Uninstalled Pangya this evening.

The only thing that would have gotten me to come back from a long hiatus at this point is the lyrical voice clubset. This evening I tried the stupid gacha 13 times and won nothing. What makes me rage the most though is I got the rare motion twice (rare motion being when the ball actually goes into the cup) and instead of winning a rare, I got a bunch of fucking aztecs. You know what Gamepot and Ntreev why don’t you go fuck yourselves. All your updates are just cash guzzling shit, your events suck fucking ass and you don’t even give a fuck about your players either in America or in Japan. The Pangya forum thread has people who spent 30-100 tickets and won nothing. Fortunately I can control myself and my limit was 11 regardless of win or lose. However I did tell myself: If I don’t win, I quit.

And so I quit. Had enough of this crap, I haven’t even touched the game in a month because other games are a lot more interesting than the same mindless golf grind. Sorry if this offends those who like this game but I’ve pretty much had it. I think Pangya itself as a game on say the wii or PSP is probably a lot of fun. I had a great time on the wii game because I wasn’t busy thinking about how much money I’d spend. I’d just play some golf and unlock the outfits I wanted. Here it’s like the only way to continue enjoying the fking game is to spend more and more money because the game content is lacking and/or sucks balls. Oh gee where have I heard this story before.

Tartaros Spring Bargain Sale

For a limited time, select cash shop items are on sale for 20% off. The only thing I’m really eyeing are the C class weapon safety upgrade items. Originally 200 they are now 160 yen.  I think I will pick up a few and see if I can get my lv. 40 weapons upgraded to at least +7. Continue reading “Tartaros Spring Bargain Sale”