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Otome Game Review: Last Escort 3 -Club Katze-

So with our final (I hope) installment of the escort series here comes Club Katze! (Katze is German for cat apparently.) To be honest this game feels a lot like LE1 than LE2. They took out all the annoying extras from LE2 (room decoration, touch/look/feel, mini games) and  basically added the features that LE1 was lacking (scene skip, anytime save). Just like with LE1 present making and lottery has come back but for lottery you would just win randomly based on your leveled up stats and the presents would always just “auto succeed” based on your stats. While the game overall was a lot easier and less annoying (pretty much no repeat dialogue during the host visits and before/after scenes) the music and the art took a hit instead. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ The music just sounded like some bland 1950s gangster movie combined with elevator music and well the art….let’s just say some of the characters just grossed me out period 😆 Our heroine is Takaoka Izumi who is forced to attend Club Katze as part of her job (as a spy or something??) but it doesn’t matter as her personality is as flat as a board. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Last Escort 3 -Club Katze-

Otome Game Review: Last Escort 2 ~Shinya no Amai Toge~

So continuing with my February Escort Month  we’re moving on to #2. I guess D3p realized that LE 1 was just too much torture and LE2 was significantly easier. The obvious things were that you didn’t have to spam the lottery to earn money. You earned money by selling random crap on L-Ebay. You could buy so much crap in 1 route and go into the red but you’d start fresh in the next route, keep all your items and sell them for more money! Yes it’s cheating but it beats lottery spam 😆 After about 4? routes of ebaying my 99 computers and refrigerators I no longer even needed to do this as my 3.5 million would kinda balance out to the same amount every time I started & finished the next route. Additionally you could save at any point! Change options at any point! What a concept! That means if you weren’t playing on an emulator this game wouldn’t make you rage 20 times over. They hired a different artist to draw the guys so everyone’s hotness level instantly went up! Just like with LE1 the music was very jazzy as well and just like with LE1 I’m sad to say there was no music gallery either ( ´_ゝ`). Bummer. Anyway this time the club is still club Gorgeous but our heroine is Andou Serika who is a 20 year old magazine reporter. The new Gorgeous tenchou is now Amane and not Minazuki ;_;. The club also looks less golden and more sleezy. Additionally the game time has been cut from a full year span to only a half year span and they added some mini games to try to entertain (read: enrage) you. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Last Escort 2 ~Shinya no Amai Toge~

Otome Game Review: Last Escort ~Kurochou Special Night~

As I mentioned in my last post, this is the appendix disk to the original LE. You’re supposed to be able to transfer all your save data and etc. from the first game. I tried to do this many times but after failing I decided to just start from Minazuki’s route and try to make his and Chihiro’s gifts along the way. Fortunately along the way somehow magically….everything transferred O_O! I was so happy I could cry and to add on to my happiness I ended up winning the 20 million yen jackpot like 8 months in a row /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ So anyway the only thing that didn’t transfer were my saves but all the Cgs, mails and thank god even gifts transferred. That means the wagashi gifts I made for Minazuki in the first game I didn’t have to remake! Yippie! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Last Escort ~Kurochou Special Night~