The bras & panties are back lol

Soo the bra and panty gift from Katherine is back this year as well. It won’t show up on your computer unless its 11PM  (or AM?) on December 18th on your computer clock. Just change your date & time, visit Poupee and click on the gift box above the fireplace.

I got the black set this year. Actually I got a black/pink set last year too. Why do I keep getting black lingere? 😆 So what color did everyone else get? Oh also don’t forget to pick up your Christmas stockings from Katherine shop. I think after Christmas they will open and you’ll get some random clothing items. I’m broke after buying 4 oh well ( *´艸`)フフフ


9 thoughts on “The bras & panties are back lol”

  1. I got the gold one.
    I still don’t understand why we get underwear, it gets covered by clothes, I don’t even remember what color I got last year, since I’ve never used it. =\

  2. lol, I spent last night wondering where the gift was because I thought it meant that there should be a gift on the fireplace 11AM 12/18 JAPANESE time. It took me 30 minutes of clearing the cache, restarting the browser, logging off/logging in until I found out it meant whenever it was 12/18 11AM on OUR computer’s time.

  3. I actually kept mine because I’m a hoarder and I pretty much keep everything. Only rarely and after like a LONG time do I go back and sell stuff, but its usually shell spring stuff, not things like event items.

  4. I didn´t got the present yet D:
    But it looks beautiful! I sold my last underwear to a real good price. Maybe this year I´ll keep it.

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