Tartaros Phase System is a Go!

So I decided to play around with the various phase skills. I used Nagi as my test subject and boosted her stuff up. She’s definitely a lot stronger than she was before and soloing things has become a lot easier. Nagi fans will probably be happy with this! At least the Animist phase – I’m guessing the healer is probably weaker. I intended to be a trapper with Ruko but after reading that she loses sidestep I instead went for Shadow. While you lose that paw print explosion and kawarimi attack, the shadow step can be kinda nifty. It’s like a mini-brink step (which I have now also taken to replace the skills I lost.)

As far as Pinko is concerned I just went right into Champion. Guardian is great but Pinko really needs attack more than anything so I was able to get that rocket skill I couldn’t get enough points for before. Additionally there’s robo-junior but I’ve heard mixed results about it so I’ve not taken it at this time. Cromodo has become a lean mean magic shooting machine. From the consensus, time mage is dook and from personal experience Elementalist now allows me to actually do enough skills to be able to solo without dying 20 times. Cromodo loses his magic recovery spell but he gets a passive recovery one instead – so I guess sucks for the party members? 😆 He also loses the stupid vine skill nobody ever used and instead receives that area ice attack which is pretty sweet!

It appears that from my feeling all the characters attack speeds went up. It’s especially noticeable for Pinko & Cromodo whose attacks felt like they were going on forever and ever. At the moment though Phase is bugging out. If you switch between channels your phases will go berserk (for example my Cromodo went to have both phases be “basic skills” or “elementalist” in phase 1 and “time mage” in phase 2 😯 ). Also my Ruko just hit 56 and when I went to go see if I could learn a new skill her skill point count was at -25 and then when I switched channels it was back to 0 (´;ω;`). So yea I’m not sure wtf is going on right now but if the correct phase isn’t showing up the best fix is to switch channels/login & logout ?

Sping time race is awesome this year.

I’ve picked up 5 option-change books and a ton of other useful goodies. Last year I think we got mostly crap but this year I just couldn’t stop racing! I used my Ruko who I managed to give 28 running speed which actually helped me to get all 3 bells quite often. So anyway lots of stuff going on. Oh yea there’s the Madoka collab too but lol whatever, Madoka fans can have fun I guess? ┐(‘~`;)┌

I also went to try the new challenge 上級水龍 – it’s a lot similar to its predecessor. Obviously it’s harder as the monsters have more HP and my Cromodo died like 4 times but it’s still doable. There’s no need to heal anybody it’s basically run in and kill stuff. The challenge drops weapons that when combined in crafting will make saijoukyuu level 60 weapons which come open with 2 slots regardless of whether you upgrade it or not. Sadly you need 24 勇気 stones to craft each one and the individual weapons right now are going for about 1-2 million each. So yea not fun lol. I’ll just stick to my 48+11 and my joukyuu 58+10/11 for now and when the price is more reasonable I’ll think about upgrading. Despite my magic attack having gone down after the recent phase system, the skill damage has gone way up so in the end it’s all balanced anyway.

According to 2ch, error crashing has gone up but I didn’t crash a single time I was logged in today so who knows. I would just watch your memory and once it hits a gig just reboot your client.