Tartaros Equipment Explained.

So since I recently discovered this myself I figured I’d give an explanation so that you guys don’t make the same mistakes I did. (Please note all the images are from loda.jp, none of these items belong to me.)

Let’s start with accessories. Each accessory like belt or glove all have different stats. Unlike weapon or armor which is attack or defense only (not including bonues), belt/glove stats vary wildly so you need to be careful. In the picture above, the belt gives 32 physical attack, 32 physical defense with a 150 physical attack bonus. The kanji for attack is 攻撃. Physical attack will be 物理 and spiritual attack will have kanji in it. Obviously magic is 魔法. These are the 3 major attack/defense properties in tartaros and depending on which character you use, you want a different item focusing on different stats.

Let’s take this Ilishia weapon. This weapon gives physical attack 1306 and spiritual attack 1198. Additionally it gives attack speed +10 as a bonus. If you look at the rocks, we have critical +6, concentration +8 and critical +5. 命中 is an important bonus and the more your character has, the less he misses. Ever notice how your character constantly says “miss miss miss” when they attack? it means your con is too low. The only way to increase it is via armor or weapons that have a 命中 bonus or inserting a rock like this which has one. The only way to get this rock is to win like 150 vs games or as I got lucky, I broke down a weapon I got from a challenge mission and got one that gave 命中+7 so I put it into Soma’s weapon. This puts my Soma at 命中28 while my Cromodo is only at 22. However my level 40 Cromodo weapon has 命中+8 which will bring me up to 30. So even if sometimes the weapon gives the wrong bonus stat (such as spiritual attack for Soma) but has a lot of 命中 (like mine had 命中+4) go for it anyway. In the end, its better to do a little less damage but hit EVERY time.

Let’s move on. This is a Ruko armor that gives physical defense 642 and magic defense 356 with a dodge +6 bonus.  The defense kanji is 防衛. Defense is up to you. If your character is Cromodo for example, he has high spiritual defense so I stuffed all his equipment with physical defense stones which he really lacks. On the other hand a character like Pinko may need magic defense instead.

Now as far as attacks go, you need to hit CTRL K and look at character skills to see what the property is of the attack. For example, Soma only uses physical & magic attacks. This makes any spiritual attack bonuses completely worthless. Pinko only uses magic & physical as well. Cromodo and Nagi on the other hand only use magic and spiritual so physical attack bonuses do absolutely nothing for them. Shubalman unlike them actually uses physical and spiritual for all his attacks. So really you gotta just take a look at your character skills and see what your primary attack properties require and then base your accessories off that.

Anyway I hope this guide was helpful in letting you choose next time you’re browsing the auctions 🙂


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