Rage Quit Review: Hanayoi Romanesque

So I tried to play Hanayoi Romanesque today. I was warned it has a really annoying system but I figured hey I made it through games like Love Revo and Real Rode and Last Escort….it can’t be that bad right?

YES IT CAN (ಠ_ಠ)

So I’m going to explain why and save everyone the time and effort to even bother with this crap! The game works like this – you have to read dialogue sentences – and certain sentences act as a “stat” raiser. When a certain sentence comes up in the dialogue box you need to press X to collect that stat point. If you miss this sentence, have fun starting that entire chapter over (since it automatically asks you to save each time) or quicksave/save state after every single time you make a choice to make sure you don’t have to start from the beginning if you miss it. It’s irritating as hell because it’s not like an option that comes up on screen, it’s part of the dialogue.

Normally when I play otome games I tend to sort of glance at the dialogue and multi task etc ya know? I am a frequent user of auto-mode but here if you use automode you’ll miss like 3 important sentences within a 5 minute span. Now imagine doing this S&M session for 30 chapters (common route) + 3-4 chapters per guy with like 10 guys or something…

(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

So yea needless to say I quit that shit faster than Dyse says “Mezawari da.” during Real Rode’s battle scenes 😆 So just from a first impression I don’t recommend this hell of a game to anybody. The art isn’t even that great. The seiyuus are okay and maybe the characters might have been interesting but the premise is as fun as watching paint dry.  I’m open to trying any クソゲー you hand to me but there’s only so much b/s I can take \( ^o^)/

Well good thing I quit this game when the quitting was good as the story apparently is a piece of shit too.


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  1. i know it’s a random question but where do you get your otome games? i’m trying to find riddle garden,tsundere s otome,etc. searching through google is driving me insane leading me nowhere

    Your help will be appreciated ^__^

  2. lol see that sounds pretty awesome but the crap in Romanesque was like “the girl with the orange hair talked to me” like I care (ಠ_ಠ)

    Haha that makes 3 people I know that dropped this game!! XD

  3. good to see dat i wasn’t the onli one who dropped this xD

    haha the vitamin series is awesome way btr den dis shiet, cuz all the kids are completely brain damaged so their mistakes are all super easy to see: Lone wolf –> Lone WAIFU xDxD

  4. Yumii> no problem! Will add you 🙂

    Sharakael> Wand is definitely on my to play list for either summer or fall I forget

    Rin> XD yea my emoticons what else is new lol. From what everyone is telling me Vitamin is like the poor man’s Hanayoi (in a sense that its easier) so I’m not as scared to play it anymore!

  5. Actually, since you persisted through Love Revo and Real Rode, you should have no problem with Wand of Fortune 😀 And I do recommend the original game, even if just for Lagi & Bilal ❤

  6. When I scrolled down your post, all I see was YES IT CAN (ಠ_ಠ) and (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ ROFL.

    The system reminds me of the Vitamin series too. I use auto mode a lot too, so I really have to pay attention to the sentence.. but from what I remember, the wrong sentences you have to スルー / ツッコミ decreases towards the end. So in the first chapters you have to look for like 10 sentences, but in the last you only have like 2-3.

    …wait, Hanayoi has 30++ chapters? Σ(゚ロ゚|||)
    Then I’ll stay away from this, thanks for the warning lol.

  7. ahh sounds complicated but from the guides I saw it didn’t seem as long as Hanayoi? Eh well I guess it’s worth a shot. I have a huge backlog so kicking some games out of it won’t hurt anyway

  8. From what I remember, the choices don’t come up in front of you. When you play for the first time, there’s no indication on which sentence is action-able. On your subsequent playthrough, they do make it easier for you by showing the option for action-able sentences (assuming you found it the last time around). The skip function was quite nice too, as it would stop at action-able sentences (again, only if you’d found it the last time around…)

    The sentences itself… since you’re playing a teacher teaching lazy bastards, basically you have to pick sentences that are “wrong”, and action them. For example, when one of the student described himself as a “lone wife” (ro-n waifu, damn workplace for not installing Japanese IME), you have to action the sentence. Choosing to go along with it will increase affection point, while choosing to correct the mistake will increase his study point. …he meant to say “lone wolf” (ro-n u-fu) ROFL

    As for the quizzes, if you’re aiming to get bonus events you actually have to get perfect score for the quizzes. It’s one reason I haven’t found the will to continue my game… it’s one game where I had to sit in front of my PC with a guide open all the time just so I get all the sentences and quizzes correct. Since I mostly play during commute it’s not really doable…

  9. Ah they’re just 2ch emoji lol. I think you can find them if you just google up 顔文字 XD

    Vitamin X/Z are both on my to play list but yea I heard it’s not as vital and the choices come up in front of you right? So like you have to pay attention but its only during quizzes isn’t it? Well I Don’t know as I haven’t even tried it yet….I’ve played timed choices games before so I think I can do it…. but having like the DIALOGUE itself be part of the “choices” is really grating orz

  10. …actually, the system reminded me of Vitamin X… with having to press the right button at the right sentence… although Vitamin X didn’t span 30+ chapters and the story was hilarious enough that I forgave its system.

    …I love all the emoticons you always use *LOL*. Just where and how did you come up with them? XD

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