Sneak peak for Thursday

I already raved about this in game and on my twitter but be sure to change your passwords if you haven’t yet. MK’s systems got hacked. Also make sure you have a security card on, otherwise if your stuff is stolen you will not be getting it back. The chances are higher than you may think.

On a brighter note, the new challenge is coming this Thursday. It will require you to be level 48 to do. I just hit 47 last night so maybe by the weekend I can try it out. With the challenge will be level 48 weapons (and armor?) Continue reading “Sneak peak for Thursday”

A new challenge approaches!

A new challenge for  those who turned level 48 is coming next week! Damn I’m still only 46 😐 Continue reading “A new challenge approaches!”

Tartaros Episode 5 Updates

Well we obviously have Elphintos. I don’t know if they fixed the scenario bug but I hope they did. You can get her at level 47, and the cap is raised to level 48. Along with new maps I’ve been informed that there are finally C rank shoes (level 44~48 ??) available as well. (no more fugly shoes for Soma TvT!) Elphintos’ cafe outfit is also being released for a limited time. Continue reading “Tartaros Episode 5 Updates”

Nakajima Megumi guest voices in next scenario

The new update coming this Thursday will bring us Delio’s castle part 2, a level cap raised up to 48 and of course new scenario. The new scenario will feature a guest voice by Nakajima Megumi (kinda like how Egreed was voiced by Kishio Daisuke <3<3). Continue reading “Nakajima Megumi guest voices in next scenario”