Tartaros official service start

As of 1/27 (this Wednesday), 3PM Japan time Tartaros will end its open beta and roll out the official service. A few notes:

  • Both Gaia & Zeus servers will get a 6th channel added to them for more space
  • A new “security card” system will be implemented which I guess will store your login info so you don’t have to type in your login/pw everytime.
  • Those who participated in the open beta test will receive 150 MK Cash (What about those of us who participated in CB, where’s my 500 cash??? 😡 )
  • Item shop will officially open but it will contain expiring items – so like an outfit that lasts only 30 days. Meh :T I hate stuff you pay for with real money that expires. Not worth it in my opinion. As far as I know the only cash items that are permanent are hair styles and hair colors.

Tartaros has been a lot of fun. I hit level 24 yesterday, I’m enjoying the game so much I’ve almost completely lost interest in Pangya. Anyway looking forward to official service, I really hope the addition of the 6th channel allows for less lag and actually being able to get into the game at peak hours.