Tartaros Season 4!

The gang is out to go catch some fish over at Port City Alberta Berto.  I’m gonna guess we’ll start seeing this update being implemented sometime in late June, early July. I dug around the Korean site and found a couple more things.

The road map mentioned a new challenge. Perhaps it will be this? This was the first thing that was implemented after the Ramia challenge. Looks like you get some new belts as well as accessory sets. Now the new map:

I don’t know about you guys but it looks like Alsmer meets Lost Fortress hahaha. 😆  I expect the level cap to go up to 53 or so. Anyway looking forward to these updates while slowly leveling up my sub characters during double exp time xD; I have to tell you how much easier it is when you have good scenario back up so you aren’t trying to solo Landas by yourself. I have to give props to Pinko and Ruko (and Nagi when she’s actually healing instead of wacking things with her sheep stick.)


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