PangyaUS to rip people off with (UN)lucky bags!

Either Pangya USA loves to copy Pangya JP or Gamepot has taken full operation of all Pangya servers.  That’s right this week Pangya US is release the infamous UNlucky bags. Before all you crazy money spenders think you’ll get lucky let me give you some stats from Japan.

This year I bought 10 bags, won 2 rares. My friend bought 9 and won 1. Another friend bought 4 and won 0. Some fellow Japanese friends bought 10 and won 0, some bought 30 and won 0. Basically the rates are shit, but since this is PangyaUS we’re talking about, that means the rates are gonna be like 1 in 100. Let’s compare to bunny outfits. In Japan I got my bunny outfit on the 3rd try out of 11. On US it seems you need at least 24 tickets average to get 1 outfit. Needless to say this is gonna be a huge money sink and if you value your money, I wouldn’t waste it on this.

I’m pretty amused to be honest. First they rip off Japan’s gacha, then they get Bunny outfits before Korea and now this. Something’s cooking in the background and this is further proof that no, Korea does not “control everything”.

I’m looking at the misc items though it says stuff like “xxx comet” does that mean you get like 1 ball? in Japan at least you get 100 of them lol. Oh well for those who wish to try, enjoy your duo-star nerve stabilizers! 😆

P.S. In Japan they call these the “melancholy pouches”


Poupee Amusement Park

Ok I have to admit, aside from the hand items like lollipops, popcorns, and drinks I think the items are hideous. Especially those LIPS bags soo tacky lol. I do like the big poofy scarves, they could accesorize well with something so I picked up the blue one. I dunno what limiteds there will be but if they’re nothing better than what’s currently in the shop I guess I can save up my ribbons! 😆 Also as you can see Katherine added a little zoom in icon in the corner…I guess its handier than right clicking and zooming in but it wasn’t really necessary.

I’m gonna get carpal tunnel at this rate x_x;

We're in sync xD
We're in sync xD

I love Tartaros I really do, but this keyboard thing is KILLING my hands. I don’t know why I didn’t have this problem in closed beta but after the first day my right hand is facking killing me and my left hand’s not too far behind. This is kinda why I couldn’t play games like Maple Story back in the day, too much heavy focus on keyboard pressing. Am I the only one having this problem? Is everyone else ok? :S

I’ve been partying like crazy with everyone for mission quests the last few days but I think I wanna take a break and do the scenario quests. I REALLY wanna unlock Aerlot and the other mage guy. Sorry if I haven’t seen you in game yet, once I figure out how the hell to create guilds I’ll make one so we can be in touch a little easier ^^

Poupee Lucky Bag Results!

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