Just a quick blurb about Tinierme

I know TinierME has really shaped up after the wave of rage and complaints from the users regarding the new G-Coin system. I know that now they have stuff for both G-Coiners and Chibi Coiners alike, obviously the pay stuff being better, but at least no one’s really left out now. (Although I’m annoyed there’s no actual xmas tree in Chibi Coins – only a stupid snowman for your room >_>)

The thing is, TinierMe is just not for me. I mean sure playing the gacha with my leftover coins is fun sometimes but once I get like 2-3 duplicate items I quit anyway lol. It’s too much of a pain for me to organize trading so I just stop when I get too many doubles. I don’t go to tinierme otherwise. I don’t really participate in any of the groups, I don’t really read anyone’s journals anymore because a million people added me as a friend and it’s just hard to keep up.

I still glance over at tinierme to see what new items I can waste my remaining chibi coins on and I do think the stuff is cute but there’s just nothing for me to DO at the site. This is why I never got into stuff like Gaia Online. Don’t get me wrong I love dressups and stuff but I feel Poupee Girl does a better job of making the flash game more about dressup than about socializing with little kiddies. And yes, I’m an oldfart here so probably 90% of the community is younger than me ^^;. When I pay for online games, I want to do something other than just dress up my characters. For Pangya I can still play golf, hell if it’s decent enough I might even shell out money for Tartaros. Unfortunately, I just cannot shell out money for TinierMe, it just doesn’t engage my interests.

For those who really liked TM before but quit cause of the G-coin rage, I recommend you come back as it’s not so bad in that respect now. I’m just sincerely bored with the service, that’s all. 😕


2 thoughts on “Just a quick blurb about Tinierme”

  1. i’ve no doubt the jp tinier me is better but I just don’t have time to bother with another SNS. I’m gonna just stick to poupee girl ^^;

  2. I dont blame you actually…I just got a whiff of tinierme jp and how much more splexier their items are compared to the English shiz

    Its like their saying:
    “No Americans wouldnt care and they defiantly will never find out about jp and its pretty high class items”

    Just rolled by here to see if you had any comments about it.

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