Level 35 Challenge Mission

I think we’re getting pro at this ice dragon thing now! At least I only die twice now instead of like 5 times xDDD The key seems to be basically “turns the alarms off”. If you don’t it’s basically a waste of time. Anyway it’s sped up as usual to fit youtube’s requirements, enjoy!

We actually did manage to do the other level 35 missions (unfortunately I didn’t film those assuming we’d fail ^^;;;;) and attempt the level 40 challenge – where you can’t use healing items ugh! Dx Sadly we failed cause in the 4th room or so Michel got pwned. 😦 Oh well maybe next time!


3 thoughts on “Level 35 Challenge Mission”

  1. ひどいわw・・・・

  2. うん失敗すると思ったからしんかったw
    次こそ取るよ!! って29の動画取ったトリュモンのところとりわすれたからもう一回やりなおしたいw

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