A new challenge approaches!

A new challenge for  those who turned level 48 is coming next week! Damn I’m still only 46 😐

This update will bring the NPC avatars. The thing is, I don’t think they are buyable. I actually think it will be like a lottery and it will give you a chance to win permanent ones. Unfortunately, Cromodo’s is facking hideous and I just don’t want it =_=; Soma’s is kinda cute but I only feel like blowing money on Cromodo at this point so I may buy 1 box just to try it out and otherwise give this set a pass. I think there will be level 48 outfits/weapons (sighhhh) but I already upgraded my level 44 top to level 4 so I may just keep wearing what I am currently wearing. (Maybe get a new pair of pants.)

I hope this challenge doesn’t require you to heal anybody. I feel like that’s the “crutch” that keeps holding us back from doing some of the challenge missions at this point.

In other news my character level status (off the top of my head):

Cromodo: 46
Soma: 44
Nagi: 40
Pinko: 36
Ruko: 32
Shubalman: 26
Aerlot: 18
Ilishia: 16

I decided I will not be bothering with Elphintos at this point because since I have a tesbell weapon for Aerlot, he actually might be next on my leveling agenda (since I’ve pretty much given up on Nagi at this point.)


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  1. i dont know I mean from the clover event, I’ve redeemed 2 Ruko boxes and I haven’t won anything. However when I bought a C box back in March? I won Cromodo’s weapon on the first try. The good part is at least you can pick which character you want to win the item for.

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