Back on Tartaros

Well Nyaasu’s rambling convinced me (along with the fact that they lowered memory usage of the client) so I decided to come back.

Mitchell sent me a love letter

The welcome back items are basically 7 day of 30% exp and 7 days of extra exp for completing quests. Don’t know if scenario quests are included but I haven’t used either item yet.

Also included are some crappy/ugly wings and because the 1st anniversary event’s been going on all month I was able to get this bunny turimon before it expired. Anyway figured I’d go over some major changes since I left….

There’s now a feature to remove GUI when you want to take a nice clean screenshot. I’m not sure if there’s a way to remove names from stuff but you can remove everything else at least.

There’s online status now. This way you can know if your friends/guild members are just logged in for a login event or are in a challenge so they can’t chat etc. Very nice feature.

I don’t have any screenshots but the level requirement for challenges has been dropped. For example the level 17 dragon challenge you can now do at level 12. Tesbell can now be done at level 30. Be careful though – it’s a trap. All the monsters in the challenges are STILL the appropriate level so even though I was able to do the level 58 challenge because it said requirement was “48” I pretty much got my ass beaten by all the levle 58 guys in there (´・ω・`;)

The party scene looks pretty dead. I see a few Kaizoku M parties and 1-2 challenges around midnight Japan time which is pretty peak play time. From what I heard is most people are playing on the Athena server now lol. All the Zeus veterans quit (like we did.) Anyway I decided I’ll just SLOWLY level up Cromodo and that will be it. That means Tartaros will only take up like 1 hour of my time per day thanks to the stupid fatigue system \( ^o^)/ Not sure if I will continue posting server updates though but if there’s a growing interest I’ll consider it ^^