LMFAO okay.

So I bought Lucia’s swimsuit on Friday and I had 2000 points left. Since they had double gacha all weekened I’m like why the hell not. So I go buy 1 coin and that 1 coin gets me:

All I can say is 1. I can’t believe I won anything period. 2. I wasn’t on pink wind but Lost Seaway as my background 3. I can’t believe I won for my main character (rather than like Cecilia or something) So now I look as skanky as ever! I woulda rather traded that blush for some footwear or gloves though but at least it kinda goes nicely with those doggy slippers! More than anything though I absolutely love the hair! As far as the hair event goes I got 5 hairs so far (Hana, Max, Kaz, Cecilia & Kooh) and 28 partial scratchy cards. Sadly none of those cards have won me anything from the scratchy. I’m hoping once they fix the stupid Lucia magical girl outfit bug, I can actually just buy it from someone in the shops.

By the way I removed a few Pangya blogs from my links because they appeared to be dead. If you’re one of them and you’ve come back to life please let me know so I can add you back on thanks!