Otome Game Review: Last Escort 2 ~Shinya no Amai Toge~

So continuing with my February Escort Month  we’re moving on to #2. I guess D3p realized that LE 1 was just too much torture and LE2 was significantly easier. The obvious things were that you didn’t have to spam the lottery to earn money. You earned money by selling random crap on L-Ebay. You could buy so much crap in 1 route and go into the red but you’d start fresh in the next route, keep all your items and sell them for more money! Yes it’s cheating but it beats lottery spam 😆 After about 4? routes of ebaying my 99 computers and refrigerators I no longer even needed to do this as my 3.5 million would kinda balance out to the same amount every time I started & finished the next route. Additionally you could save at any point! Change options at any point! What a concept! That means if you weren’t playing on an emulator this game wouldn’t make you rage 20 times over. They hired a different artist to draw the guys so everyone’s hotness level instantly went up! Just like with LE1 the music was very jazzy as well and just like with LE1 I’m sad to say there was no music gallery either ( ´_ゝ`). Bummer. Anyway this time the club is still club Gorgeous but our heroine is Andou Serika who is a 20 year old magazine reporter. The new Gorgeous tenchou is now Amane and not Minazuki ;_;. The club also looks less golden and more sleezy. Additionally the game time has been cut from a full year span to only a half year span and they added some mini games to try to entertain (read: enrage) you.

Shintani Reiji – I feel like I’m hearing Shimono everywhere in my games lately but I’m not complaining! キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:+;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━ While Reiji is a lovely scorpio who turns 21 in the game, he often acts like a 15 year old spoiled child. Serika finds him sleeping on the stairs of her apartment building because that’s where he lives. After she takes him to her room and feeds him he starts coming over daily begging for food like a stray puppy 😆 He became a host scouted by the tenchou Amane. Reiji has a fascination with samurai/ninja movies or something and often ends all his sentences with degozaru and refers to himself as sessha プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵。 He seems like the happy genki guy until one day on TV they start talking about rumors about an actress and her affair. Reiji suddenly rages and breaks his plate then runs off. At Gorgeous, that celebrity, Hibiki, keeps coming in asking Amane to be her escort. Reiji thinks that there’s something going on between them and he gets all bitchy too. When Serika tries to defend him in front of her, she gets so annoyed she goes to slap her but Reiji protects her. Serika is confused but Reiji asks her to please not ask him any questions. He tells her one day he will tell her everything.

So yea the big thing with Reiji is his parents got divorced when he was young and he went to live with his dad. Hibiki is actually his mother and since she’s an actress, Reiji was like a “hidden child” so that there wouldn’t be any scandals. This is why he never thought of himself has “having a mother”. When his dad remarried, Reiji graduated high school and immediately left home because he felt like he was out of place with his stepmother and stepsister. Hibiki tried to get him to do modeling jobs but he would just quit and that’s why he ended up being a host. After Xmas when Serika perma-reserves him, and she finds out all the truth abuot his family, they both admit that they like each other. On Valentine’s day she comes to the host club and gives him chocolates saying she can’t stay long because she has to go to work early the next day. Reiji isn’t about to have any of that and starts slipping his hand up her skirt (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン She tells him to calm down while he’s at the host club and to just wake her up later when he comes home from the club XDXD The next morning after they hump all night long, Reiji’s dad comes by their apartments.

Serika realizes Reiji’s still sleeping in her room so she runs to get him. The dad asks Reiji to come home but Reiji refuses saying he just doesn’t feel comfortable living there anymore. (lol Chihiro ripoff story but anyway) He runs into Hibiki again who tells him to go to a different modeling agency and stop with the host b/s. In March, Reiji disappears and then gives Serika a call telling her they can’t see each other anymore. When Serika runs into Hibiki she tells her that she better think about moving. Turns out Hibiki has come out in the open about her “child” and so the press ran after Serika. Serika went searching for Reiji and finally found him moping around the beach (maybe living in a tent? lol) She slaps him saying she was worried about him and Reiji promises not to run away anymore. For a while he’s on the run from the press and when they calm down he meets up with his parents and thanks them for raising him (lol oh Japan.) He finally returns to Serika and 5 years later he’s a famous model. In the special scene (like in Death Connection because apparently some of the same writers worked on this xD) Reiji tells Serika he has a great opportunity to be a model in Paris – forever. Serika cries saying she’ll never see him but a few months later she’s offered an opportunity to work at a sister company that just opened in Paris – thanks to Hibiki. Serika then flies to Paris and lives there with Reiji happily ever after. I didn’t like the way Reiji looked at 26 though, he looked so much cuter before (´・ω:;.:…

Kanzaki Aoi (Kohki) – Wow talk about a man with baggage and sand in his mangina. For a bit of the game I was like “okay I can kinda relate to his situation” but by the end – no he really is just a whiny bitch. Why is every Cancer zodiac character always a whiny bitch? Sigh anyway. Aoi is 25 but he’s still an immature brat – he just pretends like he’s all adult and mature. I actually felt sorry for Serika in this route for putting up with his bullshit honestly ( ´_ゝ`). He works under Makoto’s dad as Makoto’s babysitter which is why he’s a host in the first place. He was forced to do a bunch of bitch jobs which he put up with all for his grandiose scheme to dethrone his boss and take his place. That means whatever Makoto does, Aoi follows so when Makoto moves into the same apartment building as Serika, Aoi of course rents a room there as well. So now Serika not only has to feed Reiji, but Makoto and Aoi start coming by begging for food too. 😆 Whenever Aoi gets into his bitchy mood and Serika’s around he decides it’s a good idea to take his stress out on her in his usual sexually harassing ways. At the beginning of the game he only kisses her but since I”m on his route now we take that 1 step up and he ORDERS her to let him have sex with her (wait what (ಠ_ಠ)..) That night when he’s sleeping he mumbles “I’ll kill you” in his sleep. See what I mean? Sigh.

So then later on Makoto decides to be a fucking troll that he is and he asks Serika to go to a hotel with him. For reasons unknown to me she agrees and of course he’s like “how come you will fuck Aoi but not me!?” Serika’s like “yea I’m not sure myself” just like how she’s not sure why the hell she keeps coming into Aoi’s room every time 😆 At one point Aoi tells her to stop coming to the host club cause it’s too expensive but she cries and he’s like “well we’re neighbors we can still see each other….” Serika’s lol just kidding trolled ya! Poor Aoi. Anyway from here on Aoi becomes super bitchy and he gets slapped by the Mama and says if he hates being a host so much he should just quit. He then runs off to emo somewhere and when he comes back Serika yells at him saying she was worried because she likes him. That shuts him up and he cries manly tears admitting that he’s stressed from all the trolling that he’s brought upon himself and then says he likes her as well. One day Makoto’s trolling at the club goes too far and Aoi finally punches him in the face プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then tells Serika to GFTO and leave him alone while he orzes alone. Makoto gets all bitchy and comes into Serika’s room trying to twist her arm or something and then Aoi bursts in raging sigh. So much drama. He apologizes for his whining and then they have makeup secks. In February he finds out that after another month he’ll be quitting his host job as per his boss Kijima. He tells Kijima he put up with his shit but he’ll take him down. Kijima says that’s fine but stop putting up with shit. If you don’t like something don’t do it, lol? ( ´_ゝ`)

So anyway the backstory is that Kijima, Mimori and Jin (Aoi’s dad) started the company together a while ago. Jin came up with some product that sold well overseas and the company profited. Then Jin was diagnosed with leukimia and after that he became an shitlord like Aoi and began beating his wife and child, sigh. He left the company and started his own company whose profits began to decline and it only stayed active thanks to Kijima secretly funding it. Kijima realized that the company was just ruining Jin which is why he purposely tried to destroy it since Jin didn’t give a damn about anything anyway. So yea the whole Kijima is my enemy was a massive misunderstanding on Aoi’s part and the reason Aoi never knew about this is because he refused to ever listen to Kijima talk. SIGH. MEN. (ಠ_ಠ) On his last day as a host, Aoi gives Serika a boquet of white roses. Kijima considers Aoi as his own son, since he took place in naming him when he was born and he starts another company asking Aoi to be the CEO there. Realizing he can’t revive his dad’s company from scratch, Aoi decides to take the offer and 5 years later he’s a successful businessman. Serika ends up interviewing him and as a joke she asks “do you have someone you like” and he answers “she’s in front of me.” So a few months later Aoi shoves a ring box into her hands saying “brb” and she’s like “WTF DONT PROPOSE TO ME LIKE THAT” as she glomps him 😆 不器用すぎww Aoi looked so much hotter when he cut his hair, it was like the opposite of Reiji’s image change haha. Anyway way too much bitching/drama with Aoi. Even though he had his dere moments it was like 90% pissed off whiny bitch, 10% dere? Meh oh well.

Kijima Yuuki (Makoto) – Yuuki’s route pretty much starts on the same path as Aoi’s and then branches off. That means Serika got laid by both Aoi and Yuki in 1 route /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Yuuki is obviously Kijima’s son so he’s a rich and spoiled brat. It’s so bad almost to the point where it’s like he’s lived under a rock his entire life. I mean he doesn’t even know the idea of “hand made” chocolates for Valentine’s Day and doesn’t understand why he has to “give things in return” on White Day. Okay we don’t practice this in America but come on dude you’re Japanese wtf. Yuuki’s profile says he’s 18 which boggles my mind. First of all he’s underage but unlike with Chihiro in LE1, there’s no mention of this and nothing to hide it….so either they completely forgot about his fact or he’s not actually 18. He said he’s a college student but hey I was in college when I was 18 so….yea. He drinks alcohol under age (in Japan drinking age is 20) and everybody is ok with this! ┐(‘~`;)┌ I don’t even know anymore. Yuuki spends most of the game bitching about one thing or another and instead of saying he “likes” Serika he says “we both don’t hate each other.” He even thinks that having sex means you are lovers – and doesn’t realize the thing Serika did with Aoi was just a 1 night stand 😆 He’s so immature in many ways (probably because his mom was sick, dad was never around so he never had anyone to really raise him except maids) that there was just way too much tsun and not enough dere for my liking.

Yuuki’s got an annoyingly awful temper too so not only does he bitch but if you get on his bad side, like some random guy at the club did, he almost beat the guy to death on the spot. Anyway his fatherly hate stems from the fact that his mother was sick and his father was too busy with work to ever come visit her. Even when she had to have surgery, his dad was busy doing businessman things since he’s the company CEO and after the surgery his mother was unable to speak. She can still hear but she cannot speak anymore. Ever since then Yuuki hated his dad and refused to take over the company when the time came. He keeps a teddy bear in his room named Mr. Boo who was given to him by his mother when she was still healthy. Yuuki also has a fondness for reading and his dream is to be a picture book illustrator. For white day he brings Serika to some log cabin that’s his “memorable place” and his present to Serika is…his cock apparently since he asks if she can “spend the night” (〃▽〃)ポッ Anyway at the end of March he quits the host club, moves out of the apartment and goes to study in college abroad. He comes back 5 years later (with his hair longer sigh) and he stopped being a horrible tsundere and is actually like “I love you Serika”. Great. Woulda been nicer if you were like that the first 4 hours of the game ( ´_ゝ`). Also a sad event has happened: Gorgeous has closed. This route was a drag simply because first 2 months I had to spend visiting other guys and then I had to cram all the Makoto visits in back to back and I was going out of my mind with all the repeated dialogue.( ಠ益ಠ )

Honjou Ryouta (Ryo) – Ryo’s meeting with Serika is she gets pissed drunk (see what I mean….) and he brings her home. He has a UFO mania and he’s still in college, attending the same university as Serika’s bff Nozomi. As fate would have it, Nozomi has a crush on him but after Ryo meets Serika, it’s love at first sight because he just can’t get her out of his head. (Hell yea 2 Kylie songs in 1 sentence xD) While in the other routes he just felt like the obsessive stalker fanboy, I think I completely fell for him in his own route (*´д`*)ハァハァ . Oh also in this route I made my room look like a love hotel to be appropriate to the fact that despite him having sex with Serika because he loves her, she only thought of it as “Host and customer” LOLOL. Talk about true manwhore route! Well actually the reason Serika was in this huge denial is she was all guilty for “taking Ryo” away from Nozomi. Ryo gets kinda stalky because he stood outside her apartment in the snow waiting for her to come out lol. On New Years eve he comes to her place like a stray puppy begging for love & affection XD. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Nozomi gets annoyed with Serika’s bullshit and tells her to stop blaming her indecisiveness on her friend’s heartbreak. She says there’s plenty of fish in the sea and Serika needs to stop stomping all over Ryo’s feelings with the host/customer bullshit. Hell even Serika’s boss Tomoe (who is a Ryo fangirl) is like “wtf girl get on with it.”

Serika runs into Ryo’s twin brother Keita. When Keita finds out that Ryo’s a host he’s pissed at the stupid shit his brother is doing. He tells Serika later that Ryo’s at his limit and so finally in February, Serika asks Ryo if they can “start” over because now she’ll be honest with her feelings. A week later she comes to his hot bachelor pad and they “hump again for the first time”. Ryo also sends Serika a bunch of raburabu emails about how he feels like he’s walking on puffy clouds and everything around him is sparkling. Actually Ryo’s emails were a lot of fun to read. He’s kind of a perv so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was most lust at first sight considering his first email to Serika was about her boobies. So yea drama time – Ryo’s dream was to become a photographer but he stopped because he feels like he destroyed Keita’s dream. When they were younger, Keita was a star runner but one day Ryo asked him to climb a tree together. The branch Keita was on broke and he fell injuring his legs so he was unable to run as fast as he used to. Keita knew it’s not really Ryo’s fault since he didn’t HAVE to climb the tree but he wanted to just blame someone so he always acted like it was Ryo’s fault and hated him. Keita’s other dream is to be a painter and so Ryo wants to make his brother’s 2nd dream come true and wants to pay for his studies abroad in Paris. (What’s with this game and Paris?)

So after some stupid fight Keita gets the sand out of his mangina and tells Ryo to pick up his dream of being a photographer once more. Oh yes before I forget, Keita ran into Nozomi one day while they both met up with Serika and the 2 got in a fight. Keita bitched how Japanese girls are loud unlike the quiet French girls (lol what?) and Nozomi yelled at him saying she’ll show him the charm of a Yamato Nadeshiko so they randomly decide to start dating…and so when Keita is off to study abroad, Nozomi is going with him because they’ve apparently become ラブラブ lol. XD So yea now the bff gets the twin brother, everyone’s happy! So 5 years later Ryo’s photos are now in an art gallery (the photos all look like backgrounds from LE1 😆 ) and he gives Serika a ring asking to marry her and move in together. In the special ending, Keita asks to buy some of Ryo’s photos and they both tell each other to come to each others weddings. DAWW LOL BEST END EVER \( ^o^)/ . Also Ryo looked freaking hot 5 years later cause he arranged his hair nicely instead of growing some mullet or something ( ´_ゝ`). It’s funny I was told this would be the most annoying route but so far I’ve found it to be the most enjoyable. ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆

Mori Nobuyuki (Amane Issei) – I really like Amane, I really do but leave it to d3p to come through and fucking ruin things for me as usual! For whatever fucking reason I didn’t get his birthday CG despite redoing February completely to make sure a) I had his affection to 100 b) Making sure he was #1 host for February (I even got the Champagne Call) and c) making sure I had Music leveled up to 5. But no! I guess that wasn’t enough as I completely missed his scene TWICE and of course because I’m missing a CG the game didn’t allow me to then see his special ending. I found a Japanese wiki later which said that if Makoto and Kanzaki weren’t living in that apartment building, the birthday scene would not happen. This was NOT mentioned in the guide I followed and I thought they were both living there since I recall them stopping by my room a few times during the way. Oh well doesn’t matter. Not redoing his route again. Not going through the same shit I went with for Satoru. Well at least here I got Amane’s good end rather than how I just kept getting thrown into nowhere with Satoru in LE1. Blah whatever honestly if this was any other VN where it was just “skip, pick choice, skip some more” I woulda redone his route in a heartbeat. This game? Go to host club again and press stupid fucking buttons? Redecorate my room 20 times to “clean it”? How about no. ( ಠ益ಠ ) So anyway I guess my Amane summary will be slightly incomplete. Anyway, Amane is the new manager of Gorgeous and the last manager since the club closes after this game. He’s very popular with Reiji’s milf mom so the bitch not only causes grief for Reiji but she causes grief in this route too! 😡

His sad story is that he was engaged to some girl he loved but she was sick. He went to go do some jobs to try to make money for their wedding and while he was busy working she collapsed. The doctors said she couldn’t live past 15 and when she hit 15 and was ok they both thought it was no big deal…well now she’s DEAD! (Well I don’t know if she’s dead as they pretty much dropped that plot point right then and there which was kind of a bummer. I suppose if they kept it though it would have been too much like Kazuma’s route in LE1 😆 ) So anyway after that whole incident young Amane was emoing until Hibiki picked him up as her boytoy and gave him his host name so that she could mold him into the best host in Japan. So now he’s like 32 and he’s been hosting it most of his life while being Hibiki’s play thing. That all changed once he met Serika who just so happens to look like his dead (?) fiance. So after much humping Serika realizes that they’re just host and guest and gets all sad and runs off. Amane tries to tell her indirectly that he likes her but you know how well indirectness works in otome games! He even tells her that he made a rule for Gorgeous that hosts are not allowed to bring their customers to their houses. He says he broke that rule and he should be fired. (LOL well don’t worry Amane, so did EVERY OTHER GUY IN THIS GAME. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ )

So anyway after getting support from both Touko Mama and Hiroshi, Serika decides it’s time to stop with the manwhoring and she stops seeing Amane. Amane in the meantime decides it’s time to stop being a manwhore so he tells Hibiki he’s done with her. He gives her back her pimp car and the fancy pad that she was paying for him. She knows that he likes Serika and he tells her to go to that 小娘 or else she’s gonna slap a mofo. Amane runs to Serika’s apartment, declares his love to her directly then runs off. Serika is like oh shit I gotta tell him my feelings too..but he moved and now I have no idea how to contact him! Not to worry Serika-chan as a few days later, Amane moves into her apartment building and 5 years later he becomes the buildings owner. Together they go to a wedding dress store run by Hiroshi where Hiroshi has order-made Serika a dress as requested by Amane. Yay! ( ´_ゝ`). Sorry I’m incredibly pissed at all the bullshit I’ve had to take from Last Escort since I started this franchise. I really did like Amane. He felt like the one mature adult character, rather than little boy and this b/s drives me up the fucking wall. If anything, I woulda rather missed Makoto’s or Kanzaki’s cause who gives a damn about them (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Noda Yoshinari (Ryuzaki Naoya) – Naoya was supposed to be like the “concluding host” route of the game but for some reason his route just felt the weakest. It was almost like the creators realized “hey you know this game is about a host club so we should make the story about being a host.” Good job, too bad it was past its expiration date in my mind. Anyway Naoya is the rico suave host. He’s been the #1 host since the game began and he’s also been a host since he was 18. (Why does this game encourage underage hosting again?) That means he’s been a host for almost 10 years. His apartment building burns down and he’s like “oh well ain’t no thang as long as I got my host job” and so he moves into Serika’s building. Needless to say he joins Serika’s hungry hyena group and comes over for meals. I almost rage quit his route because apparently if you don’t go to the club on 11/9 you miss some required event (which none of the guides I followed mentioned) and you won’t be able to reserve him in November so make note! Naoya’s favorite things to do are eat gym socks nattou and watch TV – so I put like 2 TV sets in my room to make sure he came in and gave me affection up! 😆 He acts like the rico suave host that he is but eventually he finds himself falling for Serika and oh god forbid any host do that. So like after characters like Ryo you expect me to take the “not falling in love with a host”t hing seriously? Right. ( ´_ゝ`)

When Serika tries to clear up their relationship (after they hump a million times) he’s like NOO DON’T MAKE ME ADMIT THAT I’M CROSSING MY MANWHORE BORDERS! So finally in February he’s like “alright, I didn’t wanna admit it but I like you.” So they decide to start dating secretly because if anyone found out OH NOES….yea okay. So it seems like he’s been getting offers for a while to become a celebrity and he’s been refusing them because he loved being a host. After beginning to date Serika though he realized being a host is kinda lame and he can’t be a manwhore forever….so I guess next best thing is to  sell his soul to the celebrity world.  Serika cries a river and says she hates him (even though she doesn’t ….did I mention Serika is awful at hiding her emotions?) He tells her that even if he becomes famous he will still love her or whatever. On March 21st Gorgeous holds a private party for Naoya as his last day of being an escort. Serika comes late because she doesn’t know how to face him but he meets her at the train station and they talk about the good ol’ days ( 6 months prior (ಠ_ಠ) ). So anyway several days later his photo shoots begin and while he’s at one, he sees some loli and shota looking for their mom. The loli says “we should look together” and suddenly Naoya sees the light and realizes being a celebrity is just not for him and that he just cannot live with Serika.

He quits right there on the spot and runs to Serika’s apartment asking her for dinner while he makes out with her. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Oh well needless to say he quits his celebrity gig and becomes some boring salary man after he marries Serika. So 5 years later Serika realizes that Naoya’s best when he’s being an attention whore and so she secretly somehow buys Gorgeous – which has since closed down because the previous sponsors stopped paying for it. (Umm Akari’s dad ? 😆 ) So now Naoya becomes Gorgeous’ new CEO as well as tenchou (since Amane had quit after the funds stopped coming in.) They all hold a pre-opening party and all the dudes in the game show up in their 5 year later sprites. They all celebrate to the reopening of club Gorgeous! I guess that’s the reason they had to make Naoya’s route only playable after you completed the first 5 guys. Eh I mean the route did make me キュ──。+゚(*゚Д゚*)。+゚──ン!!  a few times with Naoya’s 「今夜おまえをどうしても抱きたいんだ。」 but overall the story just felt weak. I mean if you’re gonna use ye’olde host/guest plot again at least make it more interesting. Suddenly shoving the “I wanna be a celebrity” crap into it….meh lol. I guess I was hoping more out of the “last host guy” but it was pretty much as I had expected it.

Kanaizuka Hiroshi – See this was the best route of the game “play” wise because I only had to suffer through October-December. After that the route went into VN mode and all I had to do was read text and pick choices. What a concept! And the best part was there were no repeated scenes, no scenes without spoken dialogue and I didn’t have to clean my room every week! That’s good cause if I had to sit through another route I’d flip a table オラー!(ノ`ω´)ノ ⌒┫ ┻ ┣ ┳ ←モトドオリ So anyway Hiroshi is the gay dj at club red. Okay so he’s not really gay but he has that whole okama persona going yet when it’s convenient for him he kisses Serika and ends up in bed with her プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. She comes to his house for some tea and is all like “oh your place is so girly I’m so jealous, but sometimes you have a scary side.” To which of course he responds with “Oh well I’m a guy after all….wanna try me?” Yea well you know where that ends up with Serika’s 24/hour leg opening service. At one point she gets so drunk at Club Red that he takes her to a hotel and she wakes up in bed with a naked Hiroshi next to her. Fortunately for her he told her he didn’t do anything because he doesn’t screw drunk girls. (Then why you sleep naked? 😆 ) Near the end of February Serika tries to tell him that she likes him but he tells her to stop and that he cannot accept her feelings.

So then a couple days later he asks to have a chat with her. He tells her about the scar on his back. Says that when he was younger he had a sister and he got into a fight with her. He went and climbed up a tree (what’s with tree climbing in this game?) and when she chased after him to save him, they both fell. He says that he only got the scar but his sister died. He told Serika this story so that he’d make sure she would accept him for who he is. Serika of course says she doesn’t care what he did as long as he loves her. So then she has a chat with Touko mama and turns out…his sister isn’t dead. Touko is his sister (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ She says that she has the scar on her back from the fall as well. Touko is probably 10-11 years older than Hiroshi and they are step siblings. Turns out Hiroshi basically had a crush on his new “step sister” when their parents remarried and he really admired her as well. Anyway Serika is pissed Hiroshi lied to her making her worry and she runs and yells at him. He apologizes but says that him and Touko are more like good friends rather than “siblings” now. Serika makes him promise to never lie to her again.

At the end of the game Hiroshi starts his wedding dress store as usual. For his birthday Serika asks him what he wants and he says he wants her. They end up living together for 5 years. So now 5 years later Hiroshi tells her that his father is sick so he has to come home to take care of him and take over his pottery business. So yea goodbye Club Red, goodbye wedding dress store. (´゚’ω゚`)ショボーン He also then asks if Serika will come with him and she agrees. She agreed to live with Hiroshi in the fucking boondocks (+2 hour commute to work) so he’d be some lame ass potter but she refused to come live in Paris with Reiji who’d be a hot world famous model?? ( ̄□ ̄;)!! Anyway…..one day she comes home and Hiroshi gives her a ring. She thinks its an engagement ring (and so did I) but apparently it’s Hiroshi’s “officially dating” ring. What the fuck? Serika’s like “what the fuck we’ve live together for 5 god damn years and prolly fucked like a million times and that wasn’t considered dating.” God he’s not even a host and he’s more of a manwhore than everyone else combined! Serika rages (and I’m flipping tables (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻) and Hiroshi apologizes saying ok ok it can be an engagement ring..! The end. Blah. Lol somehow the route was a lot of fun but with the added drama and the stupid pottery crap I felt like the ending was ruined for me. They also never really explained why he acts like he likes dudes but suddenly gets with Serika. I can only conclude that he’s bi. ( ´_ゝ`)

Kurosu Masaya (Chihiro) – I was really pumped for Masaya cause he’s the only thing that’s left from LE1. Sadly I was much disappoint. Just as a note, you need to have Chihiro’s route completed and on your memory card  from LE1 in order to play the special route for him in this game. Masaya apparently was dumped by Akari when he had asked her to marry him in front of the church in his route back in LE1. What ┐(‘~`;)┌! So needless to say 5 years later Masaya is trying his best to be all mature and grown up but he ends up being himself again when it comes to Serika. He falls for her and by the end of October 好きだ!( ´_ゝ`) I mean you think Ryo was bad? Sorry I think Masaya is a lot worse! 😆 He gets all jealous just seeing Serika ask Ryo to help call a taxi for her. 🙄 He then gets mad at himself for not maturing after all these years. So after some time apart they reunite in November and suddenly Serika’s like “zomg I love you too”. Masaya tells Serika the story about his past and says he still keeps in touch with Kazuki (Akari’s brother) but not Akari anymore. (Guess Akari opted for Minazuki tenchou after all..?) Anyway without knowing his host past, Serika invites Masaya to go to Gorgeous with her. When he gets there he’s shocked at how much everything has changed and he is sad to hear that Minzauki tenchou quit half a year ago and is now overseas somewhere. While they are sitting down, some lady comes by going “OMG CHIHIRO!? ARE YOU GONNA BE A HOST AGAIN!?” Masaya’s like “oh god..” and so then everyone finds out that Masaya used to be a host lol.

In December Masaya asks Serika if she wants to live together. Lol. ( ´_ゝ`) She’s like uh no….what the hell. So for Xmas their presents to each other are keys to their respective apartments. In January Serika’s birthday present to him is she rents a car and they go for a drive. They go to the ocean where they kiss. On Valentine’s day everything does not go just as planned because Serika suddenly gets appendicitis! Well then, I didn’t see that one coming. (ಠ_ಠ) Masaya grabs her and takes her to the hospital where he interns for his college. It seems the surgeon is currently doing another operation so Masaya rages saying he’ll cut her open himself. Calm down little boy. The nurse lady gets someone to stop Masaya from going nuts with the scalpel and eventually the actual surgeon comes and tells Masaya to sit down and shut up and wait till he grows up and becomes a pro. The surgery goes okay and Masaya tells Serika that he donated some of his blood to her because she lost so much during it. For white day in March they roll around naked in bed at his apartment and he gives her some matching couple rings (what is the point of this). So now 5 years later, he buys a new car since he’s so rich being a pro surgeon and all. He takes Serika to the sea and says he’s now ready and officially asks her to marry him. So I thought this was a good end but then I watched the bonus end…・・・(=ェ=`;)シーン As they are looking for dresses for Serika he goes “you know what? Fuck the wedding ceremony. Let’s just pretend to get married on the beach!” So she puts on some random wedding dress he somehow at some point bought for her and they put rings on each other hands as the ocean waves splash behind them~~~~~~~…what. Way to ruin this route even further. Seriously, I am gravely disappointed. Not a single scene in this route made me はぁはぁ in any way shape or form. I think I miss LE 1 ショボーン(´・ω・`)

So let’s see favorite routes are definitely Ryo and Reiji. Naoya and Kanzaki had their moments but overall meh. Hiroshi and Masaya had potential but it was disappointing and the “true” endings felt like they ruined the route for me. Makoto……well… ( ´_ゝ`). I had almost quit the game completely when I didn’t get Amane’s true end/missing CG since I really liked him as a character but I must me a masochist or something since I kept going to try and finish everyone.

The lip synching in the game was a lot better. This time if there was a pause in dialogue the lips would stop moving so that was a nice touch on d3p’s part. What was disappointing was during the “room” visits there was no audible dialogue. It’s one thing if its a repeated dialogue scene but the scenes were usually related to the characters’ story and were pretty much NEW most of the time. Not having them speak during those scenes just feels like a half assed attempt to cut corners! It’s like the game’s focus was shifted from Host Club to the host club just being a sort of “side thing” while we focus on all the guys’ baggage 😕 Sometimes I would forget I had to do champagne calls because I would completely forget the fact that I’m actually going to a host club rather than trying to skip through annoying repetitive scenes. While Serika felt a more self-dependent  than Akari, who lived with her parents, she was also a lot less of a “good” girl than Akari. I mean Akari could weld rings, sew suit jackets and make food from all sorts of cuisines. Serika? She was the apartment harem restaurant and her legs were open 24/7 if you get my drift ( ´_ゝ`). I mean I think it’s good that the heroine sort of has a personality (not just random girl doing part time jobs for manwhores) and I’m all cool with the story but she also felt really passive. During the douhan scenes the script would be identical for every guy but depending on the guy, Serika would change her choices (i.e. was a wild child or I was a quiet child.) That means any personality Serika did have pretty much got overshadowed by her molding to the guys wishes (and sexual desires…) In some routes I had to spam other guys’ visits to the host club for 2 months before going after the guy I was aiming for and I would just get so bored of the look/touch/talk crap that I just started playing mini games which also then got boring after a while. The room decorating was kinda fun….the first 2 routes. On route 3 I just stopped caring and would move a pillow over 1cm just to “clean up the trash” so that the guys would come into the room to raise their affection meter. LE1 had a feature where you could dial the guys’ phone numbers to call them and listen to messages but I guess LE2 removed this feature and swapped it for the room visits. The room visits like I said were okay but they were silent. Maybe I’m biased to seiyuus but I’d prefer to have heard the guy say a cute voice message/phone convo rather than a random silent room scene ( ´_ゝ`). I guess I’m just bitching and comparing at this point. The 同伴 system was nice since I didn’t get to experience much of it in LE1 because of the stupid addon disk problems but again repetitive scenes, practically identical for every guy as well. The scene skip was great BUT it would then skip scenes you haven’t seen! So for example you did Reiji’s route and you saw the Xmas scene. Next you go to do Kohki’s and it will ask “do you want to skip scene” even if you haven’t seen the Xmas scene with Kohki. It just assumed “oh you’ve seen the xmas scene” whether or not you saw it with which guy. I had to kind of remember which scenes were “changing” (usually the end of month/any special Gorgeous event ones) and make sure I hit “no” when asked to skip. Additionally if you skipped the prologue you’d miss the special monologue by the last guy whose route you completed! This was especially horrible in Ryuzaki’s route. For some reason completely arbitrary scenes would totally SKIP even though I’ve never seen them before and they were not “global” scenes for all the routes. Also if you had auto-mode on during the champagne call, the call would stop half way through. Why? I missed the stupid champagne call at least twice this way until I would remember to make sure I didn’t have auto on.

LE1 made me rage because it was programmed poorly but other than its programming it was actually really enjoyable. Here it seems like they focused more on art and making the game less hell to play but the whole enjoying the Escort/Host Club concept seemed to have disappeared somewhere on the backburner. If the game is about a host club, then going to the host club shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be fun. The individual character scenes (for the characters I liked anyway) were enjoyable so while I’m bitching & making comparisons that’s not to say this game is awful. Maybe it could be the characters were more enjoyable in LE1 so I start to notice more faults in LE2? The LE1 cast felt like a bunch of mature mans  MOST of the time, but everyone here feels like immature little boys 😆 It’s still worth playing  but I don’t think it represents LE on its own so I would really recommend playing LE1 before playing LE2. Also fun fact: The OP song to this game was sung by members of an actual host club in Japan!


5 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Last Escort 2 ~Shinya no Amai Toge~”

  1. oh haha awesome. maybe we can finish around the same time. but yea I agree the short hair cuts looked much cuter on most of the characters XD;;

  2. I’m starting to play LE3 too! (The Chinese translated ver lol) But somehow not very motivated… I guess the whole host thing doesn’t really excite me (kept on playing that drumming game on my psp instead ^^”). TOTALLY agree Reiji’s hair was better before “the haircut”. I mean I get it in order to show “the big change” they have to make the hair lengths the opposite of what they were like before but really… Short tousled hair > some long Japanese fad hairstyle.

    Kohki’s haircut was total le awesome though. So was Ryuzaki’s. Kind of split about tenchou’s (I actually liked it long) and I really, really dug Ryo’s short hair even if he’s a bit… Strange. =D But at the same time his newer one was also nice so I guess ultimately “the haircut” was 50% successful.

    (Kylie as Ryo’s theme songs? I like. =D)

  3. yea that’s what I mean like she’s in this huge denial in Ryo’s route but then the tables are flipped in Ryuzaki’s and suddenly he’s in denial. Like way to make it obvious that you’ve run out of ideas.

    I’ve already started on LE3 and I can tell they basically took out the stupid shit from LE2 and only left the “useful” parts that LE1 didn’t have. Otherwise it’s a lot like LE1 just a lot easier. The only downside is the character designs are bugging me out ( ´_ゝ`)

  4. ROFL. For me the most annoying thing in Ryo’s route was Serika’s huge denial. It’s like they’re moving around in circles since the conversation keeps going back to Nozomi lol. Looking forward to your Club Katze review~ ヽ(*・ω・*)ノ

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