Poupee Autumn Walk Event

Or as I’d like to call it, the recycled amusement park/kitchen event lol. I bought the kitchen BG item for the hell of it cause I liked the room it creates (´^ω^`).

If you get the amusement park trigger item guess who’s there!

Lol who didn’t see that coming 😆 If you don’t use any of the trigger items the background looks like this:


9 thoughts on “Poupee Autumn Walk Event”

  1. lol I just dressed up from last year’s halloween items for the hell of it
    the pumpkin is because she put some halloween items into the shell spring x3 most likely the halloween event will be between 17~23rd

  2. Wait I just read the tittle again and realized it’s not a Halloween event. Then what’s the Halloween pumpkins for? Oh yeah, wasn’t this the Nobility event last year? With such a theme like “Autumn walk”, no wonder she recycled some things, although I must admit, from what I’ve seen here on other blogs, the kitchen event was really cute.

  3. And there’s a Ken doll too in your poupee too, I think. Katherine’s obsession with Ken is slowly crossing the line between amusing and obsessively creepy, and this is coming from someone who isn’t a member of the site.

    Your poupee is adorable though, she kind of looks like a candy wrapper and I just love those socks. The Halloween default BG is meh, but the one you have and the park don’t scream Halloween either.

  4. @dandydaisies> ひなの

    @mimi> yeaaa I liked that one the most so that’s why I bought the stupid looking recipe book lol. i love when ken is in the background, its always a joy seeing him creepin around xDD

  5. omigosh that kitchen room background… it’s so cute!! >w<
    Sometimes the poupee girl backgrounds are so cute, I wish my room looked like that lol 😛
    oh ken… lol creepin'

  6. check the poupee livejournal community, they have a guide on how to post it outside of blogs that don’t allow flash/javascript ^^

  7. Aww i like your poupeegirl ^^ I was trying to get the poupeegirl widget on my sidebar and was looking for a solution when i chance upon your site.
    Will you be able to help me >_<???

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