Otome Game Review: Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~

So here’s the fandisk to Beastmaster & Prince :D. Unlike the last fandisk I played fortunately this is full of fanservice for the fans of the game and thankfully nobody important actually dies ( ´_ゝ`). The disk contains 3 sections for each character. The first is another story where Tiana picks who she will go to the ball at Kurt’s castle with. The after story, which is the main dish of the game that continues after the first game’s ending for each guy (but before the epilogues). Then there are bonus omakes for each character called “diaries” where you get to see cute scenes that happened “during the last game” and you also get to pet (and now tickle) your favorite furry friends. 😆 The extras section includes a side story but unfortunately no 4komas this time around. Anyway on to our bishies!

Matheus – So in another story they dance at the ball and he promises to Tiana that he won’t dance with other hoes at these kind of events. So now in the after story Tiana comes to live with Matheus & Co. at the Fasan castle. She gets her own room and servants but Matheus tells her that she can do whatever she wants and doesn’t have to rely on anyone. When he shows her around the castle, she sees a pretty lake but he advises her not to go near it because someone recently drowned there. Turns out the person who supposedly drowned was the previous king, Balthazar, aka Matheus’ father. Apparently he had a key to a room in the castle which would have hints on what happened to Bernd’s wife – which was his reason for betrayal. A couple days later a servant calls Tiana saying Matheus needs to see her. When she gets there, she finds him half naked in the bath and screams 😆 He tells her to get used to her future husband’s naked body \( ^o^)/ He tells her he will be having a busy time soon so he will be spending the next week sleeping in her room with her. Matheus also obtains some flowed called Traum and then Tiana uses its petals to make a medicine that helps cure his man fear for a short period of time. He uses Klaus to test it by pulling his cheeks. Sadly the medicine wears off and when he simply shakes Alfred’s hand, he freaks out.

Tiana tells Matheus that she wants to make his dream come true where he is surrounded by a lot of kids and he doesn’t have the man curse on him. Matheus is so overcome with emotion that he pushes her down on the bed and says he just has to do her! Tiana agrees and they do the mattress mambo that night. So meanwhile Bernd is rotting away in the cell down below, Matheus asks if Tiana can go talk to him to see if she can get any info out of him. Bernd in the meantime i just waiting for his death day and refuses to talk to her or eat any food. He tells her that she is unfit to be the queen of Fasan and that he’s a traitor who couldn’t even protect the woman he loved. Matheus comes back telling Tiana that they’ve found the key to that hidden room in the castle but not Balthazar’s body. They open the door and go down to that room together and they end up in a place fulla torture devices. In there Tiana keeps hearing screams of women’s voices begging for help. She gets sick and they leave taking along with them a letter and a diary they find. They read the letter in Tiana’s room which seems to be a letter from Balthazar to the founder of the letter. The diary is actually the diary of Bernd’s wife who scarificed herself because she didn’t want war in Fasan and she wanted to save Bernd.

So then Matheus cries saying his dad didn’t want to clear up any misunderstandings and just went and drowned himself. When they go to visit Bernd to give him his wife’s diary – the guard tells them that “Matheus was just down here and he took Bernd with him.” Matheus is like “wtf I was with Tiana the whole time.” So turns out, Balthazar went to drown himself but a husband/wife team (I bet Tiana’s parents) saved him. He in turn took a dying Bernd away with him and went off somewhere. Matheus threatened to kill them both for betrayal but instead he dropped to his knees and cried because he couldn’t go killing his real father that he always desired, or Bernd who was like his foster dad. Additionally Balthazar has the same manfear curse that Matheus did and it passed down to him. (Also no idea why Balthazar looks like Matheus’ twin brother instead of like some ossan..) So anyway time passes and Tiana says she plans to release a cookbook with recipes for Fasan cooking. She and Matheus walk around some gift shops and get all いちゃこら while people laugh. Later on Matheus loses a drinking contest and then a few months later it’s their wedding day. He promises to Tiana that he will not have other wives like his dad did 😆 2 years later Matheus and Tiana have a baby boy whose 1 year birthday they are celebrating. Fortunately he did not inherit the manfear curse that Matheus and Balthazar had. In the bonus diaries Matheus lets Tiana ride on top of his lion form, he repairs part of her house that he broke, gets caught stealing food in the middle of the night and then gets jealous of the tiger that Tiana tamed last game XD. Matheus definitely had some awesome 1 liners but again…Midorikawa… ショボーン(´・ω・`)

Alfred – While Alfred’s route was more cute/fluff than Matheus, a lot of it felt identical to Matheus…so it was almost overshadowed by it. Like some of the events that happened would happen just for the sake of “we need this scene now” without any lead up to it. Not really happy that Alfred’s route turned out this way since I like him more than Matheus. 😦 In Another Story, they end up looking for each other and so they keep missing each other until the end of the night. They dance together on the balcony and then Tiana hurts her foot so Alfred acts like the manly man he is and lifts her up himesama dakko style and carries her home. He also confesses to her that he loves her (again why…I thought we went through this in the first game..). In the After Story, Tiana goes to the Fasan castle as usual and gets her own room. I think her room in this route was like way nicer than the one in Matheus’ route 😆 One night Alfred comes back late from one of his missions but Tiana got tired of waiting and fell asleep. She feels someone climb into bed with her and opens her eyes to see a sexy man beast Alfred playing with her hair (*´д`*)ハァハァ. When Matheus starts hitting on Tiana as a joke and says she should give him a kiss on the cheek, Alfred starts raging at him to not hit on his fiance XD. Tiana also tells Alfred that he’s gotten better with his “words” and that he’s almost like Matheus now xDD. I have to admit the sweet talk level of Alfred compared to last game just shot up over 9000 lol.

Alfred suggests that if they ever have a baby, to live in a house near the castle rather than in the castle. He says he knows that Tiana likes to do cleaning/cooking herself and that she’s bored having the servants do everything for her in the castle. She ends up going back to her house in Catleiya and while she is there, she goes and sees Dirk. They have no idea how to remove the seal from Dirk after the dragon incident last game but Silvio shows up and gives her a special magic item. This item allows her to visit dirk in his “dreams” so they sort of have this surreal chat session. He tells her to GTFO like Bernd did in the last route but eventually he warms up to her since he’s a cute shota, rather than a crabby old geezer. He asks her to tell him stories about Alfred and how they met. Alfred then also comes with her one day to talk to Dirk as well. They have a brotherly BL hug (this game wouldn’t be right without it?) and then afterwards to get all the manlove aura off him, Alfred kisses Tiana in the sunset \( ^o^)/ So then they go to the Fasan festival like in Matheus’ route and visit various stores. Alfred tells Tiana he wants lots of babies because he thinks that kids should all be surrounded by lots of siblings. They visit the ice lake and get all ichaicha to keep each other warm as Alfred tells her that he and Dirk used to ice skate here as kids.

So then again without any lead in, there’s a random scene where Alfred comes into her room one night saying he just can’t hold back any longer and he pushes her down on the couch and they have some implied humping. So then a few months later is the wedding. Tiana totally zones out during the whole ceremony until the priest is like “AHEM….bride kissing time hello…” Tiana is like “oh shit” and she jumps up and kisses a shocked Aflred (and shocks her mom to shame) 😆 Alfred’s like “uh okay I guess you may kiss the husband is okay…!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ So then 3 years later they have a loli daughter who looks like a mini Tiana ヽ(^ω^ω^ω^ω^ω^)/ They take her back to Catleiya and she says she likes it better there since it’s not like a refrigerator that Fasan is. In the side stories, the first one wolf-form Alfred sleeps on Tiana’s lap. In the 2nd one she sees some caterpillar and freaks out. Her screams surprises Alfred who rushes into the room thinking she’s in danger, but the problem is he ran out in the middle of bathingn so he’s like half naked and covered in soap 😆 うほぉ。(;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ In the 3rd one Alfred gets addicted to playing Frisbee like a doggie and in the 4th one he gets fan-dogs (probably male) that bring him a bunch of food to eat. I guess Alfred is popular with humans and animals 😆 Anyway Alfred’s route was really sweet but yea a lot of events just kinda felt like “ok we need to put THIS scene in now” without any kind of transition.

Klaus – Sadly Klaus got pretty much as screwed in the fandisk as he did in the original game. While the 2 guys above actually had a story, basically his route was everything BUT a story. I don’t really count reminiscing on childhood memories much of a story but sadly that’s all Klaus was reduced to. (´・ω・`;) He did have some lovely scenes where he was like “oh god Tiana I can’t hold myself back” *makes out furiously* which was nice over the whole “oh no we’re childhood friends we mustn’t” but that alone just wasn’t enough for me lol. It didn’t help that the multiple times that they were kissing, they’d be cockblocked by something related to Kurt 🙄 (like how at the ball he ran away because he found out he had an arranged marriage candidate lol.) Matheus acts all bro and like reserves a hot spring just for them and they go in it together…but sadly Klaus can’t see anything because of the fog on his glasses and because without his glasses he’s blind as a bat. That night Klaus says he wants to marry her and Tiana is so happy that she cries…but Klaus misunderstands and thinks she’s crying because she’s unhappy sigh. So then thanks to Gerda’s viagra, Klaus gets all horny and gets grabby with Tiana but she tells him she didn’t need Gerda’s medicine cause she’s ready to rock YEA キタ━━━ε=ε=ε=(*ノ´Д`)ノ゚.+:。Σ(゚Д゚)クルナ━━━━!! So anyway a few months later, her mom makes her a wedding dress (and we finally see her parents) and then Tiana and Klaus get married.

Sadly unlike the other guys Klaus didn’t get a baby end. Also at the wedding Lucia was bawwing at the church and didn’t come outside. Luciaaaaa (´;ω;`). In the side story 1, Tiana helps mouse-form Klaus read a book by flipping pages. She’s shocked at how fast she has to flip them because he reads at the speed of light apparently. In side story 2 he babbles stuff like “I love you” in his sleep while Tiana is there and she gets embarrassed. When she tells him what he said he just says that he’s been writing love letters in Kurt’s place to his future fiance or something and now he’s babbling those words in his sleep. In the 3rd side story, Klaus gets drunk from a teaspoon of wine that he has with some cheese. I guess since he’s a mouse his alcohol tolerance is..0? In the final story he gets chased around by Silvio since let’s face it, cat & mouse. 😆 I actually discovered in Klaus’ mofumofu that if you have the color pink on long enough, you get a bonus mofu CG. I must be good at petting mice or something since I obviously wasn’t able to get it with Matheus and Alfred! Guess I’ll have to try later. It’s really a pity though. Klaus is so freaking hot in his CGs but again, screwed over by stereotypical childhood friendness.

Silvio – I loved Silvio’s route so much. I think I just have a cat bias or something 😆 So in another story, Silvio emos at the ball that he’s just faking being all fancy but he’s nothing like any of the royals there. To comfort him, Tiana shoves his head into her boobs and says “can you feel my heartbeat”. She says she likes Silvio for who he is and he’s surprised but then he’s like “yay boobies!” \( ^o^)/ Before he can motorboat her any further she tries pushing him away but he refuses so she turns him back into a cat lol. In the After Story, Silvio complains that she won’t let him walk into her room whenever he wants because he might see her sleeping or changing. He complains that he doesn’t understand what the big deal is since they’re lovers anyway. He asks her to “adopt” him so he can live at her house like a pet lol. They work at the pharmacy counter together and commute every day together. At home one day he says that he loves her and says he will be her animal for doing animal trick shows. He kisses her and says he’s wanted to kiss her properly for a while like humans do. (*´Д`)♡ She promises him too that she won’t adopt other animals to train with and that she will only be his beast master =D. They let Gerda watch the pharmacy while the 2 of them head to Fasan for a little vacation. They run into Erik and Lucia building some ice sculptures that Lucia plans to make money off. Apparently while all the other princes got allowances, Lucia stopped getting his after he used it to buy candy and get fat 😆

So they do a show in Fasan but some stupid ossan starts bitching about how they’re doing stuff on his turf. Silvio turns from cat to human and threatens to beat the guy down if he doesn’t f-off. That night, at the Inn they stay in, Silvio crawls into bed with her to cuddle from the cold. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Gerda tells Tiana that Silvio’s spell to turn to human is very complex and that she needs to realize that he can’t be a human forever. Tiana gets upset and when she talks to Silvio he realizes this and says that no matter how much he loves her, he’s just not a human like her. He asks if they can “marry” each other out in the open field. He gives her a ring that he bought for her in Fasan and they kiss. The next morning Tiana wakes up to find Silvio has turned back into a cat and he can only meow. She calls Gerda for help and Gerda says that her curse on Silvio has lifted. She says it’s possible that his body has become immune to the same curse since it was cast on him twice, and that it’s possible that eventually he may no longer be able to turn into a human. She uses an extra strenght golden powder to temporarily turn Silvio human. A few days later she shows up with a special medicine that Laura (the last witch) has made. This medicine will turn Silvio permanently into a human, including his complete genetical makeup rather than just “shape”. That means he will never be a cat again. Unfortunately this medicine has risks and it’s possible that Silvio may die. This is where the cut off is between Good and True end.

In the good end, Tiana decided not to give Silvio the medicine because she didn’t want to risk him dying. She said no matter what form he is in, she wants to be by his side forever. So then Silvio ends up turning back into a cat who lives and trains with Tiana for animal shows. He hisses and scratches any guys who come in contact with her, including Klaus 😆 Tiana eventually becomes the most popular beast master and the finale is she and Silvio on stage with a crowd cheering. Silvio also wears the new scarf she bought for him back in Fasan. God I cried a river in this ending 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん In the true end, she lets Silvio drink the medicine but he immediately passes out – for a month. So one month later, one night Tiana goes and kisses our sleeping beauty and whadya know, it works and he wakes up /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. He wakes up and says he wants to do a lot more than kissing this time so yea implied humping. One year later, he is taking care of the pharmacy with Tiana, in his new scarf, as usual and says he wants to have a real wedding with her this time. Tiana also surprises him with the fact that she’s pregnant with their baby lmfao. XD God even Silvio got to score – poor Klaus (´・ω:;.:… In the side story 1 he crawls into bed in his kitty form to sleep with her. In 2nd story she makes him a fish sandwich and he purposely gets food on his face so she could lick it off. She refuses and he suggests she get some on HER face so he could lick it off. Tiana runs away embarrassed (*´ω`*). In the 3rd one it’s just mofumofu time and in the 3th one he catches a mouse for her but she’s not thrilled as it’s actually poor Klaus in his mouth XD. Gosh Silvio’s route was so cute ><!–!! I mean if they can make such a cute story for him, why does poor Klaus get so screwed over sigh.

Erik – Oh good god was Erik hot. I mean I don’t even normally like shot characters, but when you give me an eroshota like Erik HOW CAN I RESIST (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. In Another Story, he ask Gerda to give him a medicine that would make him older for the night of the ball. It took a while to kick in so while he was still in shota form he was upset and asked if Tiana liked taller guys more. Later on a really fucking hot sexbunny man comes to her asking her to dance. No one can recognize him but Tiana recognizes his voice and is like (  Д ) ゚ ゚ (and so was I xDDD). Good god was Erik hot. (*´Д`)ハァハァフンフンソウソウ So anyway ahem, in the After Story, Erik and Tiana spend most of the beginning just having Klaus be their mail delivery boy. He says that he snapped at school and everyone got to know Erik’s REAL personality 😈 At one point she goes to Zardine with Klaus to see if she can meet Erik, since that’s where he goes to school. Instead she runs into Lucia who gives her a letter from Erik. The letter says “I love you, please wait for me.” Turns out Erik actually went back to Fasan to take care of his sick mother. Tiana makes some jam for him and goes to bring it to his school but the guards are like “lol go away fangirl” and she leaves in tears that she couldn’t give him her jam. Suddenly Erik comes and grabs her from behind and hugs her apologizing for causing tears on her maidenly face! Erik says that he came back from Fasan when his mom’s health got better. He also asks if she could come to Fasan with him to meet his mother but warns her of difficult times ahead. Tiana agrees and they take a nice boat together where he makes out with her to “taste” the jam she made for him better ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ.

So then they go to the Fasan festival together like in the other routes. When they go to the sausage stand Erik almost hurls and he rages how even though he’s never eaten meat in his life, the smell and the sigh of bloody raw meat makes him sick. He says he enjoys shopping even if it is a bit feminine but he has come to accept who he really is. One day at dinner Erik is interrupted by his mother Edith, and he tells Tiana to wait in her room for him. She waits and falls asleep like in Alfred’s route, and wakes up with Erik on top of her ready to pounce 😆 He kisses her and says he wants to go further but says he will hold himself back until he “grows up” some more. So then some crazy lady servant bursts into Tiana’s room and tries to attack her. She’s saved by Alfred and they make her spill the beans. She was apparently hired by Edith, Erik’s mom, to scare away Tiana from the castle. Apparently Tiana was also the reason that Edith had gotten sick in the first place. Seems like Erik’s other relatives are still determined on dethroning Matheus and making Erik king so they want to use Tiana’s dragon controlling powers for this purpose. Erik’s mom doesn’t want him to be king so that’s why she doesn’t approve of their relationship. Tiana feels guilty when she realizes this and so she tells Erik she’s going back to Cattleya and then she cries a river on her way home. Back at Cattleya she tries practicing beast taming some nukos but they totally ignore her and the audience watching her eventually disperses until no one is left.

Tiana is so upset at why suddenly nothing is going well for her until she hears a violin playing nearby. Turns out Erik came to Cattleya for her and says he will live for her and nothing else. He gave up his eligibility to be king so now Edith can stop getting her panties in a bunch. Anyway Erik continues going to school and a few days before his graduation Tiana comes to visit him. He’s no longer the shota that we knew, but that hot manbeast sexbunny that was in Another Story ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ. He says that he’s been holding back a lot and tonight he’s not gonna hold back anymore IF YOU GET MAH DRIFT (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. So in side story 1, while Tiana is rubbing Erik’s bunny head he comments that he wishes she could turn into an animal to so he could do the same 😆 In the 2nd one Erik spoon feeds her some cake. In the 3rd one he gets into an argument with Lucia over his mess of a room when Tiana comes to help clean it up. In the 4th one he sits on Alfred’s doggy feet while doggy Alfred is doing pushups – at the same time crushing his tail too 😆 XD So evil. The funniest part is the entire time, bunny form Erik had that sexy deep voice, so that’s pretty much why I’ve coined him the sex bunny. I mean even during the mofumofu scenes …oh my god (*´Д`)ハァハァフンフンソウソウ. Forget Matheus dude, Erik is where it’s at XDXDXD. Erik’s route was good but it felt a bit “cut off” suddenly when Tiana just went back to Cattleya and then suddenly everything got magically resolved.

Lucia – キタ━(゚∀・)━( ゚∀)━(  ゚)━(  )━(_゚_)━(゚  )━(∀゚ )━(゚∀゚)━!!!!! Ok so I saved the best for last and YOU SHOULD DO because despite my Lucia bias, I really do think Lucia’s route was the most “fitting” to the whole beastmaster scenario and was the cutest anyway :P. In Another Story, Lucia confides in Kurt some stuff about the ball but Kurt is a dumbass and says everything in front of Tiana 😆 Like the part where Lucia asked Kurt how can he get to be “alone” with Tiana that night /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Kurt also says Tiana smells good (cause that’s like all he does all day I swear) and that Lucia smells “Pathetic” XDXD. At the balcony he gets all embarrassed and hugs Tiana from behind |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . In the After Story, Lucia has to babysit and chase Kurt around since he doesn’t exactly want to be King. He tells Tiana that when she was passed out after the dragon taming, he got into a fight with her dad. He says he always admired her dad’s violin skills and wanted to someday be as good as he was. They go to Kurt’s castle and there Lucia tells Tiana that he went there every day since his grandpa was killed. He wanted to introduce Tiana to him and he starts crying saying the he couldn’t do anything for him before he passed away. A few months later Lucia can finally take a break from babysitting Kurt and his school is on vacation so he tells Tiana he wants to spend some more time with her – getting all いちゃいちゃ since they are lovers XD.

Since he is on break, Lucia asks Tiana to come visit Fasan with him for a bit. When they get there, he tells all his brothers to f-off and not touch his woman XDXD. There was 2 kiss scenes of them already, both of which were really cute, but sadly we didn’t get a CG for them (´;ω;`). So while they are walking around the Fasan festival, some ossan pushes himself into her and then claims that she hurt him and owes him medical money. Lucia tells him to GTFO and then they go shopping and he buy Tiana a scarf. He tells her that he’s rented a room for her to stay in and she gets sad thinking he will go back to the castle and leave her alone. Lucia smiles and says there’s no way he’d leave her alone and that he’d stay with her – but they’d share a room because the local Inns were pretty booked due to the festival. After she comes out of the shower she finds Lucia sleeping and she stares at his face reminiscing about when they first reunited again in the last game. Lucia opens his eyes and asks what she’s staring at and pulls her on the bed on top of him ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ. He then asks her to kiss him since he says he’s always the one kissing her first. She does but he says it’s not enough and then he kisses her AND THE SOUND EFFECTS OH MY GOD (R-18 version plzzzzzzzzz (;´Д`)ハァハァ/lァ/lァ/ヽァ/ヽァ ノ \ア ノ \ア / \ ア / \ ア) He tells her that he wants to go further and omg I swear they totally did it. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ The next day Tiana sees Lucia outside playing his violin but I guess he sucks and not a single person is standing and listening. He says he’ll try his best to practice and become better than Tiana’s father.

One day on his way to Tiana, Lucia’s carriage gets attacked by some bandits. He tried to escape like he did before and he put some golden dust on himself to become a duck and fly away. Unfortunately because of the commotion he spilled his golden dust bag and then got captured by the bandits who planned to sell him to a butcher. He managed to escape and finally came home to a crying Tiana. She glomps him in tears but then later they both realize it’s like a week before the beastmaster competition and Lucia is…a duck. Tiana contacts Gerda asking for help but Gerda says she’s so far away now that it would take her 10 days to get to Catleya, which would be past the contest date. Lucia also caught a cold, in duck form but when he gets better Tiana breaks the news to him about Gerda. Lucia just shrugs it off and says they can try again next year. He then leaves the room and goes to his room and beats himself up for it crying that he’s let Tiana down. Tiana goes out into the field to make herself feel better and runs into Kurt. When she tells him the story with Lucia, he starts crying. Klaus comes to them looking for Kurt and says Tiana shouldn’t give up just yet. First he’s gone ahead and already entered them into the competition so there’s no problem in that department. Secondly he suggests that they make the medicine themselves and just use guidance from Gerda. It’s all or nothing and so they split up and successfully make the golden powder and turn Lucia back to human form. Lucia says while he’d love to hug and kiss her now, he needs to practice since only 1 day left before the competition.

So on the day of the competition, they notice Fransz and Belinda (Tiana’s parents) in the audience. Lucia gets nervous but before it’s their turn to go, he gives Tiana a kiss. Needless to say, they win the show and go celebrate at Tiana’s house. Klaus gets drunk and says Lucia should take Kurt’s place as king if Kurt doesn’t stop running away and shoving all his duties on to other people. 😆 The parents go off on a walk and leave a letter for Tiana in which Belinda says that Fransz didn’t want to but approves of Lucia and he even cried at their performance. Lucia and Tiana go out for a walk and they lie on the grass and watch the stars together and say how much they love each other. .。゚+.(´∀`○)゚+.゚。 In the epilogue, Lucia and Tiana go to Fasan where they do a performance and have to get the attention away from their brothers to them. While they are performing, they run into Tiana’s parents who are also performing nearby. Fransz complains and rages that Lucia not call him お父様 😆 but then the 4 of them put on a show together. Belinda tells Fransz to lighten up and accept Lucia already XDXD. In side story 1, Tiana comes to clean Lucia’s room which is a disaster as usual. He tells her it’s an organized mess and to leave it alone. When she ignores him, he pulls on her dress skirt with his beak and rips it. Tiana gets pissed and starts tossing stuff out and Lucia cries and apologizes and lets her fondle his duck butt. In the 2nd story he tried to help Tiana with cooking but burned everything instead. Tiana then offered to teach him so he could always help her make dinner. In story 3, duck Lucia gets lost and captured by a butcher and Tiana has to go save him. In story 4, he calls her a hentai for always wanting to grab his duck butt. After mofumofuing him, Silvio shows up complaining that ducks don’t need mofumofu (well they don’t xDD) and that it’s his turn. He then continues arguing with Lucia about whether a cat or a duck is cuter and they make Tiana choose….who then avoids the subject and runs off to make dinner ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ Ahh anyway I just loved Lucia’s route so much. While I was disappointed he didn’t get as much kiss scenes as say Alfred, he had so much story that they needed to use CGs for other events – which I’m okay with.

Overall I’m very happy with the fandisk. The biggest disappoint: KURT ROUTE WHERE!? (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ They created an entire section called Fransz diary which was basically just the diary of Tiana’s dad throughout last game and this game. That’s nice. I want my Kurt route. I mean even if it was something short. They didn’t need to give him like a complex another story, after story etc. Just a quick little special Kurt route woulda been sufficient! But no instead I was forced to read Fransz’ diary just to get the missing final CG from the game. Yea I realize text takes less effort than CGs but it’s almost like a forced waste of time or something just to make the game longer. The only one I read really was the last one where Fransz and Belinda watch Lucia and Tiana’s performance at the beast master compeition. *extreme bias :twisted:*The game felt extremely short and I finished it very quickly – which made me sad at the end. I mean yea fandisks are usually shorter but I guess I just loved the series (*andcoughLucia) so much that I kinda wished for more @_@. Okay I guess I just wanted more Lucia. I can’t get enough of Lucia. Did I mention I love Lucia? I love Silvio too and Erik is really hot… ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ Ok anyway yea very much recommend. I just feel sorry for Klaus and Alfred for getting kinda shafted in their routes – especially Klaus. I also had a massive difficulty with the mofumofu system. You had to have it pink for a long time to get the bonus mofu CG. In order to do this you had to find the “favorite” spot of each guy in order to get it. From my recollection, mouse & bunny liked to get nose rubs. Lucia and Alfred liked chestal area rubs. Matheus liked the back and Silvio liked the left shoulder/arm area. I hope that helps anyone who is having trouble like I did… (´ε`;) Not gonna get upset though since my favorite character had the best route. I definitely recommend playing Lucia’s route last, either that or Silvio. The rest you can do in whatever order you want. Definitely one of the better titles Otomate has put out so I hope to play another one from the same “team” in the future =D. (Rather than like how I hope to never play another title by the team who made Armen Noir and Edel Blume again…. (ಠ_ಠ)).

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  1. o.o i can tell that Lucia’s route is a lot longer than the others, but since u love him so much i guess it cant be helped *sigh*

    cant wait to watch the next broadcast (though i will probably never get as excited as i did for this one) *sigh*


    damn needa play this fandisk but got all that other shiet to play. I must say, Tiana has some nice boobies unlike most all ages otome games (i say all ages cuz *coughAshecough* xD) xD

  3. domshiki> lol yea I was surprised how big her boobs were xDDD most all ages girls have pretty average size or are completely flat lol. but hey its nice to have a non plain lookin’ heroine for once 😆

    Fumiko> Haha aww I felt that way about a lot of games too but I guess I just move on and try to enjoy each game as much as I can (with exception of QUALITY ones lol)

  4. Tiana’s boobs look even bigger in this game lol.
    ..is that her dad in that snufkin-like outfit? o_o
    I’m also saving Lucia for the last since tsundere duck is my favorite too. But I also like sexy Erik. He’s brimming with pheromone, just like what the 4 koma said in the previous game lol.

    Oh, and thanks for the review. I’ll stay away from Armen Noir then. xD

  5. @@ prolly be a while before I can even read Japanese at a comfortable level. This looks like quality drawing… the beast in me wants a +18 (cough) tag to this game.

    And wow, you really burn through the otome games really fast.


  6. Rin> The funny thing is about Armen is like, I liked some of the characters on their own, but all their stories were awful. Like the omake at the end where they were all lol/gag humor was prolly the best part of the game. If they ever made an Armen Noir fandisk where everyone went to the hotsprings and lols ensued, I’d play it in a heartbeat 😆 In other news yes I think Tiana’s boobs got even larger lol…and yes that’s her dad in Lucia’s CG (and mom)

    SilentWolfie> I have lots of time on my hands these days 😆 I also wanted some R-18 stuff on Eric and Lucia’s routes….oh god Ericcc ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ

  7. Thank you a lot for the review, now I’m TOTALLY looking forward to playing it.

    I actually watched a little bit when you were mofumofuing Erik in bunny form, and yup, I was really impressed at how ERO he was. I ike had my mouth wide open because I couldn’t believe what he was saying xD

  8. twentyninenights> the game was sadly very short! I really had wished there was more TAT I hope you enjoy it!

    blancayuki> haha I think all of them were pretty ero xD even 2ch people commented too how Klaus sounded pretty erotic and that some of those sound effects shoulda been made R-18 😆

  9. OMG the art is gorgeous *________* Like jesus christ. AMAZING. Other otome companies, take note!!

    From the way you described them, I’m thinking Eric’s my fav. >:DDDDD Silvio is second. Klaus is third just for the glasses /lawl megane weakness.

  10. yea I really like the team/artist who did this game and Arcobaleno. I don’t know what other games they did for Otomate but I hope they do more! Klaus is hot but his route was just so disappointing!

  11. Omg this is so cute. The art is ~amazing~. I nearly died of moe looking at the CGs. XD

    SO hoping that they will make a PSP version for this as well. *prays hard*

  12. Boooo. …the megane fetish in me had wanted something more for Klaus… 😦
    Regardless I guess I’ll play this game… the original game’s getting ported to PSP for June or July release, so I’m optimistic that the fandisc will get ported too \o/

  13. Erik = bunny, eroshota/sexy older beast is pure WIN.

    Omigosshh, I think I’m liking Erik, Lucia and Silvio’s route the best~~ Yay for fanservice!!! Sad though about Klaus… meganes are awesome too D’:

    ❤ can't wait for the original game to get ported ❤ I agree with Shara, if the original is getting ported, I'm sure the fandisk will too which means… added content?! Lol 😛

  14. oh wow…so especially after reading all your reviews of pc otome games like this one, I’ve been wanting to try and play some again. But the thing is, I have Windows 7 64-bit and no game I’ve tried works.

    I remember reading in one of your posts that you had problems with Win 7, too. Did you ever find a way to work around them? Or are you just playing PS2 otome games now? Thanks and sorry to spam this post with a question, I just got desperate because I wanna play all these games but couldn’t find any help(・ω・;)

  15. tomo> I only got Windows 7 last August and a lot of my old PC game reviews I played on Vista or Windows 2000..so it’s possible that they may no longer work on Windows 7 at this point (´・ω・`;)

    At the moment I’m just focusing on my PS2 backlog but I could never get old games like Purelover Flavor or Pretty Flap for example to work on my new system. I have Windows 7 Pro so I could run Windows XP on it but sadly Win XP doesn’t have Japanese fonts so I wouldn’t be able to read anything anyway 😦

    FYI though, this is a PS2 game.

    mimi> I cry a river when I hear there’s extra content on a PSP port (i.e. my face when I heard about all the starry sky games ported with more CGs and tsukiko having eyes)

  16. -//////////- they so hot and so sexy xD !!! arr~ i will melt… beacause them >////<
    so like this game so much !!

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