Otome Game Review: Panic Palette

The story is about Itou Aki who lives alone in an apartment and starts her first year in high school. The story takes place in the same school & town as Little Aid so the game reused a lot of the backgrounds and some of the sub characters from there are also back (i.e. Sawato..) One evening while Aki is taking a stroll on the beach she runs into some guy wearing arabian clothes and he claims that she will be his wife because of a mark on her hand. Turns out this guy is an alien prince from another planet. She’s all like ‘Uh no’ so his eyeball sidekick explains to her that if she wants to remove that mark, she needs to collect some color auras from people (i.e. anger, happiness, fear etc.) So now it’s up to Aki (and us) to collect all the colors and use the coffee machine Mariko 2002 to create the special potion to remove the mark. Additionally her pest problem is taken care of by none other than the ORIGINAL Tokunami Touya nuko (who I guess the guy’s soul took over in Kaeru Batake xD!) Continue reading Otome Game Review: Panic Palette