Poupee Hanami Event

What a shame the ribbon items are hideous and the jewel items are so so/over priced sigh. I was hoping we’d get a bunch of new kimonos or hair styles or at least a hair discount campaign…really Katherine I think you can do better than this (´・ω・`;)

3 thoughts on “Poupee Hanami Event

  1. Yeah, haha. I just looked at the ribbon stuff and was like “whatever”. At least the food items on the last page are cute. I’m pretty sure there’s a hair discount going on right now though, unless that’s the normal price… I’m still waiting for another face discount. D:

  2. The ribbon section is filled with hideous stuff.. again, lol.
    If my eyes didn’t fool me, there’s really a hair discount going on right now. They only added like one? new hairstyle though.

  3. Ana> Really? I’ll try and check but I didn’t see one written on Katherine’s blog.

    Rin> ahh thanks I didn’t notice it either I’ll check xD

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