Tartaros September Macros

Looks like this is becoming a monthly thing. I’m okay with this.jpg ;D

5 thoughts on “Tartaros September Macros

  1. hi hinano
    want to ask something
    do they implement IP block for foreigners?
    I want to try playing tartaros lol

  2. Hi Hinano! I have a question for you about this fantastic game.
    Do you think Shubalman is pairing with Ilisia or Nagi? I do prefer Nagi/Granite with him.

    I can’t understand the plot of the game, so I wanted to ask you. Let me know ^_^

  3. Argh, that’s a bit unlucky! How did he die? Lol well maybe there’s a chance Shubalman and Nagi could end up together for this reason XD.
    Talking about other stuff… I cannot understand why they don’t take this awesome game in Europe/America: It’s one of the the few story-driven MMO i’ve ever seen and it gets deeper and deeper with updates.
    Also, i want to congratulate myself with you because you’re the only person I’ve found who actually plays Tartaros and writes down everything related to it through this fantastic blog. Keep the good work up!

    1. I don’t update much on it anymore except the leveling guide lol. Pretty sure shubalman is in love with ilishia but in the recent scenario they have paired ilishia with Aerlot lol. I think the problem is to localized the game they would need to pay and hire voice actors and that’s probably just too costly

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