Poupee Summer Festival 2011

Yippie my favorite event of the year!

Man I splurged!  I loved a lot of the stuff especially the cotton candy shaped like a bear and the piyo yoyo (´^ω^`). And what would a natsumatsuri be without Ken? 😆

Lol oh Katherine you.

Poupee Summer Festival 2009
Poupee Summer Yukata Event 2010

3 thoughts on “Poupee Summer Festival 2011

  1. Haha, nice. It’s like Ken’s searching for you but he’s looking in the wrong direction. -_-

    I wish that I had saved up more ribbons; I could only afford the yukata and obi.

  2. お祭りの季節ですよね

  3. y> I’ve had these ribbons sitting around pretty much all year ever since the ribbon campaign back in the spring. Kinda glad most of katherine’s side events were pretty crappy until now lol

    yuki> あぁなんて残念なこと(´・ω・`;) じつわNJで毎年三ツ和祭りもあるけど私久しぶり行ってない。昔浴衣を着ていってきましたけどね!

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