Pangya Update 3/10

Too lazy to post in Japanese sorry. Just for the fun of trolling I think I may just post Pangya updates in the following format. Cash & Free. This way you can see how much of the events/update depend on you spending money.

So let’s see this week…

Cash Updates:

  • Bath Towel Gacha
  • St. Patricks Day hats
  • Candy clubset

Non Cash Updates:

  • Nell’s bath towel in Cauldron
  • Card remover event

So let’s see the non cash events are grind for Nell items except I don’t give a crap about anything Nell related. Card removers only drop from 9th and 18th hole. Also apparently they are not guaranteed to drop. That means you could do like 5 tourneys and only maybe get 1~3 boxes. SOUNDS LIKE FUN. Seeing as how the last few updates have been lottery based and I don’t actually have any new outfits for Lucia (and I have a ton of duplicate cards that I don’t really need the removers for) I guess I will be passing on this update. See you in 2 weeks?

Geez I may as well be “retired” from Pangya. I haven’t been logging into it at all and I guess I won’t be the rest of the month. Oh well that’s fine seeing as how  now that I”m back on Tartaros, I kinda stopped giving a crap anyway. ( ´_ゝ`)

11 thoughts on “Pangya Update 3/10

  1. I thought of something. Pangya GB = Pangya Global or Pangya Gamble. lol

    I know someone that plans to spend their paycheck to try and get Arin’s bath towel only. I could have replied, “might as well take out your savings too” but it’s their money I guess.

  2. lmfao wow! You’re absoluately right. Pangya Gamble HAHAHAHA アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ! Nice one!

    Also lol you’re right, with the POS gacha rates on the Gamble server, they might as well take out their savings and 401k while they’re at it

  3. lol give it up. as polls show, 75% of pangya players on Japan are men and Japan seems to make the majority of the gacha decisions nowdays ┐(‘~`;)┌

    as far as I know there hasn’t been a single new man gacha since like…nymph wings?

  4. who said anything about it being hard? it’s simply not profitable. Pangya is a man’s game, there’s almost no content left for MALE characters…which is why I like Tartaros. Usually the balance of male vs female items is a lot better and at least there I can buy any cash items in the global auction.

    Pangya has really become a joke to me. I came back to it because Tartaros kept erroring out but now that this is fixed, I’ve once again rediscovered how pointless Pangya is and that spending money is all that’s left to do in that game.

  5. I wanted to give you an update about that person trying to get Arin’s Towel Set. Well he spent 17 coins and not to my surprise, won nothing.

    He seemed like he wanted to see her pantsu so badly and what it looked like. So I pulled out my metaseq and gave him a fully zoomed shot of her pantsu and saved him his paycheck. He was convinced with just that picture alone.

    I’m sure Maria would love to have Kaz wearing a towel around his waist. 😀

  6. I think it’s good to drop male clothes in gacha, so that people don’t pay to get unwanted craps.

    I tried to play Pangya GB, but I always ended up getting angry and quit after a few games.

    When will we see megucas in Tartaros?

  7. Rich> I am not surprise either what a joke lol. ( ´_ゝ`) Regarding Kaz – hm sounds hot but never hot enough to blow gacha money for. I don’t see why SGI doesn’t just put some of this stuff in the shops – I think a lot more people buy shop stuff than blow on gacha 🙄

    Ham> What are megucas? 😯 Well since my main character is Lucia I wouldn’t really want guy stuff either but the only reason she is my main is because I got her ears & wings…if I had bob’s ears/wings etc I’d main him too lol. Honestly I logged in today – played a tourney, won 2 card removers and logged off. Pangya is so casual to me I guess I only just play during events (and only fun events for that matter…)

  8. holy shit lmfao プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵
    but yea the Kyubey avatar is coming next week (finally) but I think they may cancel the rest of the collab. they prolly didn’t predict the show to be so depressing when they made the agreement lol

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