Poupee Travel Event 2011

I think they should have a travel event to like some other part of Japan! Or maybe Australia or something other than just Europe or America or something (ಠ_ಠ) Have some variety Katherine. Sadly most of the ribbon items are hideous. I think all I bought was the ticket and a fruit basket. Oh well, I guess I can save the mass of ribbons I recently accumulated then!


2 thoughts on “Poupee Travel Event 2011”

  1. I want some new kimonos to be honest lol. I don’t mind if I don’t spend any ribbons now – the kimonos are always so expensive and I always cry tears when I can’t afford to buy more than like an obi XD

  2. Only jewel buyers got the suitcase, as usual. Maybe in Kath’s mind travel = western, but it’s nice to see a different event name since lately it’s all “something-GIRL” lol. But yeah most of the ribbon stuff are hideous, I hope the second batch will be better.

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