Tartaros official service start

As of 1/27 (this Wednesday), 3PM Japan time Tartaros will end its open beta and roll out the official service. A few notes:

  • Both Gaia & Zeus servers will get a 6th channel added to them for more space
  • A new “security card” system will be implemented which I guess will store your login info so you don’t have to type in your login/pw everytime.
  • Those who participated in the open beta test will receive 150 MK Cash (What about those of us who participated in CB, where’s my 500 cash??? 😡 )
  • Item shop will officially open but it will contain expiring items – so like an outfit that lasts only 30 days. Meh :T I hate stuff you pay for with real money that expires. Not worth it in my opinion. As far as I know the only cash items that are permanent are hair styles and hair colors.

Tartaros has been a lot of fun. I hit level 24 yesterday, I’m enjoying the game so much I’ve almost completely lost interest in Pangya. Anyway looking forward to official service, I really hope the addition of the 6th channel allows for less lag and actually being able to get into the game at peak hours.


8 thoughts on “Tartaros official service start”

  1. The cash items seem optional. My suggestion is to get some hair color sye or alternative hair style and sell it in auction.

    Looks like this game gives a nice balance between paid players and free players.

  2. Main> haha you get used to it after a while xD Yea your character spins all over, I had to switch my keys to use arrow keys instead of WASD to move cause it was too uncomfortable. My lowest level char is level 10 so its not like we can’t party 😛

    Nyachan> oh cool so we’ll have more guild buddies? XD Just tell them for the love of god to never speak English in public chat X_X

  3. Good, I was hoping to see more channels. :3 Though hopefully a single channel per server will be enough… not so sure to be honest… >_>

    Though this is good news though, I had been talking to some friends from Japanese class and brought up it would be a good way for us to use our Japanese more. :3

  4. Wow~
    Looks like I almost missed those free MK Cash…

    Anyway I do enjoy the game as much as expected :3
    However, when you said the controls were odd I was like “maybe she’s overreacting” but uh…

    I thought my game was laggy because I offten hit absolutely nothing or even worst, my char suddendly turns back during a fight : it’s very annoying especially when I just used a skill ._.

    The rest of my problems basically are from my lack of knowledge of the japanese language. Too bored to take some dictionnary or something most of the time~ I’ll probably do it for this stupid message I keep getting when I want to finish some quests anyway xD

    Btw, I’m level 4-5 so you’re still way ahead of me xD

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