Tartaros OB Campaigns

I think OB started now ?_? I got the email with the client download link overnight so I’ll try to jump in after work. A couple OB events are going on

1) Login & make a character between 1/14 and 1/18 and you get entered in a drawing to win some webmoney and MKStyle points.
2) Level up campaign, if you get to level 10 you get 10 insta-revive scrolls (if you die you can instantly revive on the spot basically, an efficient item for solo grinding!), get to level 15 and get 5 more scrolls (what’s the point lol) and get to level 20 and receive 30,000 riru (the game currency).
3) 1/15-1/17 riru 1.5x event so you can earn more in game currency to…uh buy potions if you plan to grind solo. Otherwise I’ve not seen too much use for ingame currency, at least not in closed beta.