Tartaros Updates & Events

Well most are cash updates (time to upgrade like a fiend!!) but there are massive login events going on so I’m going to translate those for you guys ^_^

Campaign 1: Login daily (AND logout) at least once and you will receive 5 CP books (500CP in each book.) This will be 5/27 – 5/31 Japan time so be sure you login/logout based on those hours.

Campaign 2: Another login campaign! Login for 10 hours and you will receive a bunch of stones. 5 of some and 3 of others. Not great but still not bad. Login for 25 hours and receive 1 lottery ticket for a chance to win a C2 weapon/armor (I don’t know the stats yet but  I’d say they’re prolly equal to that of whatever comes after the level 48 weapons).  Additionally you will receive 1 level 6 perfect tios and a weapon avatar Black Sheep – the kind they gave away back in February for Nagi. This time however, it will be for all characters. Oo; I don’t know what the bonus on it will be but on my current one all it does is give hp +100 so if you have a weapon avatar its kinda pointless lol. The black sheep will be for a random character unfortunately.

Campaign 3: Double exp! But as usual the timing is pretty awful. It will be from 5/27 – 5/31 between 8pm – 10pm and 1pm – 3pm Japan time daily. This is 7am – 9am and midnight – 2Am EST 😕 Bummer. Maybe I can make the morning hours at least on the weekends ;_;

Campaign 4: Level up campaign. When you level up between 2-20 you will receive 30 E stones, 1 E safety and a level 3 magic slotting stone. Level up between 20-40, you will receive 30 D stones, 1 D safety and level 4 magic slotting stone. Level up from 40-48 will give you 30 C stones, 1 C safety and a level 5 magic slotting stone. Considering I’m 70% from 48 this may be doable. This event will end on the 31st so get grindin’! Also I think only 1 level up is enough, I don’t believe they want you to get like 10 levels in 3 days or w/e xD;;

Other stuff: Nakajima Megumi’s PV for the tartaros Japanese theme is now up on the site. There’s another spring bargain with price slashing on magic stones and safetys. Whew now I can upgrade! MK read my mind! LOL. Lottery tickets will also be on sale. In addition 2 new items will be on sale: 1 is a book that will give you 30% extra quest exp when you turn your quests in (this book goes on a 7/15/30 day rental) and an item that will shave off 30% of your fatigue at the end of a mission – also a 7/15/30 day item.  Both are kinda expensive and not really worth it in my opinion ^^;

Some Elphintos items have been renamed I guess to make the names shorter. For example “Elphintos Coating Armor” is now known as “Elphintos Mail” Another noob event is going on but whatever 🙄 Remember that all prizes will need to be redeemed via the serial number center. The serial numbers do not last forever, so make sure you check your serial number page and redeem them before they expire!

I heard videos are starting to show up of the new challenge so I’ll have to check those out later. I can’t do it yet anyway as I’m still 47 but I’m looking forward to the drops that I hope populate the market soon!

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