead, why are you here! Why aren’t you inside of Takuma or something 😆 Anyway he then asks Tamaki to kill him (again ww) because he cannot die due to the mirror’s power. So then to stop him wangsting Tamaki hugs him asking him to protect her and to live on. The sad part is, it was this CG that made me realize how SMALL he is compared to Tamaki. I mean I know he’s like this 1000 year old demon but he looks like he’s 11 or something (´・ω・`;A). So then Ashiya is like “well if Tamaki won’t kill you, then I will!” He says that in a few days Rin’s seal will break and the world will end so it’s best to get rid of him now while he’s still a helpless shota. So then Tamaki’s like whatever man I’ll save everyone without killing anyone.

And so even though Rin tells her to get away from him, I guess his shota moaning was too hot and she couldn’t stay away cause not too long after, Rin turned into that mirror oni form. He then beats the crap out of Tamaki (while of course everyone is sitting at home playing old maid or something) and so the grabs the nearby mirror yelling at it for Rin to hear her voice. She then sees the mirror flashback of the original Tamayorihime and that oni. So then Tamaki uses the last of her energy to turn into her Tamayorihime form and then gives Mr. Oni a smooch. The frog demon turns into a prince thanks to Tamaki’s kiss and they hug in the woods. Also I don’t know what the hell happened to Itsuse. Did the others take care of him? Did he die at some point when I was zoned out? Lol oh well ┐(‘~`;)┌.  In the epilogue everyone helps dress up Rin in Mahiro’s clothes (cause its the only ones that fit perfectly ww) so he can go on a date to the amusement park with Tamaki. Also they cut his hair so he actually looks less like a girl now lol. So uh yea now the oni that was supposed to reincarnate in Takuma is now running around NTRing his woman 😆 NICE BOAT END! Too bad Rin’s haircut only lasted one CG…as it would have been nicer to look at. Either way though, he looks like he’s 11 so after that day Tamaki became a huge cougar cause he’s gonna look 11 the rest of his life while she’s gonna become an old hag like her dead grandmother 😆 Oh well whatever I can’t think of what else to say for Rin other than I wish Yonaga does less of these shota characters…or at least does his deep voiced sexy shota characters instead (see Kaeru Batake’s Ren.)
Umm lets see….stuff happened, then there was Mahiro 😆 Seriously that was all I remembered in this game. Oh wait there were some poorly drawn derpy CGs because for some apparent reason Kazuki Yone was out of commission or something. I dunno it’s pretty obvious they just wanted to milk Hiiro but they didn’t want to bother putting effort into it. The good news is unlike HnK 1, it’s a million times shorter, but the bad news is it makes it so much more obvious how absolutely nothing happened. The game obviously assumes you played HnK 1 so that when suddenly the dudes are like I LOVE YOU it’s understood that you played HnK 1 and so their love for Tamaki is completely justified. If you were to play HnK 3 on its own you’d probably be scratching your head as to why they fell in love with her since…..NOTHING HAPPENED. Itsuse as a bad guy was the most irritating sob ever. I think he was more annoying than the HnK 1 bad guys but mostly because he was a stupid whiny bitch most of the time. The 2 addons Keter & Rin…well lol honestly. I forgot about their existence until I was like “Oh wait I still have 2 routes to go before I post my review….darn!” Man I woulda rather they made some weird AU HNK or some other fandisk “HNK goes to the hotsprings” or something I dunno something silly. I wish they didn’t pull this plot out of their butts just to try to get all the HNK cast together again (sans granny since they chose to use Takuma’s route as the “ending” from where the game started from.) Speaking of Takuma, lol talk about getting upstaged by a filled character! Blah anyway nothing really special about this game, only Mahiro was worth it. It’s like they write Mahiro’s route first with lots of planning & detail, then soon as they gotta write everyone else’s they get drunk and vomit the story out hoping it makes sense.\( ^o^)/ Music was bland, there wasn’t enough baby fox nuko going “nii!” and that “look into the dude’s thoughts” feature gave me Natsuzora flashbacks so I only looked at it for the guys I cared about… Anyways,  I’ll  be moving on to HNK4 after this since the voice cast carries over but I haven’t heard too many good things about it so my expectations are low.


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  1. lol I’m like halfway through the first route in HNK 4….I hope your hopes aren’t up that high lol. I do like the change of cast though, the personalities are almost reverse in a good way – except for Mahiro of course, now his personality is dead as a doornail. I’m crying manly tears

    It was the only route I read because I was expecting this game to be just as trolly as the first game lol so I just skimmed the other routes lol I guess I wasn't too surprised that this game was just as trolly as the first game lol I hope HnK 4 or 2 is better than this shlop Otomate released 😦
    But Mahiro. Yes, Mahiro. Lol

  3. prolly got cut off cause you used a symbol xP
    but yea enjoy Mahiro he’s the best although I’m rather worried about his “descendant” in HNK4 who appears to be calm & quiet. I want my loudmouthed shorty 😦

  4. –Edit-
    Lol wtf, happened to my sentence? Half of it disappeared after posting. PFF– I said that I’ll probably play HnK only because of Mahiro. If you couldn’t understand that because half of my sentence was somehow deleted in the process of posting. Lol.

  5. HNNNGH– Mahrioooo~~ ❤ Only reason I will play this man, only reason. w>;; Because I’m like that. //knifed. And Mahiro is the only one that forced me to play. * u*

  6. twentyninenights> you know I was thinking the same thing 😆

    kyrades> i think coloring wise they did a good job but some of the face drawings were just off. not off like “it doesnt look like kazuki yone” but off like “what the crap is this” xDD; enjoy mahiron :3

    Fumiko> wel its not really that long. If you look most characters have only about 2 paragraphs. It’s only Takuma (whose route I did first) and Mahiro (who has a story) that had anything in them to be honest. The rest are just my rambles about the flaws of the game rather than the “story” ^^; If you don’t want to read it I can’t help that lol.

  7. i am like not motived to even read this review (not that u write bad or anything) cause when i was trying to watch the recorded live broadcast i was like falling asleep >.> this is just not that interesting so i can understand y u dont really remember much, so it kinda surpised me when u can have a review this long

    anyways ths for the review, and hoping i have time to watch ur live broadcast soon of watever game u are playing next (but i doubt thats happening anytime soon >.<)

  8. Hmm well I guess since this game is supposed to be a sequel to the first one, players are supposed to know the story of HnK1? Also the artist did a pretty good job copying Kazukiyone’s style >3<

    Anyhow, looks like I'll be playing this for Mahiro XD;

  9. Lol yea I know hence why I said out of commission xD. The person doing the art for hnk4 I know from armen noir I just hope the game is less trolly than an was lol

  10. Fun little side note. Kazuki Yone actually didn’t work on this game at all XD; The guy who did Armen Noir/Hiiro 4 did it. That being said, for someone who was forced to copy someone else’s artstyle, he did ok.

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