Eternal Dungeon Levels 21-40 Impressions

Well I don’t particularly want any of the new ED drops but you know what they sell for a hell lot of money so off to ruin my hand I go! 😆

Most of the new monsters are basically Grindel rejects who have come to take revenge for playing only the bug map while there and ignoring all of them for months!

The first really tough boss was the Pixie. It’s not really the pixie that hurts but the 4 pixie bots around her that keep attacking you. The good news is, none of the bosses have a timer. You can kill up to your heart’s desire as long as you don’t die more than 3 times. I have to admit even with all my armor being +5, this was a difficult task.

I joined a public party with 4 others whose attacks were ranging between 7k and 9k (I’m about 8.5k). Most of the rooms we got were sadly Turimon rooms where you pretty much just waste time…

Killing these dudes and…

…playing with some bears in the ED zoo.

Then we had to fight Alphonse’s long lost twin, Alex, who not only does nearly 1hit KOs but is also a tough mofo. Well as to be expected for someone whose entire purpose in life is to be a meat tank 😆 Sadly Alphonse could not survive Alex’s attacks.

Of course so far Floor 40 is the only one I’ve not been able to clear. I was in a party this morning with a Nagi who had a 60+20 and a Pinko & Cromodo who had 60+15.  We got the boss down to 2x but by then I think only the Nagi was left and she figured she’d give up since she wouldn’t really be able to defeat it on her own (the stupid horse heals too ugh.) I read on 2ch that only a party of 3 with all people having +20 weapons was able to clear this boss. Guess we’ll have to wait for the level cap to be raised before this room becomes possible. For now just with JP alone I was able to get to floor 26 until we got badly beaten by some random monster who I’ve not seen pop out in any of the public parties I joined. Musta been my lucky day!