Tartaros sample cash shop items

So the 30 day outfit will cost 550 yen ($6.15) and the 7 day will cost 150 yen. Wow lame. Almost 6 bucks for an outfit that expires in 30 days?? What the hell 😕 Do people actually spend money on stuff like that? I’d rather pay $10 for an outfit that’s permanent than $6 for  a 30 day one. The will also be selling tiger hats for everyone to celebrate the new year but of course those will be limited time as well.

In addition to outfits they will be selling exp items. A 30% exp item for any character for 30 days will cost 1900 yen for 30 days, and a cash item to give 50% extra exp bonus at the end of missions for a specific character will be 500 yen for 15 days. (Probably the only items  even worth spending money on…at least in the end they get you a higher level and actually do something other than look pretty for a month ^^;;…not that I’m gonna spend any money at this rate.)

Also they clearly state here that if you RMT items in the game you will be banned with extreme prejudice. 😆 Honestly though I don’t see the point of RMTing in this game. Any rare item becomes common within like a week so if you’ve wanted that headgear or those wings, in a week everyone & their grandmother will be wearing it and it’ll cost like 5000 riru. Well anyway that’s the jist of the cash shop, hopefully they will have some kind of system to get permanent items but since your inventory space in the game is limited in general I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. Or maybe they will see no one’s buying this shit so they will lower the price or something. We’ll just have to wait & see.

P.S. FFs Cromodo is hottt. He has a mic for a staff!! Rockstarrrrr ;DDD Btw I’ve confirmed that hair styles & hair dyes will all cost 150yen and will be permanent.


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  1. The exp item seems useful for low-level like me. So that I can get more exp from monsters in mission mode.

  2. oh really? Interesting.

    I logged in this evening and there weren’t that many people wearing the temporary cash outfits at all actually. Given it was early in the morning so I’ll have to wait till Saturday to really see whether this caught on or not. Not seen a single person buy the stupid tiger mask though lol

  3. If I recall correctly, Japan’s version of Trickster does timed cash items and is hugely successful. I think the Japanese market is open to the concept of time cash items. I just think it’s a bad idea.

    In general, developers always think they know what’s best. That’s my only complaint about this industry.

  4. Rekrab> Yeaa I checked the Korea site and it’s the same situation there – and they’ve been open for over a year already. I’m hoping Japan will see that this temporary outfit just isn’t selling and instead implement a gacha – which is pretty common in Japanese games. Gacha items will USUALLY be permanent, at least that’s how it is in bright shadow.

  5. I’ll never understand the recharge model for cash shop. It seems so dissatisfying.

    In my own experience, customers are far more likely to purchase something that will last forever. We generally see sales of consumables being considerably lower than sales of permanent items.

    HP and MP potions are always a great example of two things that sell poorly in any cash shop. Generally they’re boosted versions of what’s in game and once you use them, they’re poof.

    If you’re going to pay for a timed experience, you may as well pay for a Pay-to-Play game and get a higher quality product.

    Kudos to them if everything is server-side though. Client-side trust is why so many F2P games fail so hard.

  6. Ham> Really the clothes do nothing? I wonder if MK Style really thinks people are gonna spend money on that when they price them so expensively then! 😯 I dont care about the magic weapon slots, because I’ve changed my weapon at least 4 times already lol

    Main> Yea temporary stuff sucks. Sure in Pangya I may change outfits and not always wear the same one but its nice knowing I can change to something old and have it still be there bleh.

  7. I feel EXACTLY the same way as you -_-
    I way more prefer paying a little bit more for something I can KEEP ._.

    I’m still gonna see what cute stuff is available and thanks god hair style and dyes are permanent ^w^

  8. I think limited time clothes is okay. In pangya, I think we pay an average of 1000yen for a random permament cloth. With that we may change 6 or 7 times in tartaros. It has no stats but a empty slot, so you may not need it.

    I think what is really expensive is the magic stone. There is an item which can make slots on the clothes, it’s 250 yen. With an empty slot, you can put the reinforce stones and magic there to get some extra stats.

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